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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Did you know.. Books

I also sell on Ebay.. all my books are books I have read.. some aren't.. as people give them to me..and I am not interested.. you can see what books I have available on Ebay by clicking the link below.. I am more than willing to sell these off of Ebay/Paypal.. just send me a msg at

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Note From Cats Meow Michelle

I havent been feeling well for a while.. I just need to step back and regroup.. and will only be taking small orders between now and Christmas.. once an item that I dont have available is gone.. I wont be renewing it for awhile.. I of course will stop by here at least a couple times a month to drop a line.. and show you what I have been working on.. I just need to not feel like I am on a merry-go-round and just relax cos I am burning both ends of the candlestick.. (gees.. sorry for the metaphors).. Thanks for understanding..

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall and Halloween Hanging Towels Available

Don't think I will get alot of these done this year.. so if you want them.. order them now. I am stepping back from focusing on my crocheting for sale..and just moving in the direction of making items as I do them.. More on this later..
Fall Leaves Hanging Towels.. 4 available.. white topper with gold with gold glitter edging and a gold button..
Halloween Cats - 2 available.. orange topper with black trim and a plastic black cat button

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Some projects finished..

I finished the potholders for an order.. and added buttons to the towels I topped.. I only got the picture of the potholders.. took it quick on my scanner.. didn't come too good.. what is suppose to be bright red is light.. and what is suppose to be bright orange.. is pink.. sigh.. will have to take better pictures later..

This potholder is a double layer one.. solid crochet on the bottom and a GS topper with a sc edge and a large loop.. I made them 9 1/2 inches square.. big enough for even to use as a hotpad for the table..

Now I will be starting a white baby sweater set.. hopefully tonight..

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Took a Day Off..

Cos yesterday was my birthday.. had a nice one.. my boyfriend made me a nice dinner and gave me a wallet/purse that had pictures of two fuzzy kittens on it.. and a HUGE keychain as sorta a joke as I often misplace my keys.. and phone.. and purse.. etc.. sigh. grin..

We spent the evening watching Star Trek Beyond which I wanted to see.. am a huge Trekkie.. have been since the original series..

I didnt even crochet or do sales stuff.. smile.. it was a nice slow day..

Monday, August 29, 2016

Infant Headbands

Infant Headbands – $2.50 each
These do not have to be ordered on this site.. but can be ordered directly from me..
Blue Bow Infant Headband - $2.50
Newborn to 3 months - 13 inch head - fuzzy soft light blue yarn with a blue and pink double bow..
Pink Butterfly Headband - $2.50
Newborn to 6 months, 13 inch head, Mohair type yarn with a dark pink butterfly.

Variegated Infant Headband with a yellow dotted butterfly $2.50
Newborn to 3 months - 13 inch head - Variegated acrylic yarn with a fabric butterfly
Red butterfly Infant headband - $2.50
13 - 14 inch head (3-6 months) - Made of red glitter yarn with a fabric red dotted butterfly