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Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday Part Two..

Today my best friend took me out for lunch at The Red Lobster as a birthday gift.. I had a wonderful dish of lobster, shrimp, tomatoes and asparagus cooked in a white wine and butter sauce over linguini.. mmmm.. it was good.. Then we did some shopping.. and I got a bunch of fall and Halloween towels to top and put up for sale.. smile.. guess that will keep me busy.. I am going to be busy this weekend.. with alot of running around and holidays stuff.. hope to have some pictures soon.. sorry things have been slow.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

It was my birthday today.. and I didnt really do anything work was a nice day.. went out.. got my hair cut, spent some time in my garden, and with my boyfriend.. he made me a nice chicken dinner with wine, and even a so yes, it was a nice day.. more tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just not catching up.. smile.

Well... I had hoped to have pictures for you.. but unfortunely just didnt have time to do them.. it took longer than I expected to pack all my orders (a few got paid last night).. then I had to work on my slippers.. I will definitely have them done then.. 
This is the sale I am getting ready for:


We are WNY's Twice-Yearly Upscale Kids' Consignment Events!
Find 1000's of Brand Name, Excellent Quality clothing, toys, & gear
in an upscale, retail store environment!!  

FALL EVENT: October 25-28, 2012 
Premier Plaza, 7980 Transit in Williamsville, NY

I will be making and selling my kid's slippers there.. smile.. as well as taking orders for additional ones that they want. I of course will also be selling online.. but not until after the sale.. so yes, you can special order yours at any time.. smile.. I hope to have at least 7 - 9 different styles to show.. and sell directly.. smile.. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updates on my Slippers.. and Making a Lightbox

Well.. got a lot done yesterday, even though I also went out for a coffee with my friend, Ruth.. it was nice to get some time to spend with her.. seems like I am always running from one thing to another and never take time to actually just relax..

But I did get more organizing done in my craft room.. and alot more crocheting.. I finished the duckie slippers and started the froggie ones.. didnt have time to take pictures.. will try to get that done today.. I dont know how much time I will have to do that.. as I have alot of orders to pack to mail.. as well as get some crocheting done.. probably Thurs night I will take pictures.. I still am working on updating pictures of items I have on sale at Etsy.. esp now that I got my lightbox finished.. know what a lightbox is?? Check out this link.. mine isnt that big.. nor as nice.. lol.. but it works.. I am sure I can update it as needed..

 Picture borrowed from website.

Just a reminder.. SALE!! It is my birthday.. and to celebrate.. I will be having a sale from Aug 15 - 30th.. Take 10% off.. check it out.. THE CODE IS.. BIRTHDAY10.. Ends on 8/30 at 11 pm. You can go to the link on your left.. just look for the Etsy mini..

Monday, August 27, 2012

Newest Project Updates..

Sorry I havent been here.. I always try to get things done on Sunday.. and just needed to do alot here!  Had alot of  veggies to pick and prepare to freeze.. Smile..

Anyways.. I finished the Teddy Bear Slippers.. and these will be on sale at a later date.. smile. Will put up the info tomorrow..

Teddy Bear Slippers - for a 4 - 5 inch foot

I started the Duckie Slippers.. finished the slipper parts and am working on the heads.. here is one that is almost finished.. Still have to trim the duckie hair.. lol. Hope to have completed pictures by Wed..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Like Freebies??

If you are on Facebook.. check out this page.. she lists freebies, coupons, etc on here all the time...

This list is for freebies. If you find a good one, let her know!  This page for posting freebies, coupon trades and other money saving ideas. For a more in depth listing, please join her yahoo group.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi.. sorry I didnt get here today.. I was really busy with cleaning out my craft room (organizing stuff and finding more items to put up for sale.. oh my.. ).. so I decided to make up for it.. and have a contest.. drop me a note on here.. (has to be on my blog!!).. and I will raffle off this item for a prize.. This contest will end on Monday..

This is one of my freebies you could get from buying two or more items from my Old & New Shoppe -

Brooch – knitted pattern

This pattern would also be a great toy for a kitty.. by itself. or attached to a pole.. smile..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Wasn't A Good Day..

After I had finished all my computer work, my boyfriend told me to look at one of our cats because she wouldnt eat (which for her was very unusual).. checked her over and thought.. she really is having problems swallowing.. so had to make a slurry of baby food and Pedialyte (only thing I had in the house) and had to force feed her (she was dehydrated a bit too).. so spent my evening, trying to crochet in between feedings.

This am, I took her in.. and yep.. her mouth was really infected and her throat swollen, so they kept her.. Guess they had to pull a bunch of teeth (dont know how many cos I didnt talk to my Vet).  Well, that all threw my day off.  I had shopping to do.. and alot of running around to get done also.. so I didnt have time to take any photos of my newest project. Guess you will all have to wait until tomorrow.. For tonight I am going to relax and crochet because I have another busy day tomorrow and Saturday.

I am working on a pair of duckie slippers.. here is a picture of ones I made previously. I am not making the toy.. just the duckie slippers..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Latest pictures of my project

Well.. I got done with the first pair of slippers for kids for the sale I will be doing in Oct (more about that in a later message).. I still have the eyes and nose to put on... still deciding which way I want to do them.. I dont want to use removable eyes since these are for young kids.. so I am left with sewing or paint.. which do you think I should use?
I am now working on a pair of yellow duckie ones.. smile.. got one slipper part done.. and should be starting the second one tonight.

Today I just was so busy.. had alot of veggies to pick and put in the freezer.  I now am doing that every other day.. smile. anyways.. I made a pot of chicken veggie soup (leftover chicken that I boiled yesterday with alot of my veggies from my garden and leftovers in the frig with noodles).. we had that for lunch.  For dinner it will be meatloaf (ground turkey), pierogies, and salad from my garden.. that is cooking now... 

Ebay is doing a special so I can put more items up (in most cases, just reup them).. so that has to be on my list for today also.. Cant say I am bored with life.. lol.. talk to you all tomorrow.. who knows. maybe more pictures too. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just Love My Tuesday..

A fellow blogger gave me a wonderful write up on her blog.. smile.. please check it out!!

It was a nice thing to see when I got on my emails.. smile.

Well.. my day is been a rather boring day.. just the usual.. gardening.. picked tomatoes.. folded clothes, did some straightening up.. worked on some sales stuff.. just the usual things I do.. every day..

We did watch a nice movie yesterday.. Trepass with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman.. I have to say it kept me on my seat.. it was even hard to crochet while watching it.. we watched it on our Roku.. on Netflix.. anyone else got a Roku.. or Netflix.. I tell you.. it was one of the best things we bought.. we basically cancelled our cable after that.. why pay all that money when you can just spend $8 per month on Netflix.. the Roku box is a one time cost.. we got ours on Craig's List for $50.. and it was still in the box!  The Roku has tons of stations to watch.. alot of them are free too.  We pay for both Netflix and Hulu + as they have closed captioning which is wonderful when you are hearing impaired!  You should check them out!!

Anyways.. I got the slipper part done.. now working on Teddybear heads to attach. Hope to have pictures soon.. hope you all have a nice day.. see you tomorrow..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pre Tuesday Post.. Organizing my craft room..

I just fell in love with this.. My craft room is really small.. and totally unorganized.. (I would be scared to put up pictures.. lol.. ).. I saw this on another blog.. and thought.. why cant I do this.. gonna look into ideas for this for this month.. lets just say you have given me ideas.. smile..

Then looking thru her blog.. I saw this.. and thought.. wow... this would be even better..

I know this is a kid's room.. but this big kid needs exactly this.. look at those bins on the right.. clear bids for my yarn. space to put my book cases for my books.. yep.. even space for my computer. yep this is what I need.. smile.. Guess I can just dream for now.. smile..

My original post was suppose to save.. and not send.. lol.. this is suppose to be my Tuesday Post.. but guess I am sending it now..

Monday Shout Out - Purple Kitty LLC

Every Monday, I will pick a Facebook page to discuss here.  These are places either I have ordered from, found interesting, or just liked on my Facebook pages.. I hope you like this as much as I do.. 

My first one is Purple Kitty Yarns LLC.. If you love antique or vintage crochet patterns.. this is the place to check out.. they are just full of patterns for doilies and all sorts of thread patterns.. this is the place for you.. as much as I wish.. this is one of the things I cannot do anymore.. lol.. 

But if you ever want one of their patterns in cotton or even regular yarn (some of the doilies would make wonderful rugs in regular yarn).. you can always yell for me..  smile.. I bet I can make it for you.. 

They also have some really good recipes.. I certainly will be trying them.. grin.. check them out.. even if you dont craft.. smile.. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Latest Project.. Slippers for Kids


I am now starting to work on booties and slippers for infants and children to sell online.. I have made them before.. smile.. but need some new ones to put up for sale.. The ones I am making will not have these animal heads.. I am thinking of making a teddy bear head instead.. smile.. here is some pics of the first bootie I finished last night.. 

I have found a great pattern that makes them for infants and young kids.. and with a few changes even slightly older kids.. even used the idea for adult sizes.. smile.. They are called Bootie Buddies and you can get the pattern at Maggie'c Crochet.

I will have complete pictures and sizes as I finish each one. 

Making change online..

I spend the week usually working on sales, orders, and other online stuff that just builds up.. Sunday is my day for catching up.. that is when I get caught up for the week for my clicks and surveys at places like My Points and Send Earnings.. I will discuss these two today.. I have been using both for years.. more on the others next week.. 


My Points is probably the most famous.. you get points for shopping online, doing surveys, searching the web, clicking on emails, and other things..  you can use your points for gift cards and now.. new.. get cash via PayPal..I have belonged to them for years.. and have gotten alot of gift cards (usually Target as we can get anything there).. I would love to put the click in to get credit for this. but my points doesnt have one.. you have to send them the email addy.. so if you want to sign up for this.. and give me credit.. email me and let me know.. smile.. 


This is another site I have belonged to for years is Send Earnings.. (you can see their link on the left).. I have received several checks from them.. it takes a long time to get enough points to get the check but you do receive one.. This site is especially good if you like playing games, shop online, and do surveys as you get credit here for them.. found another blog who talked about Send Earnings.. you can read his too.. if you decide to sign up.. please use the link on the left.. or click here.. either will give me credit.. smile.. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What do you think?

Just working on spicing up my blog.. smile.. I added a few things.. and also moved some stuff around.. what do you think.. better.. worse.. yep.. give me your opinion.. 

Can't Believe It Is Saturday Already..

Well.. it is Saturday.. smile.. still working on sales stuff.. lol. and still trying to find time to get some crochet in.. went shopping yesterday.. and by the time I got home.. ate dinner.. did wash.. hung it.. it was too late to start a project.. but I did get my yarn ready.. and put away the other yarn I was using for the dishclothes.. smile.. I think tonight I might start with the animal slippers instead.. got the yarn ready for a duckie.. and a frog.. smile.. we will see if I get to it toight.. 

This morning, I spend the morning working on still yet more laundry.  Got a load on the outside line drying..  do any of you hang your clothes outside.. I just love the smell of laundry hanging outside.. I generally only use my dryer just to do a final dry and delint the clothing.. I also worked in my garden.. and had to reprop up my tomatoes.. they well all hanging over.. got done with that.. and had to pick up a bunch of tomatoes that I knocked off the vines.. guess we will be eating fried green tomatoes again soon.. grin.. I also got alot of green beans and green peppers.. so it looks like later I will be cutting up some veggies for the freezer.. 

It is definitely cooler.. barely hitting 70 here. I am very happy about that.  I dont like the heat. Well I do need to get on to my emails and sales stuff for today.. so I guess that is all for now.. smile.. Have a nice day!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Friday Post!

Busy day for me.. had to get some of my tomatoes cut up and froze.. since they were getting overripe.. have a bunch more to pick later.. I am sure I will enjoy them come winter.. lol.. I love my homemade sauce with my homegrown tomatoes.. smile. 

Sales stuff are keeping me busy.. got a day or so to put up free ads on Ebay.. and I also have some items out on Etsy that are expiring.. so I have to send ads for them.. guess that will keep me busy for the rest of the day.. lol..

These are the items that are expiring on Etsy..  I lowered the prices and the postage (no handling charge now).. I now mail patterns to Canada:  Check them out.. 

Kids quick knit overalls and cardigan:  $1.50

Girl's Fair Isle Cardigan: $1.75

Aran Sweaters for Children: $1.50

I do want to get started on those booties.. by the time I did my home stuff.. and packed my orders.. it was almost time for bed.. so I just worked on reading my books.. am reading BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES.. for some ideas.. smile.. Got it out of my local library.. so far it has given me some good ideas.. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some Days Are Just Busy..

Today I had to do a number of little projects.. you know how that is.. I am sure.. smile.. first.. I decided to make stuffed peppers using my peppers I picked from my garden.. used ground turkey and leftover rice, seasoned it with  no salt seasonings, Italian seasonings, and diced onions.  Topped with diced tomatoes (from a can), seasoned with the same seasonings.. will make a nice dinner tonight.. 

Since, I had 3 orders yesterday.. two on Ebay and one for my crochet dishclothes, so I had to get all those invoices ready.. and in one case, bill the person.. that is all done and now I just need to print out the invoices and pack all three orders for delivery.. that makes me happy.. 

Next I noticed I had several ads running out on Etsy.. thought I would just advertise those three items.. since they will run out tomorrow..  will need to do 4 more tomorrow for the next day.. I wont be extending my ads for my patterns there.. just will use Ebay and Buy Sell Community as they seem to sell better there.. It was a learning experience.. like everything in life.. 

Next I will be working on these really cool booties for infants.. I got the pattern at Etsy.. I can show you the link.. but not the pattern picture.. as she doesnt allow that.. smile.. I hope to make brown and tan ones and blue with red ones (Buffalo Bills colors).. I havent decided yet on making the toy with them, or making a matching hat.. or both.. what do you think?

Well.. will be back tomorrow.. with more!!

Etsy Sale on Knitting Patterns..

These knitting patterns are expiring on 8/17.. price lowered.. please check it out..

I will be back later with more stuff.. doing alot of different things today.. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving Slow Today..

I am not doing much today.. moving slow.. tired.. and a bit under the weather.. so you can say I am relaxing... lol.. actually I like to read and crochet.. and will be doing both in a while.. For now.. just gonna finish listing my photos from the fair.. smile..

The first picture is of a Percheron.. one of my favorite breed of draft horses.. smile.. I love roans.. 

I love Ponies.. never heard of this breed.. of course I cant remember now what it is.. 

Then.. we also hit the chickens.. lol.. these two are just beyond funny.. that is all I could think of was The Beatles.. grin.. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Sale at My Etsy Store..

SALE!! It is my birthday.. and to celebrate.. I will be having a sale from Aug 15 - 30th.. Take 10% off.. check it out.. THE CODE IS.. BIRTHDAY10.. started today at 2 pm..

PS I had to change the code, it wouldnt take the original. 8/15)

Got Listed in an Etsy Treasury..

If you have time.. check it out.. smile... here is the treasury I got listed on on Etsy..

I am listing a new item as a sale item for today.. smile.. check it out.. a crochet topped dishtowel for just $1.. only one left.. smile.. I do have others that are similar.. so do check it out..

Today I need to focus on putting my new dishclothes up for sale on Etsy.. I will have pictures soon.. you can look at the ones I made for an order.. by checking out the folder I opened on Facebook..

Monday, August 13, 2012


Got a note from a blogger today.. she added my scrubbie as one of the finds for under $10 on her page.. smile.. love that.. check it out!!

Pictures from the Fair

I dont know if you know this.. but I am a retired LVT (Vet Tech).. so naturally I have to go and see the animals.. smile.. First picture is of the Alpacas.. I love this animals.. first of all they are sooo cute.. and secondly.. their fur is used to make yarn.. and makes some of the softest garments you can feel.. smile.. 

Next came the rabbits.. I used to pet sit a bunny just like this one.. smile.. unfortunely for this one.. it was listed under fryers.. so I imagine it was a meat rabbit.

 This is a brown swiss cow.. their milk is really creamy.. and is used for making cheese generally.. 
These are your typical dairy cows.. they are called holsteins.. and they produce most of the milk you drink.. 

Had to get a picture of the piglets.. smile. they are so cute..

Final pictures tomorrow..

Sales Ad From Cat's Meow Crochet

SALE SPECIALS: These are not special order prices.. but items already available.. 

Special for Today.. this will end on Wed. 8/15 Normally $3 each per towel - get both for $4.. save $1 on each towel.. only one set available.. 


Butterfly and Flowers appliques
This towel is appliqued with handcrocheted flowers and a butterfly-- all in variegated yarn, to match the edging.. I only have one made of this type.

Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated purple, lavender/ tan worsted weight yarns
Button – round purple button

Butterfly Applique- Hanging Towels-
This is an individual towel, not a set. It is a gold butterfly appliqued on a white polyester towel (very soft to the touch), and trimmed in a green ribbon edging on the bottom. The topper is a matching green (dusty green) worsted weight yarn, edged in white worsted weight yarn. The button is a green butterfly.. very pretty..


Decorative Pet Collars – Handcrocheted with a button enclosure. These are not to be attached to a leash or tieout.. not safe for that. Just a nice decorative touch for your pet.. can be ordered in your choice of colors.. ON SALE FOR $2 + $2.25 postage

Small dog./cat collar for a 9 – 10 inch neck. Looks like the dog one.. with one less bell

Microfiber Dishclothes - $.75 each, ON SALE FOR 2/$1

These are a triple layer of microfiber towel, edged in variegated 100% cotton yarn. Great for washing dishes, cleaning up in the kitchen and bath.. totally machine wash and dry. 5 inch square in size.

EVERYDAY TOWELS: ON SALE.. NORMALLY $2 each, $1 each on sale to clear out.. no special orders. You can also buy all four towels for $3.50.. you cant get any lower than that..

Towel E31 – Rose/Purple variegated blend
Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated purple, lavender, pink, and tan WW yarns
Button – Flower shaped purple button

7/6 - Towel E32 – Rose/Country Variegated blend – two available
Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated country colors worsted weight yarns
Button – round clear gem button

Towel E38 – white with tan
Towel Fabric – Terrycloth
Crochet Topper – tan WW yarn, edged in variegated tan, peach, light and dark green WW yarns
Button – round peach button

I will be starting to take orders for any Christmas gifts... and will close taking orders for special orders Dec.1st.. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Update - Gardening and Other Stuff

Gardening update.. well.. my summer squashes went from good to bad in days.. now they all got some kind of mildew on the leaves and are dying where they are standing.. ugh.. but I did get alot before then.. and got a bunch froze... both in slices and in chunks.. today I got all my summer squashes picked, sliced and froze.. tomorrow I have to get started on my green peppers.. smile..

Today is my update day.. clearing out orders from last week, making invoices for Monday, getting my emails cleared out.. so I wont be sending my pics from the fair today.. will do that tomorrow..

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Murphy's Law Day..

Picked up a temporary housesitting job.. sounds easy.. doesnt it.. well.. with the driving here and back.. and everyone and their cousin wanting me to drive them places (mind you I told everyone I wouldnt be available this week.. ).. and trying to finish off orders and get my stuff done on the computer.. working on the garden (before more stuff rot on the vines, etc).. and just keeping up.. I am exhausted.. and this day just hasnt been a good one..
First my brake light went out… so how did I find out.. lol.. a cop stopped me.. thankfully I didnt get a ticket.. so I had to get the bulbs.. my BF tried to put them on (I was suppose to already be at my friends to drive her shopping.. that I had to cancel twice before because of other stuff this week).. and of course it wouldnt work.. so I told him let me go to our mechanic.. he snapped at me.. and then I SNAPPED (very loudly) at him.. and he got mad.. sigh.. got it done.. and went to pick up my friend… who of course wasnt ready.. I melted down.. so she decided not to go.. lovely.. so went home.. got ready to leave for my housesitting job.. packed my meal.. hit the bank (cos I needed toll money).. and at each stop things just went wrong.. even the store I stopped at to pick up stuff I needed.. I couldnt cos their machine was down.. and I had exactly enough money I needed for everything else but the groceries.. UGH!! Makes me want to just lay down and cry.. 

More Pictures of the Fair..

 Besides the giraffe.. there were alot of items I liked and wanted to save the ideas.. smile..  More tomorrow...

Friday, August 10, 2012

More on the fair and a busy day!!

Busy day today.. had to pick up my cat, Gabby at the Vet today.  She had 6 teeth pulled... poor baby.. and she isnt even two years old. one of the typical problems with cats with Feline Aids.  Then after that.. I had to take my brother in law for his road test.. of course he wanted to drive for a bit too.. so by the time I got that all done.. and got to where I needed to be.. I was beat.. and took a nap.. Grin..

Pulled the Winner for my contest.. that I had up on Facebook.. for my Old & New Shoppe Facebook Page.. You can see about it here...  The Winner was Paula Smith.. just emailed her..

Now more about the fair.. while I was there.. of course I hit the craft area.. one of the best items up there as a Tricolor winner was this giraffe.. incredibly made by a 18 yr old girl named Abby.. I had to take a picture of it.. and yes, it is as big as it looks.. 8 feet tall.. Here is a blog entry at the Erie County Fair Blog about it..
what do you think about this?? LOL.. more coming again tomorrow..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Had a great time at the fair..

Well.. I wont put it all here today.. lol. very long.. we got there in time to eat dinner.. so first we had some hot dogs and Loganberry Soda from Louie's Texas Red Hots.. that really filled us up.. smile.. then we started walking.. first thing we saw were the clowns getting ready for the parade.. I had to get pictures.. smile..

Then we hit the Baby Wild Animal Exhibit.. unfortunely most of my pics didnt come out well.. (they dont like to sit still.. lol.. ).. but here are the best of the young cougar.. the tiger cubs didnt come out well at all.. :-(

Certainly reminded me of my kitties.. just ALOT bigger.. grin.. More tomorrow.. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just doing a quickie here today.. since I dont have alot of time.. we are going to our fair today.. YAY!! so trying to get everything done before we leave.. I plan to take a ton of pictures.. smile.. so come back later tomorrow to see them.. 

Doing a contest for Likes on my Old & New Facebook Page.. I am raffling off a crochet pattern for free.. 

Contest: You can have this pattern for free for Liking my facebook page.

Bellefleur crochet pattern, thread pattern, size 10 thread
Directions to crochet 3 kinds of flowers

Just like my page and tell me where you saw this ad.. smile. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CLEARANCE SALE from The Cat's Meow Crochet


Decorative Pet Collars – Handcrocheted with a button enclosure. These are not to be attached to a leash or tieout.. not safe for that. Just a nice decorative touch for your pet.. can be ordered in your choice of colors.. ON SALE FOR $2 + $2.25 postage

Dog – 12 inch neck - purple with white/silver glitter and 5 gold bells

Also available a small dog./cat collar for a 9 – 10 inch neck. Looks like the dog one.. with one less bell

Microfiber Dishclothes - $.75 each, ON SALE FOR 2/$1

These are a triple layer of microfiber towel, edged in variegated 100% cotton yarn. Great for washing dishes, cleaning up in the kitchen and bath.. totally machine wash and dry. 5 inch square in size.

EVERYDAY TOWELS: ON SALE.. NORMALLY $2 each, $1 each on sale to clear out.. no special orders. You can also buy all four towels for $3.50.. take an additional $.50 off.. you cant get any lower than that..
Towel E31 – Rose/Purple variegated blend
Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated purple, lavender, pink, and tan worsted weight yarns
Button – Flower shaped purple button

Towel E32 – Rose/Country Variegated blend – two available
Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated country colors worsted weight yarns
Button – round clear gem button

Towel E38 – white with tan
Towel Fabric – Terrycloth
Crochet Topper – tan WW yarn, edged in variegated tan, peach, light and dark green WW yarns
Button – round peach button

July Donation to Xmas Stockings For The Troops

Hi.. I have totaled this month's sales from what I sold from Old & New Shoppe - from Direct Sales (Buy Sell Communiity), Ebay and Etsy.. and have donated $4.50 this month.. I have added $.50 to help cover the cost of fees.. smile.. thanks for helping me make this donation..  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Reading a good book!

Hi.. taking a slow day today.. did some stuff online.. but not as much as I probably should.

I decided to read a good book.. I am reading..

This is a copy of the book: Terror rises from the dank gutters and alleyways of New York City as an abhorrent series of savage murders goes unsolved. Police lieutenant Frank Mooney suspects there are two killers of shadow-like similarity, and soon he is trapped in a gruesome triangle of spiraling terror and consummate evil.

It really keeps you on the edge of your seat.. I am really enjoying this.. just a couple of chapters left.. I will probably put it up for sale after I finish it.. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Update!

Much cooler today.. with rain.. seems everyone else in this area is getting a bad storm.. but not us on the west side of Buffalo.. I am just enjoying the much cooler weather.  It was so hot yesterday I just had NO energy.. and felt lousy.. we just are not used to 94 or 95 degrees here in Buffalo.  I did drive my friend to the store.. but otherwise the only thing I did was sleep and read for most of the day.. and crocheted later on.

As for my Sunday plans.. only thing I was planning on was making a nice pasta salad.. with my garden veggies.  I put store bought broccoli, onions and mushrooms in it.. but everything else was from my garden!  Green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash and carrots!  Added two kinds of cheese for some extra flavor.  Mixed it with low fat peppercorn ranch salad dressing, Miracle Whip Light and some Italian Salad dressing.  That will be dinner along with breaded chicken breasts.  MMMMM..

I need to work on my website today.. got alot of pictures to add there.. and just tighten that up too.. that is my game plan..

I do have to get an order finished.. making dishclothes out of Simply Soft for an order. I have made these before and actually have a few up for sale on Etsy..

 You can see the pattern here:

I will have more pictures soon..

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pet Collars Done!

I got the cat collars done.. and out in the mail.. You can see the ones I made previously and get the pattern here -

I finished 3 of them so far.. one is still for sale.. the variegated one (cost is $5.50).. it has a velcro enclosure and it will fit a 7 - 8 inch pet neck.. (good for small dogs too).. Here is the link -

I of course can also made these in your choice of colors and styles.. 

I also got a number of dishclothes up.. you can see them at my Etsy store.