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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Turned my Bonanza and Etsy store back on..

So you can shop again.. I had to get my printer reattached.. and make sure it works.. that is done.. so today I put both stores back up.. and off of vacation.

Bonanza -

Etsy -

Some of my items are on sale on Etsy.. only Etsy to clear out.. so do check there.. Once they are gone from there.. I wont be renewing them..

Monday, July 9, 2018

Got my new computer

Just wasnt a good 4th of July week for me.. first my phone went on the blink.. I can sorta still use it.. but not for all the stuff I need it for.. then my usb drive with all my files broke.. the very next day my computer had the blue screen of death..sigh.. so I lost all my files.. and probably most of my pictures that were scanned.. I had a back up file on My Book.. but had no way to check it.. hence I put most my stores on vacation..

Well.. I got my new computer with Windows 10 today.. and of course, My Book wont connect to Windows 10.. so now in order to get any of the files I have to find a Windows 7 computer to use.. hopefully the library will let me get my stuff there.. and put it in the cloud.. or I will be updating everything from scratch.. I will update you all as I figure all this out..

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Just Added These Towels on Bonanza

I just finished these off.. and put them up a few days ago.. just wanted you to see then.. Will be working on orders for a bit.. after this.. I will have pictures to show you then.. maybe even pictures of my swiffer pads.. they really do clean well. 

Sunflower Garden Hanging Towel – 1 available, $3
This butterfly and dragonfly towel with sunflowers is a handy thing for your kitchen.. as well as a pretty item.. It is topped in off white yarn and edged in gold.. with a yellow gold wooden butterfly button
Abstract Floral Hanging Towel, 1 available, $3
Pretty hanging towel for your kitchen.. this is topped in white yarn and edged in aqua blue yarn with a matching dark rose and aqua blue floral button.
Watermelon hanging towel – 2 available, $3 each
Perfect summer treat.. for your kitchen.. this towel is topped in white yarn and edged with red.. with a round black button..

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Swiffer pads for ME!!

Taking a break from orders and making items for the store.. I need to make some of these for me!  I have some scrap yarn that is just too rough for anything.. will be perfect for these.. will be working on these for the next couple of days..

The pattern can be found here..

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Baby Sandals

My latest thing is Baby Sandals.. these are open toed and open on the sides.. but are almost still like a bootie.. I will be making several of these for sale.. cos I think they are so cute.. I finish a pair recently.. these are for 0 - 3 months in age.. (3 1/2 inch foot) for $8.. and yes you can custom order some.. the link on Bonanza is HERE..  You can see extra photos too along with the available sizes..

Monday, June 25, 2018

More on my store..

I am working hard to figure out how to give everyone all the info they need.. because there isnt any fees to put up ads, I can list alot more items.. as well as lower the prices of some of the postage..

I figure larger items will need to go priority mail.. it is safer that way anyways.. as there is insurance.. 

The smaller items will go regular postage.. and only have an additional charge of $.15 per item.. that lowers what I had on Etsy.. saving you $.10 per item.. some large group of items will need to go priority mail due to the weight.. Hopefully I will have it all figured out soon.. 

I also will have some freebies.. small handmade items that you can get with your order.. Right now I have two up..  You can get one of these items for an order of $10 or more.. 

Christmas Ornament Sachet - fiberfilled only.. your choice of colors and button
Easter Egg Sachet - fiberfilled only..

Just a reminder.. the link to the store is:

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fourth of July Hanging Towels still available

I still have 4th of July hanging towels on both stores.. you can check them out below..



Once they are gone.. they are gone.. smile.. so get them now..