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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Finally done.. The complete Mouse Soaker Set

Well.. I finished the slippers.. I have to say I love these slippers.. they are perfect for a little girl. and best part.. the cross over band is adjustable.. yep.. that button is there for a reason.. not decoration!! First one I have seen like these.. I can make these for
 about $3.50 each.. in your choice of colors..

This is the complete Mouse Soaker Set!

Prices for items:
Full Set $30
Hat $15
Soaker Skirt $17
Slippers $3.50 up to 18 months.

You can find the link to the Pattern here..

On to my next two projects.. got two hanging towel sets to make.

Monday, August 26, 2013

New Update of Mouse Soaker Set..

This is coming along very nicely.. I only have the slippers to finish (started those last night).. thought you would like to see how it looks now.. am happy on how it it coming along.. I am assuming I will finish this set by Wed and have pictures then..

This is the hat.. had some problems sewing it together.. but it finally worked.. hopefully the ears stay upright..

This is a close up of the soaker.. back and front.. I added a slightly elastic band to it.. to remove the tie that the pattern had.. hopefully it works..

This is a large picture of the final set.. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Major Shopping Day..

Had alot of running around to do today.. cos I got a air conditioner (almost new) and a weedwacker on Ebay.. we paid for the AC, but the weedwacker was new.. have to love freebies. you should check out Facebook groups.. for buying and selling of items.. both nation wide.. and locally.. it is my new thing now.. smile..

I had a small boneless ham.. so decided to make ham and scalloped potatoes.. but needed a low cal one.. and found a good one online.. Only changes I made was since I didnt have potatoes.. and had a ton of canned potatoes.. decided to use those instead.. and they worked perfectly.. no complains there.. I also fried up some of the yellow squash, eggplant and mostly green tomatoes that I had leftover from yesterday.. good meal.. and tons of leftovers.. we will be eating leftovers for a couple of days.. lol..

Got the soaker completed.. I wanted a slightly elastic waistband.. so added one.. I will have pictures tomorrow... too late tonight for that.. that is all for now..

Friday, August 23, 2013

Gardening Update..

Well.. it is my monthly gardening update.. Crops are finally getting good.. smile.. and some kicked the bucket..

My summer squash are all dead.. I expected that.. especially since I only had a few.. but I did get some zucchini and yellow squash.. guess I will be hitting the farmer's market for this next month..

My eggplants are really producing.. You can see in the basket picture how much I picked in ONE day.. wow.. already made fried eggplant slices.. gonna make some parmesan style next week..

My cucumbers and green beans are finally producing.. picked a dinner's worth of green beans.. and two cucumbers so far..

My tomatoes are going great.. so great that all the local critters are eating them. ugh.. they get half of what ripens before I can pick them.. my peppers are finally producing.. which is good.. I thought I wasnt gonna get any this year..

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mouse Soaker Set.. Update..

I started this pattern a couple of days ago.. so far it it sooo easy to follow.. that really makes me happy.. if you are a crocheter.. and want to make stuff like this.. this is a good pattern to buy.. price is right too.. smile.. the link to the pattern is HERE ON ETSY

I am charging $30 + postage to make this set... Mine will have an elastic waist instead of a tie.

If you want just the soaker (in your choice of colors), it is $17
If you want just the hat, either in a boy or girl.. the cost will be $15..

All orders can be ordered directly to me at

I will update the set in a couple of days so you can see the finished set.. thanks..

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life Update

I certainly have been busy.. Summer is always my busiest time.. for everything.. but I have been clearing through things to cut back on things that arent profitable or a good use of my time..

I cut back on belonging to all my social Yahoo groups.. not quite the good use of time as I hardly ever am there and when I can.. I am lost in the discussions going on.. since I dont have time to go through all the emails.. they used to be fun.. but as my time got cut, it just became frustrating.. so I now try to keep in touch with the girls there on Facebook.. guess it helps.. alittle..

I also cut back on a number of Yahoo sales groups.. most of them dont even generate me sales.. so been removing them slowly but surely.. will keep a few.. but most will be gone by the end of they year.. since I am moving into sales on Facebook (now there I am selling.. alot).. and Ebay (for my non crochet items, which sell pretty good there)..

So to keep in touch all over.. I will use my blog and just put the link on pages.. I have been doing that and it has been working so far.. Dont know what you all think about that.. would love some suggestions..

My poor garden has been moved to the side for a while.. I will need to spend several days working to clear out and pick stuff.. I can see my summer squash has reached its limit.. didnt have enough plants this year as my seeds didnt come up for most of them.. and I only bought a 4 pack of zucchini.. but that wont hurt.. as I can go to the farmer's market for summer squash..

Also this year, some critter discovered my tomatoes.. alot been eatten (I still got alot though).. so next year I got to figure out a better place to put them.. or use some chicken wire fencing to keep them safe.. Any ideas on how to solve this problem.. let me know..

I am still working on the Mouse baby set.. working on the soaker right now.. not enough to show you pictures yet.. maybe next week..

Well.. that is all for today.. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Finished the Cupcake slippers..

All done. and almost ready to pack.. smile.. these will be mailed on Monday.. now started the Minnie Mouse Soaker Set.. hope to have pictures on Sat or Sunday.. still running at top speed and havent been taking a break.. sometimes too tired to even think or crochet.. (and that is really sad!!).. I cant wait for everyone to see the Minnie Mouse Set.. smile..

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Accomplished Alot!

Instant Download PDF Crochet Mouse Outfit Photo Prop Set - 3 Patterns in 1 - 0 to 18 Months - Photography PropI got the toe and sole done on the second cupcake slipper.. I should finish this tomorrow.. fingers crossed.. also printed on the pattern for my next project.. and got the yarn together for this.. I should start this tomorrow or the day after.. smile.. making some good time for all these items..

Just in case you want to get the pattern, I bought it on Etsy.. you can see it here.. 
Since I am having a slow day.. I decided to make some homemade minestrone soup.. just had a bowl with some salad and froze the rest for lunches.. came pretty good.. used all of the leftover veggies in the frig, plus alot of the frozen veggies that I froze last summer.. needed to use them up.. added some white beans, and some macaroni made of carrots and tomatoes.. added some canned diced tomatoes and some frozen meatballs.. nice filling soup!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Updates on my completed slippers..

I finally got pictures.. of both the pink sneaker slippers (pattern can be found here) and one of the cupcake slippers (pattern can be found here)..

 I finished the pink ones the day before yesterday, no time to get batteries for my camera.. they are finished and in the mail with the purple ones I also made previously (see the link to the pattern).. one project done.. smile.

Yesterday I worked on finishing the first cupcake slipper.. got that done and started the second one.. project bit harder, due to thin yarn (baby and fingering weight yarn) and the small D needle.. but the finished item is adorable.. gonna eventually try these in heavier yarn to see if I can make them for a larger size.. smile.. cant wait.. right now, that wont be for awhile.. got a bunch of orders.. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Just been busy..

Been helping out a friend doing a housesitting job for her.. so tied up alot.. but that is ok.. sure helps me get my crocheting done.. lol.

Anyways.. I did make to the fair this year.. mostly to go and see the Three Dog Night.. nice concert.. I did make it to a couple of buildings.. of course the Agricultural Grange building.. where I saw a ton of veggies.. smile.. just wanted to know how it compared with mine.. lol..

And I went to the Creative Arts building.. have to say I wasnt impressed this year.. only half the entries from last year.. I took pics, but need to wait to get some batteries to download them.. burned out the batteries.. grin..

On the Crochet front.. I finished the pink sneaker slippers.. they came out nice.. hope to get pictures done tomorrow or so.. and I started the cupcake slippers.. they are coming nice.. almost got the first one done.. working on the cupcake topper now.. and then got the cherry.. cant wait to show you the pictures of those too.. smile..

Well.. that is my update now.. talk to you all later..

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Starting a new project.. So adorable..

I am still working on the last pair of sneaker slippers.. but also decided to start this today as she needs it by the end of the month.. these are so adorable.. and happily.. I had all the yarn in the house for this project.

The pattern is sold on Etsy.. and best part.. I can sell these made on Etsy.. have to love this designer.. You can see a direct link to where to get the pattern.. HERE.. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Purple Sneaker Slippers

Hi.. didnt get here yesterday.. did alot of running around with shopping and stuff. I going thru a nasty bout of fibro, so am fighting thru the pain and lethargic feeling I get from it.. gets to be unpleasant.

These sneaker slippers are made of Herrschaners Whisper Soft and edged in Carons Simply Soft. I was asked to make these in light purple and thought this was a pretty combo. This is one of my favorite patterns to use. I got these on Sue's Crochet and Knitting.  She has a ton of free patterns and links... and has a great blog.. you should check it out.. 

A direct link to the sneakers can be found here.. I am now working on a pair of pink and white ones in regular worsted weight yarn.  I think it is Red Heart but not sure..