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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updates on my Slippers.. and Making a Lightbox

Well.. got a lot done yesterday, even though I also went out for a coffee with my friend, Ruth.. it was nice to get some time to spend with her.. seems like I am always running from one thing to another and never take time to actually just relax..

But I did get more organizing done in my craft room.. and alot more crocheting.. I finished the duckie slippers and started the froggie ones.. didnt have time to take pictures.. will try to get that done today.. I dont know how much time I will have to do that.. as I have alot of orders to pack to mail.. as well as get some crocheting done.. probably Thurs night I will take pictures.. I still am working on updating pictures of items I have on sale at Etsy.. esp now that I got my lightbox finished.. know what a lightbox is?? Check out this link.. mine isnt that big.. nor as nice.. lol.. but it works.. I am sure I can update it as needed..

 Picture borrowed from website.

Just a reminder.. SALE!! It is my birthday.. and to celebrate.. I will be having a sale from Aug 15 - 30th.. Take 10% off.. check it out.. THE CODE IS.. BIRTHDAY10.. Ends on 8/30 at 11 pm. You can go to the link on your left.. just look for the Etsy mini..
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