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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

Still recovering from my bad back. They had to give me injections in my trigger points to relieve the pain. That helped but my leg muscles are still cramped. Can't sit for long so I am still not crocheting.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Will be slowly but surely starting to change my prices

As I told you last month,  my prices will be going up about 10% on most items.. I meant to get this started on the first.. but just havent been feeling well enough for it.. so hopefully will get to it tonight for a bit.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Havent been feeling too good..

I have back problems.. narrowing of the spinal column at the lower back.. cos of that I often get sciatic problems.. sometimes really bad.. well.. about a week ago I got hit with a nasty one.. couldnt stand, sit or even lay not in pain.. so off to the Dr. I went.. on pain meds and muscle relaxers.. so when not in pain I am asleep cos of the meds.. I am slowly getting better.. I have more time in a day I am awake and not in pain.. so try to do a little I need to do every day.. I am behind in everything.. but showly I will get back to myself once I get back to PT.. so please bare with me if you are waiting on a order or a reply to an order... I am trying to get things done as soon as possible.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Just finished Oven Mitts

These are made of 100% cotton.. and I am on a trial with these.. I am accepting a total of 5 orders for these for $15 a pair.. you must be willing to answer some questions on these so I can fine tune them..

Please email me directly at put Oven Mitts in the heading so I know.. I already have/had three orders so I can take 2 more. .first come, first serve..

I also made a video which can be seen on my Facebook page.. I pinned it to the top to make it easy for you to find it..

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Update on my Prices..

As much I hate to do this, I am going to raise my prices for most of my items 10% - 15% on April 1st the latest.  I am barely making any money on my items as it is.. and the prices of supplies and fees are going up higher and higher.. I am giving everyone fair warning so this way you can take advantage of orders ahead of time.. this will include all orders that are not paid in full for by then..

Also I am getting alot of cancelled orders so unless you are a regular I will not save items for anyone without a deposit of at least 25% of your total order.  If this is a custom order, I will need 50% down.  All items now will need to be paid via Paypal on via Facebook for the deposit.. I will not hold any more orders for more than 30 days.. after that.. if you dont pay or reply.. I will sell your item with NO REFUND for the deposits.. Thank you.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Am now on Instagram

Well.. I just joined Instagram.. slowly but surely learning to use it.. smile.. so if you have an Instagram account.. add me..

Friday, February 15, 2019

My St Patrick Day Towels are now up!

Luck of the Irish Hanging Towel – Style 1, 1 available, $3.00
Have the Luck of the Irish with this hanging towel.. Topped with white, edged in green yarn and trimmed in green yarn with a green shamrock button.
St Patrick Day Hanging Towel, 2 available, $3 each
Some St. Patrick towels for your kitchen.. it is topped in white yarn and edged in green with a green glitter shamrock button.
St. Patrick’s Day Bless This House Hanging Towel, 2 available, $3 each
Pretty terrycloth towel with glitter on the front.. is topped in white with glitter green edging and a green glitter shamrock button
Luck of the Irish Hanging Towel – Style 1, 2 available, $3.00 each
Have the Luck of the Irish with this hanging towel.. Topped with white, edged in green yarn and trimmed in green yarn with a green shamrock button.

Shamrock Hanging Towel, 2 available, $3.00 each
This towel has a shimmer of glitter on the front.. and it topped in white with green glitter yarn, and has a green glitter shamrock button too..