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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dog and Cat Butt Coasters..

I have 3 different styles now..



Variegated black/grey/white

You can order them directly on Etsy by Clicking here..

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter!! We are having a turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes (I think) and not sure what veggie!! Just taking it easy today and relaxing.. 

Things got a bit crazy here..

and I didnt get to do much.. now recovering from a bad sinus infection and bronchitis along with some nasty dizzy spells.. I did finish a set of variegated  Dog/Cat Butt Coasters.. here is a picture..

I am now working on two more in white.. and a baby afghan for a gift.. hope to get more in gear soon..

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More Bookmarks!

I just put these up on Etsy a few days ago.. these are the rest of the bookmarks I have available for immediate sale.. most of these are for hardbacks. all the ones available on this page are one of a kind as I only had one button.. but I always can make something similar.. just let me know what you are looking for..
Rainbow, paperback
Imagine, Hardback
Heart, Hardback

Monday, March 14, 2016


I started making these bookmarks.. I currently have them for $2 each.. these are just ones I made with some buttons I have.. I have so many different buttons, that I can do custom orders for these too.. you just need to let me know what kind of button you would like and what color bookmark. They come in two sizes.. paperback and hardback.. These would make a nice filler for an Easter Basket, since many are in spring colors. The ones listed below are available immediately..
Pink Teddy, paperback

Blue Teddy, paperback

Cat Bookmark, paperback

To see more bookmarks and other cute gift ideas.. please check here:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Update!

Been a while since I did this.. decided it was time to take a break and just say hi to everyone and thank them for reading my blog entries.. 

I have been working on Easter towels and dishclothes.. and also will be starting an order for dog/cat butt coasters and a scrunchie someone bidded on Listia.

I also have been cleaning thru my books and patterns.. putting them up on either Facebook, Listia or Ebay.. trying to clear out the tons and tons of items I have in my craft room.. I have so much I dont even know what I have anymore.. smile... everytime I clean thru things I am astonished at what I find.. grin.. 

I am also getting into the spring mode.. looking for ideas to make for items.. probably some baby items, coasters, cup cozies, and of course more towels.. smile.. if you have any ideas for me.. dont hesitate to let me know.. Well.. off to sales stuff for the day.. hope you have a nice day!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Last Two Easter Hanging Towels

I just finished these within the last couple of days.. and wanted to get them up immediately.. these will be the last two styles of Easter Hanging towels I will have this year.. on to orders and new items.. Smile.. Each one is $3 + postage.

Chicks Have More Fun, 2 available
Get ready for Easter with this playful hanging towel.. this terrycloth towel is topped with white worsted weight yarn and edged in purple/pink variegated yarn. It has a chick in the egg button which matches the towel.
Pink Easter Bunny, 2 available
This cute bunny hanging towel would be perfect for your Easter kitchen.. this terrycloth towel is topped with matching pink yarn, and edged in white with a wooden bunny button..

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Next Batch of Easter Towels

These next batch of towels are all the same.. except for the buttons are different..
Easter Hanging Towel With Chick and Blue Easter Egg, 2 available
This hanging towel has three panels.. one with a bunny and two with chicks.. I have topped it with white yarn and edged it in variegated green/blue/white yarn.. has a chick coming out of a blue egg button.. this can be machine wash and dry..

Easter Hanging Towel With Blue/Rose Bunny button, 2 available
This hanging towel has three panels.. one with a bunny and two with chicks.. I have topped it with white yarn and edged it in variegated green/blue/white yarn.. has a wooden blue/rose buny button.. can be machine washed on gentle.. suggest air dry.

Easter Hanging Towel With Blue/Pink Easter Egg, 1 available
This hanging towel has three panels.. one with a bunny and two with chicks.. I have topped it with white yarn and edged it in variegated green/blue/white yarn.. has a Easter egg button..

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Few Easter Towels..

Over the next few days I will be sending a few of my Easter Towels available for sale.. these would be a nice decoration for your kitchen for Easter, which is coming up at the end of this month..
Welcome Spring, 1 available
Welcome Spring with this hanging towel.. this towel is topped with a yellow topper and edged with rose yarn with a floral button.

Easter Eggs for Sale, 2 available
This terrycloth towel is bright and glittery.. perfect for your Easter decorations in the kitchen.. it is topped with white worsted weight yarn and edged with a aqua worsted weight edging and chick with aqua blue button..
Chicks Have More Fun Easter, 1 available
This terrycloth hanging towel has a chick with the saying Chicks have more fun.. it has a light green background and is topped with light green yarn and edged with white yarn.. It has a plastic yellow chick button enclosure.. this is perfect for the upcoming holiday..

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Clearance Items!!

At the end of every season or holiday I try to offer a clearance price for some of my items.. some just I made too many of.. some just didnt sell as well as I thought they would.. so am offering them on here.. many will be removed soon.. so do check them out if you are interested.  You dont have to buy them from the site they are on.. you can get them directly from me.. just email me at


BUGS BUNNY - 1 available, $2 FINAL CLEARANCE, will be removed next time
This was made from a Licensed product.. this hanging towel has an appliqued head of Bugs wearing a holiday hat.. it is topped with green with green glitter yarn and edged with green/red/white/metallic silver yarn.. has a red wooden snowflake button.. only one here!

This velvety hanging towel will look good in both the kitchen and bathroom.. Has a snowman head appliqu├ęd to the towel and is topped with light blue yarn, edged with white/silver glitter yarn with a white snowflake button.

Gingerbread Snowman - 1 available, $2 FINAL CLEARANCE
Topped with white topper and edged in gold.. with a gingerbread man button

Plaid Poinsettia - 2 available, $2.25
This glittery towel will add some holiday cheer to your kitchen.. it is topped with a white glittery topper with silver and edged in variegated xmas colors and silver yarn with a red textured button.

Valentine's Day Towels -

Valentine's Day Signs - 2 available, $2.50 EACH
Get ready for Valentine's Day with this hanging towel. It is made of terry cloth, topped with white yarn, and edged with a dark lavender yarn.. .. with a plastic lavender Heart button..

Be Mine Valentine Hanging Towels, 2 available, $2.75 EACH
Topped with Pink yarn and edged in white/silver glitter yarn, with a pink heart button.


Dark Shamrock – 1 available, $2.75
Topped with Dark green yarn and edged with White/Silver yarn.. with green shamrock button

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bracelet Circus.. an Etsy Store

A friend of mine just opened up an Etsy store for her jewelry and I wanted to show everyone.. Here is one of the bracelets she has made.. best part all her prices are under $20..

Here are two more I liked..