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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Working on New Order.. (pattern included)

Women's Crochet Loafers PatternI started working on this pair of slippers for an order.. to be honest.. this pattern is written horribly.. but I can just do it freestyle.. I guess.. when I have time I will rewrite it to save for other orders.. but for now.. I need to get this done. I am making these in Red Heart yarn, white with a variegated rainbow mix.. for the circle in the front.. Will update you on this project over the weekend..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fruit Coasters..

Well.. I finished all the coasters now.. have to say that was fun.. here are what they all look like.. It goes left to right.. Apple, Strawberry, Lemon (Pic1), Orange, Pear (Pic 2), Lime (Pic 3), Watermelon (Pic 4).

If interested in ordering these.. you can mix and match any.. $2.25 per coaster, $2 per coaster for orders 4 or more.. If interested in dishcloth or potholder versions, please contact me at

Now on to my next order.. more info later..

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Garden Part 2

The Peppers

This time it is my peppers.. I have several different types of peppers.. some I even grew from seeds.. we use alot of peppers.. so thought getting extra would be a good idea.. just didnt know all my seedlings would make it.. well all but 3.. smile. I took some pictures of them.. As you can see I really believe in recycling and reusing.. I took these cat litter containers.. punched holes in the bottom.. and made planters out of them.. I also use painters buckets.. both to catch water and to put plants in.. I reuse these every year. just combine them with new soil (mix old and new soil yearly), coffee grinds, eggshells and fertilizer.. it works for me.. smile.. I use empty containers for water.. so my plants that really need the water (peppers and tomatoes) have a source all the time. I get my cat litter boxes at the dollar store.. they are perfect for these.. and low cost.. also reuse them yearly..

These are my Lady Bell Peppers.. they are the first ones to grow peppers. 

Check back on Wednesday for more of my gardening.. Tomorrow will be an update on my crocheting.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Garden.. Part 1

I took alot of pictures.. rather than send them all at once.. will spread them out between two days.. cos I want to talk about my garden..

One thing I noticed.. is that I switched fertilizer this year.. what I used to do was crush eggshells, and add coffee and Miracle Grow to my garden every year.. this year I decided to try a new product, mostly because it already had Calcium in it.. Calcium is necessary for tomatoes and peppers to prevent Blossom Rot (which I got last year on some of my tomatoes.  This food seems to have made my plants grow like crazy.. A much noticeable growth spurt.  I dont ever remember having tomatoes on my plants this early in the year.

It comes in pellets.. I just added a small handful as I planted each plant.. it is suppose to last 3 months.. so I figure I will need to add more in August, which in this area is halfway thru our growing season..

My Tomatoes 

My Husky ones already have tomatoes on them..which surprised me as I planted them last.. You can clearly see them here..

My Big Daddy Tomatoes  I expected these to get tomatoes first as I bought them with flowers. but they are really surprising me.. they are full of tomatoes.. I definitely will have to get these again next year.. you can see one of them in the picture on the right.

More tomorrow..

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Shopping Expedition..

My Boyfriend is one of those people who follow Craig's List daily.. smile.. we often buy items on there.. rather than buy them brand new.. saves us money.. and at the same time we help someone who needs to rehome items.. Like our latest item.. a 60 inch TV.. it was slightly older.. but not that old.. and we wanted one for our living room (we are working on updating and painting the living room this summer).. that is our goal.. lol. anyways.. we got the TV for less than half of what we would have paid brand new.. not complaining.. smile..

Not easy to take pics of TV.. sigh.. but hopefully you can see how big it is.. right now it is in our bedroom as it will be in the way while we paint..

We also needed to stop at Big Lots for the car AC stuff, canned cat food, and look for towels.. and while we were there.. we found a Offset Umbrella for the deck we wanted on sale.. that made me happy.. smile..

Tomorrow pictures of my Garden.. finally took those pictures too.. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Found the Funniest Pet Link.

This so reminds me of my dog.. well.. actually what my dog should learn.. the cats are always stealing his bed.. and I saw this.. and thought.. Bonehead should learn this.. Go and Look.. LOL

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Been Busy.. as usual..

I did get alot done in the last couple of days.. shopping, housecleaning, putting stuff up on Ebay (still have free ads) and crocheting.. I got done with the Lime Coaster.. and almost finished the orange one.. here is the Lime one.. I am almost done with the orange one.. just got a couple of loose threads to weave in.. then I think the last one is the Pear one.. and that order is completed.. then on to the next one.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update on the Fruit Coasters

I finally had time to scan these coasters.. here is the apple, lemon and strawberry ones.. I really like that apple one.. it can be ordered in this color. or a green rim (for a green apple).  I am now working on the lime one.. then the orange one.. I should finish the lime one tonight.. I hope.. Later this month, I will be putting these up for sale on Etsy.. right now their cost is $2.25 each.. and you save $.25 per coaster if you order 4 or more..

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gardening Update..

Well.. I took a few minutes to check on my garden this am.. thankfully I didnt need to water it.. as it got way more than needed yesterday.. lol..

I already have tomatoes on my Big Daddy tomatoes. they are still small.. about the size of a golf ball..

And I have flowers on my peppers already.. smile..

My green beans have finally started coming up.. and I got some zucchini seedlings I plan to plant tomorrow.. so it looks like I am on my way.. except for my cucumbers.. so far nothing there..

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update.. on what I am reading..

Have to say I have been busy.. really busy. My boyfriend works out of town several times over the summer.. and getting ready is always a trip.. sigh.. in between that.. and other stuff I had to get done with.. I dont think I rested at all since Monday..

Just finished reading The Sword of The Templars by Paul Christopher.. it is the first book of the series.. now reading.. The Templar Cross. by the same author.. I only got the first couple of pages started.. so I cant give an opinion yet.. but so far.. it is good..

You can get more info on this book at Goodreads..

Monday, June 10, 2013

Raffle on Facebook..

I have just passed 300 likes.. and decided it is time to raffle off an item to celebrate.. so.. if you want to win one of my watermelon coasters.. please go to my Facebook page and leave a note under the raffle link.. I will pick the winner on Sunday..

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just quickly stopping in..

I have been really busy for the last couple of days. with shopping and other "fun" stuff like that.. the beginning of the month is always busy for me.. but even more than usual with Dr. appts, shopping for my boyfriend (clothing and stuff), and other things like that..

I got most of my planting done.. some of my peppers and tomatoes are already flowering.. I got a couple of squashes that came up.. no idea if they are the yellow or green.. with the cool damp weather we have been  getting.. I dont know if my seeds are even going to come up.. looks like we will be buying our squashes and green beans.. sigh.. unless I can find plants somewhere.. no luck so far.

I been working on fruit coasters.. got the watermelon, apple and lemon one done.. and working on the strawberry one.. I hope to get pictures after this busy weekend for me..

Then Ebay decided to offer me freebie ads.. so I am trying to get done with that.. have alot of patterns to rehome.. smile.. just taking a break from that to drop you all a line.. and say hi..

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cat Lover's Treasury!

Cat Art - Flower Cat - Blank Note Cards

I named my shop after one of my favorite things.. my cats.. being a retired Vet Tech.. I have learned that each cat has their own personality.. just like the items here.. smile.. and enjoy..

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good couple of Days on Listia.

Been bidding like crazy.. and winning too.. sooo nice.. won so far.. click on the link for better pictures.. Pretty Good for the last day.. smile..

If you want to join Listia.. please click here.. you will get free points.. and so will I.. this gives me credit..

A pretty rose towel

 Cute Parrot Buttons

Pretty Hat Buttons

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lilac Sense.. a new Etsy Treasury!

Knit Monster Cell Phone Cozy

Since I just finished a Lilac hanging towel.. I thought this would be a good treasury to do.. items that are lilac or purples in color.. All from my fellow team members at Buffalo Etsy Team!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Guess I spoke too soon!

Right after I sent my update yesterday.. it got dark and started raining.. then thundering, lightning, and got really windy.. I was in Grand Island.. and had my car parked in the driveway.. and we hear a loud crash.. looked out and the tree outside came down.. missing my car by inches.. I literally mean inches.. if my car was  just a little more down the driveway.. I wouldnt be driving ANYWHERE!!

Here are some pictures so you can see how bad. In the first picture.. you can see the outline of where my car was.. that open spot is where my car was..
Closeup of the main tree branch
More branches

This is where it came down from.. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rain? What rain??

Yesterday I went out and got my garden plants.. my normal place I get them wasnt open anymore.. so we ended up getting them at True Value.. I now got 4 kinds of peppers, 3 kinds of tomatoes, eggplant (not the white one I wanted), and got seeds for summer squashes and cucumber.. not happy I couldnt get the actual plants.. I spend a very hot day yesterday working on planting off and on.. really hot and humid.. and had to take breaks off and on all day.. was rushing cos we had rain and thunderstorms listed for Friday night to Sunday.

Rain.. What rain?? I had rain buckets out.. and I think maybe I got a half inch of water.. ugh.. anyways.. I still have 3 more pots of peppers to do minimum (got some seedlings started from the actual peppers I got from the store).. and need to get more pots ready for the seedlings I am hoping I get from the summer squash seeds I put in starter pots.. I will take some pictures.. probably Sunday night.. no time today... today is my ads day.. time to sell things on Ebay and Listia.. lol.. New stuff going up..

I also did get my towels up too on Etsy.. two new towels listed.. First one is an apple hanging towel.. I have two of these.. Then I also finished off two Lilac Towels.. do check them out..

APPLE TOWEL                                         LILAC TOWEL