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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finished the Newborn Teddy Bear Slippers

I did plan on putting these up on Friday.. but somehow I never got time.. was busy both Thanksgiving Day and Friday with spending time with friends and alot of running around on Friday.. I thought I better get this done today..
I made these with pompadour baby yarn, which has a sheen to it.. these will last awhile.. as this is a sturdy yarn.. these particular ones are Newborn, up to 6 months.. a bit hard to do the heads.. since they are small.. but they are cute as can be.. smile.. here are close ups of both pairs..

I am now working on two pairs of Toddler cupcake slippers.. almost got the first one done.. pictures soon..  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Snowfall of the Year

Well.. we got our first snowfall.. not too bad.. pretty as a picture.. smile.. nice to just sit at home.. drink coffee and do some stuff around here.. We got just enough to make it pretty.. but not enough to make it horrible.. cant complain..

I am working on newborn teddy bear slippers, two pairs of them for an order.. I got them almost done.. have one more head to attach and do the eyes and noses.. and I will be done.. should have pictures by Friday.. then off to 2 pairs of cupcake slippers for toddlers.. Guess this year is a slipper year for me.. lol.

So what are your plans for Thanksgiving?? We are heading to my best friend's house for dinner.. we do that almost every year.. nice to spend time with friends for the holiday.. and she cooks a nice meal too.. grin.. anyways.. time to head off to get my computer work done.. then crochet..

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It is raining slippers at my house..

I have been working on orders.. orders and orders of slippers.. Finished the first pair of Knit Look Slippers (adult size).. and a pair of Football Slippers for Toddlers.. thought you would like to see pictures!!

I am currently working on two pairs of newborn infant teddy bear coming soon..

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This is the Knit Look slippers.. I had to make my own topper.. as you can see.. it worked out!!

This is the Football Slippers, that I just finished.. I also included pictures of the front and back views.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am in the Buffalo Rising!!

So excited.. I cant believe they mentioned one of my items in the Buffalo Rising Newspaper!! They had a picture of my froggy slippers for kids and adults.. so excited!! I always love free advertising.. grin.. go and check it out!!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update On Knit Look Slipper

I have had a busy week so far.. just havent had time to come on the computer.. and when I do have some free time, I have been crocheting.. I finally mostly finished the Knit Look Slipper that I talked about in my last blog entry.. I thought you would like to see it so far.. front and side views.. I had a real problem with the top of the slipper.. the pattern called for a slip stitch fabric with a Icord chain in the middle.. after trying this for a couple of days.. I realized that I just wasnt gonna be able to do this.. my hands just wont let me.. so I make up a topper that went well.. I thought. what you all think? I still have 4 more pairs of these to do.. so glad I figured out a way around the problem.. this should make the others go easier.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Knit Look Slippers

I have started my first pair (have at least 5 to do in a row!).. thought you would like to see how they are coming out.. I like this color combo.. nice and colorful.. and it does look knitted.. this is a scan.. not a picture taken by a camera.

You can see the pattern here.. It is by Bonita Patterns.. they have alot of cute slipper patterns..

I will update you again on Friday.. I am sure by that time.. I will either be done with the first pair or almost done..

Monday, November 4, 2013

Poinsettia Towels Are Done!!

These are for an order.. just finished them last night.. I topped them with antique white and gold christmas yarn, edged it in red (with a red glitter) to match the poinsettia.. and added a poinsettia button.. I thought they came nice!! I still can make two more for custom orders.. if anyone is interested.. now working on a pair of knit look slippers.. got the sole finished.. and am working on the sole of the second pair.. I hope to have pictures on Wednesday..

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Flamingo and Hanging Towels are done!!

Took a while as I had trouble with counting stitches and following the pattern while sick.. finally got done with and took the pictures.. smile.. what you think?  It is about 6 1/2 inches sitting and 10 3/4 inches full length.. Pictures include closeup of the head.. with the wiggly eyes..

I also finished off a set of towels for an order.. thought the colors together were cute.. this finishes off two more orders.. now I am working on an order for poinsettia hanging towels and a pair of those knit type slippers.. both are orders.. smile.. getting there..