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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Internet was down..

So didnt get any time to send a message.. got the next pair of slippers done.. pics hopefully tomorrow.. working on some Halloween towels.. got some really cute Halloween Pumpkin buttons.. lol.. cant wait to take some pics..

Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Friday To You.. Contest!!

Decided to make a really special dinner last night.. it was shrimp and veggie alfredo over macaroni... with garlic bread.. Came pretty good too..

Well... lunch will be leftovers from yesterday.. smile.. it was really filling too.. My boyfriend is making breaded chicken breasts, stuffing, and fried breaded zucchini for dinner (yes from my garden.. smile). Got the second slipper almost done.. pics by the weekend..I hope..

Decided it is time for a contest.. gonna raffle off free easy knitting pattern.. Only thing you need to do.. is leave a remark here that you want it.. smile..CONTEST ENDS ON MONDAY.. (edited for contest ending)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Update.. Compliment on my Towels.

I am sure everyone remembers I had a contest for my 200 likes on Facebook.. 

The winner of the towel was another blogger.. smile. and she wrote about her winning.. as well as a nice write up about the towel later.. 

Here is the link for winning.. 

Here is the review of the towel..

I thought I would show everyone.. yep.. I am boasting.. grin.. Hey.. I like compliments.. I think that is half the reason I sell my items.. to be honest..  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My first Wordless Wednesday Post.. My Cat

Seems alot of bloggers do a wordless Wednesday posts.. so I thought I would try.. lol..

This is my cat, Julius.. also known as Mr. Magoo.. Julius Magoo.. don't ask.. grin.  I am getting a new Logo (more about this later) and Jess is gonna make a cartoon cat based on my cat, Julius.. so I thought I would introduce you to him..

Julius was my birthday gift from my boyfriend last year.. we had lost a kitten that I was bottle feeding who looked similar to him.. so we adopted him.. he is a really BEAUTIFUL cat.. or at least I think so.. smile..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just about finished with my newest slippers

It is a beautiful warm fall day.. it is 70 degrees.. and sunny.. think on the way home I will stop and get myself a coffee. smile.. Got a Dunkin' Donuts coupon... for a free muffin with the coffee. sounds good to me... hopefully they will have something cranberry.. smile

I finished the crocheting on the first slipper and am just about half done with the second.. tonight plan on finishing at least the crocheting part.. will of course need to put the football design on it. How far I get will depend on how my brain is.. I am really tired today.. (hence why I want to stop for a coffee)..

Here are the pictures of the completed part of the slipper.. you can see where I have to finish off a yarn that is hanging.

 You can see a difference in the softer yarn.. cant wait to see and show you the completed ones..

Monday, September 24, 2012



I have known Jess for years.. first through Itsy's Fund (an animal rescue resource), where she did our website and logos.. and through emails.. I absolutely love her work.. Love it enough that I am gonna have her make me a new logo for my website and Etsy Store.. that is just mine.. smile.. can't wait.. first I got to get myself organized.. cos she needs pics from me.. smile. Anyways.. she does all sorts of artwork.. invitations, buttons, wall art, pet bowls.. if you can put her art on it.. she probably can do it..

   This is one of her newest items is for Christmas.. and boy.. it is soooo adorable..I can see these on holiday
   cards.. or even in decorations..

You can see a lot of her new items on her Facebook page.

Or you can see her other available items at her Etsy Store..

Fall Pumpkin Autumn or Halloween Baby Shower Invitatons Print Your Own JPEG Digital File JPG PrintableSpooky Haunted House Halloween Party Invitations Print Your Own JPG Digital File

So if you are looking for artwork, invitations (especially wedding and shower invitations).. do check her out!! These are so adorable for Halloween.. Smile..

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Update.. Football Slippers

I had time so decided to do a Sunday Update.. smile.. thought you would like to see my progress on my newest slippers.. I am using Vanna Yarn.. which is softer than the Red Heart I used on the other football booties. Sure makes a difference..

This is where I ended on Thursday night.. I had only the first couple of rows of the toe..

Last night.. I worked more on the slipper while watching a really scary movie.. so alot of times I just sat with the yarn in my lap.. lol..

Since it is a larger size.. it is taking me a bit longer.. this picture is ithe slipper inside out.. the back part is easier to do, inside out for me.. Will have more pictures on Tues.. Monday of course will be my Shout Out.. so check for it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Update and pics on slippers..

I have been so busy.. sometimes I dont know whether I am coming or going.. sigh.. hopefully things will slow down.. lol.. I cant complain I am bored.. Smile.. started working on another pair of slippers... will send pics of those as I make them.. didnt get done alot last night.. just was too tired.. was in bed really early.. 

Well. I finally got the pictures of the new football slippers I made.. these are in the Buffalo Bills Colors.. they will be available for sale at the sale below.. or by special order after Oct. 25. The cost will be $10 per pair.. as well as the other slippers too.. perfect gift for the holidays coming up.. I make them in your choice of colors, styles and sizes.. email me for more info.

Here are the pics.. 

Twice Yearly Kids Sale at Bella Kids.. Oct 25 - 28 at Premier Place Plaza, 7980 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY
Why am I sending this to you?? Cos they invited me to come and sell my Kid's Slippers and my hanging towels.. so come and check it out..  

You can see a lot more info on Facebook.. click on the link.. or on their page.. click here

Friday, September 21, 2012

Will catch up tomorrow.

I really had a busy couple of days.. alot of driving around.. and when I got home finally.. I ate.. took a shower and then hit the sack.. really just too tired for anything else.. Today I had to catch up on stuff.. so I will hopefully get pics and other stuff done tomorrow.. smile.. thanks for understanding..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Very busy day today.. again.. and more info on my slippers!

I am going to be very busy for the next two weeks.. so either my posts will be short or not at all.. I have alot of running around to do in the day time.. and my evenings have to get my crocheting done as I have a ton of items I need for the sale at the end of Oct.. and I am falling behind.. already I have cancelled three additional designs I wanted for that.. simply cos I wont have time to make them..

I did get my blue and red football slippers done.. now have started the brown and off white ones.. I will have pics of both of them in the next day or so..

Here is a link to the pattern I used.. my first pair didnt come out as nice as these.. but still cute.. I know my second one will be better.. smile..

Crochet Pattern 44 - Toy Football and baby boy football booties, Photo prop

This pattern is by Cathyren.. I have to say I do love her patterns.. I am sure I will be buying more.. smile.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finished the order..

Sorry I didnt get on here yesterday.. somehow life always seems to get in my way of my schedule. and I had to get this order done and out today.. I will do the Shout Out later this week.. instead of a regular update...

This order was for 5 light blue and white dishclothes.. and I wanted to make most of them different.. smile. These are made with Simply Soft.. which gives it both the softness of cotton, but the lightweight of acrylic yarn and it drys alot faster than regular cotton yarn.. I love it for household items.. and make them for my own kitchen.. You can see the link on Etsy for more colors I have made.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another Three Towels + Update

Well.. I just about got my extra order of dishcloths done.. should finish on the weekend.. made a few different than I did before.. so hope to take pictures of them..

Wanted to show two more towels I finished.. the first one is called Pumpkin Season.. it is a scarecrow in a pumpkin field.. much more colorful and bright compared to some of the ones I have made.  I topped it with a green topper and edged it in a yellow which matched the button.

Giving Thanks - This is perfect for both Fall and Thanksgiving.. nice to add some color to your kitchen.. it would look nice in a rustic kitchen, or a kitchen that is decorated in sunflowers..

This towel has bright orange pumpkins with bright orange sunflowers.. and topped with a bright orange topper edged in light brown.. it has a orange and white sunflower button to close it..

This towel has some bright Maple Leaves decorating it.. in red, yellow and gold.. I topped it with light brown and edged it in yellow.. matching the maple leaf button.. it is also good for a rustic kitchen. as well as one with wooden cabinets..

I dont have a link to them as they are sold already, but I will take special orders for them..

Thank you for looking at my pictures.. smile.. I will see you all again on Monday.. as Sunday will be too busy for me to come and visit..

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two of my Towels available for sale..

For today, I am going to show you two of the towels I have available for sale.. The first towel was added to a Treasury on Etsy.. smile.. check it out!!

Scarecrow in a Cornfield Hanging Towel - 

Perfect to decorate your kitchen for the upcoming.. It is made of 

washable terrycloth topped with a orange worsted weight yarn 

crocheted topper. the light brown edging matches the wood tone 

button on the towel.. I have two made in this design.

Fall Scarecrow and Pumpkin - Not only is this towel decorative, this towel is wonderful to use.. it is very soft and velvety.. This velvety towel is topped with a green topper edged in light brown yarn. It is a rust brown colored wood tone button.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well.. how are you all..

Only stopping in for a minute..another busy day for me.. got my garden done for today.. picked the last of my cucumbers (and pulled out the vines), picked tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and a whole bunch of green beans.. now for some reason they got their second wind.. grin..
Put away pot (buckets) that are not being used.. folded one load of clothes and one in the dryer now.. cut up and froze my veggies.. ate lunch (leftover tuna casserole), made stuffed peppers for dinner (they are in the slow cooker), finished up some surveys.. now just stopping in here before I head off to my sale stuff. smile.. I will have more pictures tomorrow.. or maybe tonight.. depending on how busy I am.. of the towels I just finished and will be putting up for sale..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Newest Kids' Slippers

I finished the froggie slippers and finally had time to take some pictures. Thought you would like to see the pair..  Smile.. I will be selling these at Bella Kids Sale in Oct. So.. what do you think.. will they sell??

Monday, September 10, 2012



Wow.. I have 200 likes on Facebook!!  So I got to do a contest for that.. you will need to go to my page and like this page (if you have already not done it), like the post, and share on your page.. smile.. This will end on Thurs.. 

Item Description:

Rose/Country Variegated blend Hanging Towel
Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated country colors worsted weight yarns
Button – round clear gem button

Monday Shout Out!! - WNY Bella Kids..

My SHOUT OUT for this week is Bella Kids..

They are a huge kids consignment store in the Buffalo Area (Williamsville, NY).. They have two pages on Facebook.. one is for their Events (which ends up being a really useful page for parents to find out about kid events..

and one for the Business.. which is a personal page..

The reason I picked them.. is they were nice enough to let me come in and put my slippers up for sale in their upcoming event in Oct.. so they are the reason I have been crocheting so many items.. I will have both my slippers, hopefully some hats, and my towels available there.. if you are in the Buffalo area.. come and check it out.. smile.. if not, watch for pictures coming up.. smile.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Update!!

How is your Sunday going?? Am busy with clearing out stuff for this week.. you know how it is.. smile.

I got several orders packed and weighed.. and ready to print out postage.. plan on doing that tonight. and got my home office much more organized.. soon.. hopefully I will be able to get more stuff scanned and put up for sale in my Old & New Shoppe.. (really need to clear out more stuff.. smile).. and now that I got my picture taking area almost done.. that also should save me time.. smile..

I almost got done with the Froggie slippers.. just need to embroider the eyes.. hope to get some pictures done tomorrow night.. am busy all day tomorrow.. also got my football slippers pattern printed out.. that is next.. I definitely want to get done with two different styles on those next.

Due to the BNS I was on..  I got two towels sold.. smile.. I still have a bunch to put up.. will get done with those today (I sent the pictures here already)..

On my Facebook Page for Cat's Meow Crochet..I just notice that I hit 200 likes.. so I got to have a contest.. will decide by tomorrow what I want to raffle off.. smile.. check it out tomorrow.. for the rules and what is up..

Guess that is my weekly update.. tomorrow is my weekly Shout Out.. so heading off to decide who for that.. smile. Have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nice Day and a Link for Pumpkin Pancake Recipes

Well.. the day started cool and very rainy.. but cleared up so my boyfriend and I headed out and did some shopping.. first I got ink for my printer (another item that went up in price!), then we got me some nice shoes at Famous Footware.. I had a coupon for 50% off cos I previously got a pair during their BOGO sale.. and then got a coupon via the text for another 20% off.. smile.. got a really nice pair of shoes for less than $10 with tax.. Then we stopped at Aldi's and got something to make fast (dont do that too often).. got some fried chicken and some other items I forgot last time..

Then we got an unexpected visit from my son and the Grandboys.. grin.. nice to see them.. smile.. 

Anyways.. I got a great email from another blog for Pumpkin Pancakes.. I saw these and thought.. this would be a good link to forward..  I love anything Pumpkin.. so will have to try these soon.. 

This is not my image.. but I just had to show it to you.. so check it out!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cats Meow Crochet

Seems I again have been added to a BNS on Etsy.. smile.. I am featured in the WorkTogether Team BNS! Please come by, fav, chat, and help us promote. Thanks! I look forward to seeing you there!

My Halloween Towel is listed..
Really is nice to see my items added to this.. smile..

Got done with two more towel sets yesterday.. and almost finished the froggie slipppers..  got the pieces done.. now just need to put them together and add the features.. hope to have some pictures for you soon..

I did spend some time yesterday rearranging my craft room, so I can also have my work area and home office there too.. got it most of the way done.. smile.. not totally how I like it yet.. but getting there..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy Day.. How Was Your Day??

Totally busy day.. Had to drive my nextdoor neighbor to the Dr.  Then, hit the post office to mail some orders from Ebay. Stopped at Family Dollar to pick up mailing supplies - tape, envelopes... etc.  Went to Wegmans to get my shopping finished..  we got some nice strawberries so I made shortcakes to top with strawberries (Thank God for Bisquik.. LOL!!)   My boyfriend made us a quick dinner of scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese inside.. too tired for anything else.. I got a lot of stuff to do tonight.. so see you all tomorrow..

Fall and Halloween Hanging Towels..

For sale until 9/7. after that.. they go up on Etsy.. these will sell for $2.75 each off of Etsy.. Niormally $3 each. See pictures for what is available.. 

Fall Scarecrow and Pumpkin - Soft velvety towel topped with a fall green and edged with light brown, button is wood tone. I have two of these.. 

Give Thanks - Pumpkin and Sunflower design, terrycloth towel.. light orange topper edged in light brown, with a orange and white sunflower button. I have two of these. 

Scarecrow in cornfield - terrycloth towel, light orange topper, edge in light brown, with a dark brown wood tone button. I have two of these. 

Want to see better pictures.. you can see them on my Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Latest slippers

Hi.. I finally got my pictures done. smile.. here are some pictures of my newest slippers... I am now working on my next pair.. as well as towels.. I will have the towels tomorrow.

These are several views of the same ones that I send pictures of previously.

I will be selling these at the Bella Kids sale -

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday Shoutout - Created2bcaptivated


Silver and Burnt Orange Singed Fabric Flower Brooch Pin

I know I am a bit behind... the crazy weekend threw me off... smile.. Here is my weekly write up on a storefront that caught my eye..both on Facebook and Etsy. The Store is called Created 2 b Captivated.

This woman makes hair accessories for everyday as well as weddings.. smile.. All made of fabric.  They are quite imaginative.  Here are some of her hairdesigns I really like.. like these ones.. smile..
Silver Fabric Flower Hair Clip Fascinator with Red Embellishments and Black Feathers

Ivory Wedding Bridal Fabric Flower Hair Clip Fascinator
I love this fascinator for a hairpiece for a bride..

Got a moment..go and check out her pages..

Monday, September 3, 2012

FREE Afghan Block of the Month

Saw this and thought everybody would like this link.. smile.. check it out!! Not my daily note... just a quick stop.. be back later!!

Welcome to Crochet! magazine’s FREE Afghan Block of the Month!
Please be sure to “like” our Facebook page so you won’t miss out on a single free pattern! When you “like” our page, our posts will show up in your news feed so you’ll be alerted when we release our Free Afghan Block of the Month, share sneak preview albums of upcoming issues, provide special offers, etc.

Click here to download this month’s free pattern + gain access to our archived patterns.

Click here to learn how you can get a FREE issue of Crochet! just for giving it a try! (A $7.99 value, FREE!) .

Afghan Block

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Update..

Oh.. I know I am so behind and off schedule.. life is sorta in the way... smile... today... We went to my best friend's house and had a great day and a cookout.. one of my other friend's, Bob was there too.. cookout and just hung out and talked.. It was just so nice to do that for a final cookout of the year.. (as Marlene put it..).. No pics.. they didnt want me to take any..  ;-)

Been crocheting Halloween and fall design towel toppers.. hope to have some pictures of the new slippers and towels tomorrow.. now off to relax and crochet.. Will be back tomorrow evening again.. smile.

(picture borrowed from