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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Website..

I have been tossing around the idea of either closing or moving my website as the expense is just getting too much.. It is now almost $40 for 3 months.. and it just feels like most of my orders are not coming from this page but from Facebook and Etsy, as well as return orders.  On the suggestion of one of my acquaintances on Etsy, she suggested me to check out Weebly.. which ended up being a good idea as I can just use that to point to my website.. but not throw away money that is really can't afford.. anyways.. would love you to check it out and see what you think..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Humdrums..

Getting the winter blues.. doesnt surprise me.. as I thought we were heading for a warm up.. first it is gonna snow and blow.. sigh.. sometimes I feel like it has been endless.. trying to focus on getting things done.. I did get my order for the sachets done.. no pictures.. for this order.. as I have made plenty of them.. these I used white and silver glitter yarn .. came pretty.. been working on hanging towels as they are easy to do.. and I dont have to think.. putting a bunch up on Etsy and on Facebook.. also trying to get some more stuff up on Ebay.. a few items at a time.. sigh.. well.. see you tomorrow?? Depending on.. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Easter Hanging Towels

I got a number of Towels up in Facebook for Easter.. if you want matching buttons for some of them.. I now have some Rabbit buttons I can change them to.. just let me know.. These are only two.. you can see them all on my Facebook page.. link is here.. and anyone can see it, even if you dont have Facebook.. I will be listing these on Etsy this weekend..

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finished Star Bunting

I am so happy with this Star Bunting.. made a couple of changes.. one.. I made it open on both sides.. I also doubled the sport weight yarn and used a K hook to make it larger to fit a newborn. this was an order that is now being opened at the baby shower today.. smile.. Hope to have pictures of that to show you later..

You can find the pattern here..

Friday, February 14, 2014

St Patty's Day Hanging Towels

I only have two towels.. both listed here.. checked everywhere for towels and couldnt find any that I liked or that were terrycloth (most were plain cotton which dont seem to sell.. ).. These two are available for sale.. I currently dont have them up on Etsy.. only Facebook..

You can order these by emailing me at or by going to my facebook page and sending me a note on the one you want.. these are first come, first serve.. and I will list them on Etsy on Saturday..

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everyday Hanging Towels

I will be adding some here off. and on this week.. for now. I have three kinds available.. Here are two of them..These are listed in Facebook.. Here is the link..  I will be adding to Etsy very soon.. and also advertising in Facebook..

Knit Look Slippers Order Done

I finally finished the whole order.. and am tickled pink.. been crocheting alot lately.. so you will be seeing alot of posts in the next couple of days.. smile.. hope you like them all.. I made them all slightly different so there will be no confusion on who's slipper is which..

I have been crocheting hanging towels.. so you will be seeing some of those.. smile.. I havent put them up on Etsy yet.. but you can still order them by emailing me at Many of my towels are only ones.. and I cant get doubles for them.. so I would check them out as soon as possible..

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Books Update.. A Home Repair is Homicide Mysteries, Sarah Graves

With all the pain I have been in.. somedays I cant even crochet.. so I spend my time reading.. found a really good series called A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery by Sarah Graves.. just listed 3 more books on  Goodreads that I just finished.. you can click on the link to read about her and her books.

Mallets Aforethought, Nail Biter, and Trap Door. each book of the series seems to get better and better.. I am gonna cry when I finish them all.. I just ordered two of the books in the series from the library.. smile.. that part makes me happy.. if you get a chance to check out this series.. do so..

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pinterest - Slippers I have made

I decided to start using Pinterest to show some of my completed items.. this is far from complete.. but started.. smile.. makes it easier for me to find the patterns again.. lol.. as well as show off what I have made.. hope you check it out!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Long Update for Me!!

Sorry I havent been here in a LONG time.. in between flareups of my fibro, trying to get some of my orders done and out, doing my sales in Ebay (they changed things.. and postage changed, so I have been updating there too).. and just trying to keep up with life and all its disasters.. I had to put this behind..

First I did finally finish the sneaker slippers I had an order for.. put away the slippers for my friend.. as she is willing to wait for it.. and get the orders done that had to be done.. I did a pair of sneaker slippers.. pattern here. Here is a closeup of the side..

I am now working on a star bunting for a baby.. I am just about 1/3 done.. smile.. it is coming very nice.. Pattern can be found here..  I hope to have some pictures by next week..

Of course I am working on my Ebay items for sale.. I am selling books that I am finished reading, as well as DVD's and VHS tapes that we already watched.. I also am reselling my patterns that I have finished scanning to clear them out.. smile.. that part is going slow.. lol.. as I dont leave myself alot of time to scan items.. I generally have around 100 items up for sale at one time.. give or take.. what doesnt sell there.. goes to Listia to be bidded off as a freebie..

This winter has been horrible.. really low temperatures in the single digits or even minus.. and that is without the wind chills.. so going out was really hard on me.. often I ended up with a flareup of my fibro and ended up in bed for a couple days at at time.. so then just read books.. I am currently reading a series by Sarah Graves,, Her Home Repair is Homicide series.. it is both funny, entertaining, and nice mysteries.. I do recommend them to everyone.. I am currently reading Nail Biter..

Well.. guess that is my total update for today.. hope to be back soon..