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Friday, September 5, 2014

Special Things in Crochet -Team Treasury - Etsy Crochet Lounge

I am a bit behind in everything.. hope to get all my ducks in a row this weekend.. smile.. I did get my treasury done for the Etsy Crochet Lounge Team on Etsy.. so sending it to you here.. go and check it out! Some cute stuff there..

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Being Self Sufficient! Part 7

#7 Work a little every day at your goals
I am trying to do this.. I try to take 15 minutes per day to at least make a list of what I want to get done.. and then also take another 15 minutes to organize what I want to accomplish.. I have piles of stuff to put up for sale in my craft room.. lol. as well as pictures of items on my computer.. every Sunday I start another list of what I want to get accomplished each week. as well as lists of what I would like to get done every day.. 
I keep a notebook with me almost every day just to jot down ideas.. for the house, my stores, etc.. I may not finish the whole list each week.. but at least I see some things get accomplished.. Do you also make lists?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fall Hanging Towels

I finished 4 new sets of Fall hanging towels.. these are going up for sale immediately on Facebook and over the next couple of days on Etsy.. I now got a couple of new orders so will be working on a baby headband (auctioned on Listia) and a pair of adult cupcake slippers.. Will have pictures when finished..The scarecrow one is made of velour type fabric, not terrycloth.. so it feels very soft.. I have double of all these towels.. so I can also make them in your choice of the color of yarn and buttons.

More Fair Pictures!

I figured I better get the rest of the pictures up now.. lol.. since the fair has ended.. Today's post has all the afghans I saw there.. so many pretty ones and some really difficult ones.. it was hard to pick my favorite..
Which one is your favorite.. Mine is the Sweet Baby Girl.. using the bobble stitch.. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Cupcake Slippers

I have two different types of cupcake slippers.. for a short time I will have custom orders of these ON SALE..
Infant and Child only.. These are so cute.. I am taking orders for these.. now.. they will be on sale for 2 days only.. request custom order via Etsy and get $2 off.. this sale starts 23 and ends on the 24th..

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Being Self Sufficient! Part 9

#9 Learn To Enjoy What You Have Now
Alot of people cant do this.. seems everyone wants to keep up with the Jones.. I personally have few wants.. a decent computer.. some books to read.. my crocheting.. food in the frig... and a roof over my home.. I got those.. smile. 

Most of the time I dont feel jealous of people.. of people getting things.. I do want one thing in life that sometimes seems hard to find.. peace and quiet.. I am probably one of the few people who would love to be in a rut.. LOL.. I truthfully never feel bored.. I always have something to do.. smile.. 

How do you all feel about this step.. is this something you can relate to?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


While at the fair.. we also got to see alot of bunnies.. I love rabbits.. they are really cute.. and soft.. and make good pets.. I used to watch this rabbit when his owners went away.. he was a smart little bugger.. lol. I would sit on the floor with him and visit.. first he would explore for a while, then come for attention.. but once I put my book down.. he knew it was time for me to go.. and then he would run and hide cos he didnt want to go back to his cage.. lol.. like I said.. smart little bugger..

The rabbit on the left.. she is so pretty.. looked like a calico cat!

I also make bunnie slippers.. Lop ear ones.. smile..These make cute gifts for babies and toddlers.. and keeps their feet nice and toasty.. You can custom order these in any colors and sizes.. with embroidery eyes or wiggly eyes (older than 3 for the eyes).