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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crochet and Gardening Update

First the gardening.. well.. I got my seeds planted.. except for the zucchini seeds which just arrived yesterday.. plan on doing those tomorrow... so far I have one yellow squash up.. nothing else.. next week I hope to go and get my tomatoes and any other plant that hasnt came up by then.. not rushing cos it is still below 55 degrees at night.. not weather for most of these plants.. I hope to have some pictures then too..

Now my crocheting.. I have been working on hanging towels for sale ( no pics yet) and these dishclothes.. these are the first of the 50.. I plan on making 10 of these.. 5 in navy with white and 5 in white with navy.. then switch to a different design.. I love this lacy shell.. very pretty... and not hard to do.. you can see I havent finished off the loose threads yet.. figure I will do them all at once..

You can find the pattern online at Craftown.. Shell Dishcloth.. I will take pictures of the white and navy ones after I start them..

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Towels Updated..

I was busy all weekend.. even though it is Memorial Day today.. This will be my day of rest(?).. Saturday my son, his girlfriend, and my 2 grandboys took me out for a belated Mother's Day lunch.. we went to a riverside cafe called Old Man River, which is one of our favorite places to visit over the summer.. I got a humongous hamburger with swiss cheese and mushrooms.. and of course their sweet potato fries (which is the major reason I like to go).. then after we were done.. we went to my best friend's house where my honey was helping her do the yard stuff.. and stayed there until evening.. the next day we went back again to finish up.. and have a barbecue.. So today I am just gonna rest (well.. except for my usual stuff -- laundry, dinner in the slow cooker, made pasta salad). Just relaxing now as dinner cooks..

I did get a bunch of hanging towels done.. some for an order.. Now finished with that major order for hanging towels! And also did some to put up for sale.. you can see the summer fruits one below ..  I am finishing one more set of hanging towels for sale.. then switching to dishclothes for a different order.. pictures and links next time..

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gardening update!

Busy day here.. replanted more flower seeds.. the first batch really didnt come up.. we will see with them..

On the past planting: Some of my yellow squash seeds are now coming up.. nothing in the bush bean department.. lettuces going good..

Today's Planting: I planted Chinese Large green pepper, regular green, red, and yellow pepper seeds. I also planted more yellow squash, cucumber, pole green beans, and acorn squash seeds.. along with another container of lettuce (this blend also has romaine in this batch).. Hope all these come up.. most of the seeds came from winnings on Listia. so we will see..

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Working on some simple orders..

 I got some simple, quick orders.. right now working on 5 sets of hanging towels for one order.. finished the two first sets.. you can see them here..

This particular set was topped totally in white with a green marble colored button. The greens match both greens in the fabric.. know it doesnt show it here.. sigh.. they came out dark in the photo..
This one was also topped in white.. and has a blue/green/tan marbled button.. also matching the colors here.. I liked both designs..

Now I am working on 3 sets of two towels.. this time in a darker off white.. should have some pictures tomorrow.. I got done with three of them last night.. they are topped but not finished off.. and havent added the buttons yet..

Monday, May 19, 2014

Finished the Scarf..

This came out very pretty.. I think I want to make one for myself.. I do have a problem with showing it.. lol.. no head.. hope you can see how nice it looks with a large container in it.. I made this with Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand yarn.  I really do like working with it.. and the price is reasonable.. so I will probably use it alot more.. esp for things like sweaters and scarves.. You can see where to get the pattern by going to HERE..

Friday, May 16, 2014

Finished a quick order..

They ordered via Etsy... wanted a Coke towel.. luckily I had one..came out nice.. I really do like making hanging towels.. love to figure out what goes best with each one..

I am still working on the scarf.. I estimate I will be done over the weekend.. then I got another order for towels.. she send me towels to top.. smile.. that makes it easy for me.. lol.. dont need to look for them.. I will have pictures of the scarf and towels and put them up on here..

I am doing this ahead of time.. as I probably wont have time to update all of you on Friday and Saturday.. I have alot to do those days..

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Started my Gardening..

Well.. got my first container of lettuce growing.. and planted indoors bush green beans and yellow squash.. plan on starting my green peppers next..

Bidding like crazy on Listia for seeds ---- such as yellow and red peppers, eggplant, and maybe cucumbers.. if I can get them started indoors and actually grow.. well that will save me money on buying plants.. I still am going to get some patio tomatoes.. as I dont want to wait forever for tomatoes.. maybe next year I will try seeds..

I hope to have some pictures by next week.. by that time some of the plants will be up.. wish me luck..

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Memorial Day/July 4th Towels

I finished up the hanging towels.. actually have 4 of them available for sale. this towel can be used for 2 holidays -- Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Perfect for decorating, using on the deck while barbecuing.. etc.. these will be $3 each..

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Project - Mobius Cowl

I got an order to make this cowl in regular worsted weight yarn.. You can see the pattern here.. on the Lion Yarn website. I am using Vanna's Choice yarn by Lion Brand.. Color Denim Mist.. very pretty color.. It will be 4 1/2 inches in width.. and over 70 inches in length.. I am only about 2 feet long so far.. should have it finished by the weekend..

I am also working on hanging towels for Memorial Day/July 4th holiday.. those pictures should be ready by tomorrow..

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sorry I have been missing..

Sometimes life just gets in the way.. in between doing spring cleaning, Dr. appts, catching up with orders, putting stuff on Ebay.. and then being sick for the last week.. 2+ weeks have vanished.. I did get some crocheting done.. mostly crochet topped hanging towels.. relaxing to do..

This daisy one was for an order.

I also finished some to put up for sale.. For now, I will be mostly just doing towels and infant booties.. to relax some.. I have a scarf to do for an order also.. will be working on that as soon as the yarn arrives.