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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hodge Podge Mittens.. my newest project

crochet 003
I have just started these as an order.. not too far.. but wanted to show you the pattern.. this isnt the one I am making.. but a picture from the site.. my pictures will come later..

I got the Gingerbread men ornaments done except for the faces.. will do those tomorrow.. and have pictures on Sat.. Just been too busy with putting stuff up on Ebay lately..

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Violet Moon Embroidery

This shop belongs to my Buffalo Etsy Team group.. and I got to see her towels upclose.. they are really well done.. I wanted to get some of them myself.. but alas.. the vet bills and my printer breaking down stopped that..

I told her we should be a team.. grin.. she can do the embroidery and me, I can top the towels with crochet.. smile.. so if anyone wants that done.. I will give you a discount.. just tell her you want me to do this.. and I will do it for $1.. but you need to tell her this before she mails it..

Monday, October 26, 2015

DIYBFLO Store.. My Items are on sale there!!

Trying my hand at this consignment thing again.. the last one didnt work out very well.. this one is closer and she is also in my Buffalo Etsy Team Group.. so I actually feel a bit safer with her..

Her shop is called DIYBFLO.. and the address is 2309 Elmwood Ave. Kenmore, NY. just right over the line of Kenmore Ave..

She has many items for sale. both items for crafters as well as items from Crafters.. I put all my Halloween towels there. so stop in and check them out.. I am hoping to get there to take pictures over this weekend.. if so, I will put them up.. right now.. I got alot going on..

Facebook page:


KrissKross Dishcloth Order

I got a large order of these dishclothes.. been working on them steadily in between other small orders.. and am finally almost finished!! These should go out by Tuesday the latest..

She wanted darker colors.. so got these... I made them with Simply Soft as that is my go to yarn for most kitchen items..

Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Fall and Thanksgiving Hanging Towels

I finished a bunch of towels and finally got the pictures done.. most of my time has been focused on crocheting.. since I am starting to get my fall/winter rush.. hence why I am not taking any more custom orders between now and Christmas..

Thanksgiving -- Give Thanks Fox
Perfect for an animal lover, rustic style kitchen, this Thanksgiving hanging towel has a cute fox on the front with a pumpkin, and is topped with Gold yarn, and edged in variegated fall colors with a rust color button.
Give Thanks (with Acorns) Thanksgiving
Add some Thanksgiving towels to your kitchen.. this towel is topped with off white yarn and edged with a rust brown matching the color in the towel.  The button is a birdie, also rust in color.
Autumn Beauty
Add some Fall color to your kitchen with this hanging towel.. It is topped with off white and edged with dark orange, with an orange button.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sometimes things get crazy... and Scarecrow Hanging Towels

I had planned on scanning the new dishcloths I just finished.. but my printer/scanner just kicked the bucket.. ugh.. now looking for a new printer.. or at least a low cost used printer.. I will try to get actual pictures tomorrow.. along with the new hanging towels I just finished.. off to show you two more Fall hanging towels..

Welcome Fall Scarecrow, 2 available, $3 each
Perfect for your kitchen.. this hanging towel has a scarecrow with a Welcome Fall Banner on it.. this towel will go with any color design.. it is topped with off white yarn, and edged in variegated fall colors.. with a smokey blue button..
Autumn Scarecrow, 2 available, $3 each
A colorful scarecrow for your kitchen.. this hanging towel is topped with blue and edged with orange.. with a bright orange flower button.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Hanging Towels

Here is a nice set to decorate your kitchen for the fall.. most of the leaves are trimmed in gold on the towel.. they are identical except for the buttons are slightly different in color..They are topped with a off white topper with rust edging and leaf buttons. This comes as a set only..

Autumn Sunflower – 2 available, $3 each
Just love this hanging towel... the blues make the sunflowers stand out. including the sunflower buttons.. and the towel itself has some gold glitter in it.. Just perfect for your Fall kitchen.. This hanging towel is topped with blue/grey yarn and edged in yellow gold.. with a sunflower button.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Hanging Towels

Monster Mash – 1 available $3
Monsters for your kitchen.. this hanging towel has all kinds of Halloween monsters.. it is topped in Silver grey worsted weight yarn, edged in black.. with a metal Skull and cross bones button.

Witches Brew – 1 available $3
This Halloween hanging towel is perfect for your kitchen.. it is topped with white yarn and edged in bright green to match the towel.. the button enclosure is a witches shoe.. which added a whimsy look to the towel..

An Accomplished Day

Busy day.. picked more of my crops.. got to get them all picked and froze since the weather has and is going to be freezing.. we got a ton of green tomatoes and some small peppers and eggplant.. luckily we like them fried.. made tuna macaroni salad for my boyfriend, and a great beef stew (been craving that).. got wash done.. got orders packed, and Listia stuff done, and finished two dishclothes.. now going to bed.. accomplished alot today.. Makes me feel like great -- days like this..

Hope to have some pictures soon..

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Life Gets Busier and Busier..

It is getting to that time of year again.. when I have to start cutting back on things.. trying to decide on what..

I decided Listia is going to be drastically cut back.. maybe once or twice a month I will put things up.. and none of them will be for handcrocheted items.. just too many items.. and I really need to cut back on this..

Ebay -- well.. I will continue to put up the items listed.. and one or two new items per week.. depending on if the sales keep going..

My crochet.. well.. of course that is my number one.. but I will have to currently not take any new orders.. maybe starting in November again.. I think I have enough to keep me busy for the next few months.. with a craft show and all the orders I have..

Fall is here... and it is getting colder so we have to start with the fall cleaning and packing up for the winter.. all that takes time.. and energy.. both I seem to have less and less of as I get older.

Friday, October 16, 2015

My current update on Crochet Items

I just finished this football dog can see where I made openings for his ears.. lol.. I had hoped to get some pictures of my dog wearing it.. but didnt have time. Guess I will have to wait until I see if the person who ordered it, sends me one..

Also.. I had several orders for the Christmas stars.. and finally got done with them all.. now working on a few Thanksgiving Hanging towels and dishclothes that were ordered via Etsy.. no pictures yet to show you..Hopefully later next week.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Update..

I know I havent been here in a while.. I have been busy with orders as well as putting items up on Ebay and Listia.. I have been putting up both my sachets and my Xmas stars and been getting alot of orders -- both via Listia and also paid orders. 

You can order these both items on either Ebay or Etsy.. and both are made custom in what colors you want.. 

Sachets - 

The sachets can be ordered filled with dried lavender or dried peppermint leaves.. both are from the Co-op and are organic.. they can be refreshed by getting the essential oils.. and can be used over and over again.. Pretty gift for a teacher, pet sitter, a friend.. etc.. a great stocking stuffer.. 

Ebay -  This link runs out in a day.. so I will update you with the new one in a day or so.. 

Christmas Stars -

These would make a nice item on top of a package, in a card, or even a group of them as a gift.

I sell these in sets of 5.. in your choice of colors and yarn.. You can choose between glitter yarn or Simply Soft.. or even a combo of the two.. the stars come in two colors.. so I will need your choice of the two colors.. and yes, you can mix and match any or all colors you want..  

They are also about 4 inches in size.. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sales Special For This Week..

I decided to put a few things on sale this week.. They will go on sale on Friday.. about 3 pm.. and be on sale until Sunday evening.. This will not include any custom orders of these items.. these are just one of a kind ones to clear out.. All orders must be through Etsy.. the sale prices will be there by 3 pm on Friday.

Light Blue with off white KrissKross Dishcloth...
normally $1.50.. sale price $1
Oceana Dishcloth with yellow gold trim..
Normally $1.50.. on sale for $1.25

Love Spoken Here Hanging Towel - only 1
Normally $3, on sale for $2.50

Country Home is where Our Story Begins Hanging Towel

Normally $3, on sale for $2.50