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Monday, March 24, 2014

Jazzy Java Jacket - Coffee Cup Cozy

I had a quickie order for one of these.. smile.. made it in an evening.. and think it is totally adorable.. perfect for hot cups of coffee and tea.. and even cold ones in the summer to keep cups from dripping.. think I will make a few to put up for sale too.. Have alot of fun fur to use up.. lol..

Either way...... it is called a Jazzy Java Jacket.. and you can see the pattern HERE.. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finished the Infant Girl's Dress Set..

Wow.. I really love this. smile.. I can honestly say I think it came pretty.. what do you think?  I hope they send a photo of her in the dress.. smile.

I am also adding closeups to the hat.. as that is a new item. Want to see other pictures of this.. go to the previous page..

Monday, March 17, 2014

Infant Dress and Booties

Thought you would like to see the dress and booties.. I just love how this came out.. what do you think??

I used the pattern Tulip Time from the booklet "Beautiful Baby Boutique" by Annie's Attic which came out in 2005.. glad I had the booklet.. lol.. as the prices now a days was in the range of $24 and up.. (wow!!)

For the flower.. I used Triple Threat Flower  from Cre8tion Crochet.. made a few changes to the flower as I needed it small enough to fit on the dress and slippers.. but the basic idea is still there.. The booties show with the ribbon and without the ribbon. I still have the hat to do.. which hopefully will be done in a day or so..

Happy St. Patrick's Day..

Happy St Patrick's Day..this day is special to me as this is my firstborn's birthday... my son turned 36 today.. smile.. Been busy at work.. trying to get alot of stuff done all at once.. Finally got all my emails transferred from my old website.. now busy with making a infant dress, booties and a hat.. got the dress and booties done.. pictures coming later today.. I hope.. lol. was suppose to do them yesterday, but my camera's batteries decided to die.. and of course I didnt have extras on hand.. Anyways.. just wanted to stop in and say Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Website Update 1

Well... I have been working steadily on closing the old website.. the major problem is all my emails I have saved.. had NO idea I had so many saved.. mostly working on transferring them.. and will focus on cleaning through them at a later time..

On my new page.. On the home page I added pictures of items I already made that went with the color of the page.. adding new ideas as I think them up..

So far I have a direct link to my Etsy store and my blog.. a page to my Photobucket page.. a page for prices.. it is a blog page, that I thought would be a good page for listing prices..for custom orders (that later will be an actual fill in the blank order form, but for now with it being a freebie.. I only have my email address there).. Hope everyone goes and checks it out.. and lets me know what you think..

Gonna try to go and make changes every few days.. smile..

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just been busy.. New Website Info

I just wanted to update you with everything that is going on here.. 

First I am definitely closing my website for now.. the new one is I will eventually reopen my site, just not for now.. Please bookmark my new site.. 

Also, my email addresses will be changing.. I have two.. one is: 

And the other is:

You can reach me at either of them..  I also have other ways to keep in touch.. do check them out!

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