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Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of the year already..

Well.. another year has ended.. and another year starting.. been working on doing my end of year paperwork.. and thinking ahead for next year.. I hope to have some new items up for sale.. plus work on more fun projects for me.. smile.. right now I am working on an order of KrissKross dishclothes that I got on Etsy.. I should be finished by the end of the weekend.. and will put up some pictures then..

I already know I need to make some changes both in my stores and in my life.. One change will be Listia.. I am cutting back to once or twice a month only.. simply cos I dont have time plus the postage is getting too high and will be raised next month..

Ebay will stay open with about 50 items per month only..

My main focus will be Etsy and my Facebook page.. hopefully that will leave more time for crocheting.. and less time on the computer.. I also have several ideas I want to work on.. more about that later..

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.. see you next year..

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crochet Bookmarks

This year I added some crochet bookmarks to my sales.. these can be made with many different colors and style buttons.. as well as for paperbacks and hardbacks.. what is nice about them is you not only keep your place, but prevents you loosing your bookmark.. and they are low price too.. $2 per bookmark.. you can custom order from me.. or go to my Etsy page and order there (I currently only have Teddy ones up there).. They make a nice addition to a gift book for anyone.. and also would be nice to add to a Valentine's Day gift or a Easter basket.. These are a few of the ones I recently made..

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Christmas Sale..

Well.. it is after the holidays.. and time to clear out last years items.. do check my Clearance Sale on Etsy.. I will be putting up new items soon!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas, sort of!!

I am sorry I didnt send this yesterday.. I picked up a bit of a bug and just spend the last couple of days in bed sleeping.. not a great way to spend the holidays.. I did want to drop everyone a line and say Hi.. and hope you are having a nice holiday.. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

What's Up?

I have been busy.. it is getting the start of the holiday season with the visit from our friends from Albany.. we had a nice dinner on Friday night at Outback.. then dinner at my best friend's house where she made prime rib.. talk about special!!

Doesnt feel like Christmas though cold.. no snow here.. which is unusual.. I mean.. it is Buffalo.. I cant count too many Christmases without snow.. they are talking a warmup for this coming week too.. suppose to be 60 degrees on Christmas Day.. weird..

Taking it slow here.. just finishing up a few gifts.. and organizing my patterns.. working on ideas for Valentines Day.. my next holiday.. smile.. some items will go up on Etsy right after December.. so watch here..

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Will continue the sale..

I decided to continue the sale at DIY Buffalo until December 24th.. all my items will be on sale there for 10% off of all the listed prices.. 

This includes all my towels, bookmarks and the plastic bag holder.. smile.. so head there for some last minute gifts and decorations.. 

DIY Buffalo, 2309 Elmwood Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217


Monday, December 14, 2015

DIY Specials..

For this week.. starting today at DIY.. all my items are on sale.. 10% off.. this will end on Saturday!!

I have some really nice items that are wonderful Christmas gift ideas.. you can see more at DIY Buffalo, 2309 Elmwood Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217



Sunday, December 13, 2015

Still recovering..

This sinus infection is really hitting me bad.. really hard to complete what I want to with being dizzy.. ugh.. I have been working on Christmas gifts for people.. so cant show you the pictures.. not now.. grin.. those will be shown after Xmas.. 

Just to remind you.. today is the last day of the sale on Etsy.. ONLY ON ETSY!! Spend $10 or more.. and get 25% off of your orders.. including custom orders (all custom orders must be for after Christmas). Use Code XMAS25.. Ends on 12/13/15.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Xmas Hanging Towels.. some new ones finished..

These will go up on Etsy soon.. or you can order them directly from me at  I will only have a limited number of Xmas towels this year as I am running out of time to make them..

Thursday, December 10, 2015


ONLY ON ETSY!! Spend $10 or more.. and get 25% off of your orders.. including custom orders (all custom orders must be for after Christmas). Use Code XMAS25.. Ends on 12/13/15.

Just finished.. Cupcake Slippers!!

I just finished these like minutes ago.. and wanted to show you these.. I can make these from infant size to young child size.. can be ordered on Etsy.. though no custom orders between now and Christmas..

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mermaid Tail Blanket

I havent been here for a bit.. been busy with finishing this blanket, Christmas Shopping, and just lack of energy as I havent been feeling very good.. and still have a bunch more to get done before Christmas.. wanted you to see the afghan.. I will try to get back to specials tomorrow..

Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Sales Special..

All Etsy orders will get a FREE Christmas star with their order.. if ordered today..

No minimum amount!!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday Special of the Day!!

This day's special is also on Ebay.. you get 50% off this item only until 11 pm.

When Harry Met Sally (DVD, 2001, Special Edition) $1.49

This is a great adult comedy!! One of my favorites to this day!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Sales Special!!

For Today.. on Ebay on Sale..

The Conspiracy Club by Jonathan Kellerman (2003, Hardcover) Normally this would be $.99 + $4 postage.. now you only have to pay the postage and get the book free..

I really enjoyed this book and it is in very good condition.. 

Here is an outline of the story.. 

When his passionate romance with nurse Jocelyn Banks is cut short by her kidnapping and brutal murder, young psychologist Jeremy Carrier is left emotionally devastated, haunted by his lover's grisly demise --- and eyed warily by police still seeking a prime suspect in the slaying. To escape the pain, he buries himself in his work at City Central Hospital --- only to be drawn deeper into a waking nightmare when more women turn up murdered in the same gruesome fashion as Jocelyn. As the suspicion surrounding Jeremy intensifies, the only way for him to prove his innocence and put his torment to rest is to follow the deadly trail of a modern-day Jack the Ripper.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Special of the Day!!

Tuesday Christmas Special is on Etsy.. it is the Warner Brothers Christmas Taz Hanging Towel!
Normally sells for $3.50.. today it is for $2.50.. just until 11 pm.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Special of the Day!!

Today's Special will be on Ebay:

Dick Tracy (VHS, 1990, Feature Version) $1.29

This will be on sale until 11 pm est.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fell Behind.. Sale Posts

Since I fell behind.. I am adding two items from each store.. only will stay on sale for today!! Starting next week I will send a sales item from ONE store per day.. Daily Christmas Special!!


The Horse Whisperer (VHS, 1998) $3.69 FREE SHIPPING

Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century : A Book by and for Women
by Boston Women's Health Book Collective Staff  $2.69


Country Home is where Our Story Begins Hanging Towel

Buy any item from Esty and get a Glitter Headband free!! Great Stocking Stuffer!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving..

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.. me I am busy with making dinner for my family and crocheting items for sale..

Tomorrow though.. is Black Friday.. and I will be having a sale at Etsy for a one day sale..

You can use the code BLKFRI20 and get 20% off your order..

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Specials This Weekend at DIY Buffalo!!

This week is Special.. both Black Friday Week, Small Business Saturday, and their opening.. so if you come in for their opening.. you will receive a free Xmas ornament (as supplies last).. for more info on their opening.. check out their pages..

Their Grand Opening info!!


2309 Elmwood Ave, Kenmore, New York 14217

Daily Specials for Today!!

Day two of my daily specials.. Remember... these prices will only last until tomorrow.. then go back up..

Etsy -

Ebay -

Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Friday Week! Daily Specials! Check back daily for the specials!!

Every day between now and Dec 20th I will have one item up for sale from Etsy and Ebay!  Save up to 50% off!!

Ebay: Normally $4.99, on sale for $2.99

Etsy: Normally $3.75, on sale for $2.75!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

NEW ITEM!! Handcrocheted bookmarks!

Have to be truthful I sorta stole this idea from a friend.. cos I keep loosing my bookmarks.. mostly cos my cats pull them out of my books.. so I made some for me.. and thought.. wow.. I can sell these!!

I can make them paperback size and hardback size.. here are some of the ones I made now.. introductory cost will be $2 + postage.. if you want a special design, send me a message and we can discuss this..

These are paperback ones!

And this one is for hardbacks.. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Specials This Week at DIY Buffalo

Every week from now until the weekend before Christmas I will have specials.. these will be at DIY Buffalo only.. This sale is for Thursday thru Saturday every week!

DIY Buffalo, 2309 Elmwood Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217

I have brought a bunch of Fall and Thanksgiving Hanging Towels for this week! 

This week's special!! Buy 5 items, get one for free.. lowest price item!  Plus these towels will be on sale for $2.50 each!

#diybflo #CatsMeowCrochet

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Craft Show

I did take some pictures at the craft show of my table.. was too busy to get alot of pictures of things.. as my sales went really well.. smile.. Most of the items you see on the table are now GONE.. grin..

I still have some of these towels.. and I am putting them up for sale at DIY Bflo.. many will be sale specials for the week.. so keep watching my blog!!

These I can make custom.. more on these later!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Specials this weekend at DIY BFLO

I promised that I would have some specials every weekend at DIY Buffalo.. so here are my specials..

First I am having a clearance sale of all Halloween Hanging towels.. they are now $2.50 each just this weekend.. if not sold by Saturday afternoon, they will be pulled.. so if you want them.. go and get them on Friday or Early Saturday..

Also.. the plastic bag holder is on sale.. just this weekend.. Friday and Saturday for $1 off.. Normally is $7.. for this weekend it is $6.

For more info on DIY Buffalo, go to previous blog entry..

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Specials at DIY Bflo by me..

Every week I will have a special that will only be at DIY Buffalo.. You can see their webpage on Facebook - or at the website -

I will announce the special every Thurs.. and it will run for Friday and Saturday.. but only at DIY Buffalo, 2309 Elmwood Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217.

So watch for the specials!!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Needed some quicky ideas for craft shows.. stocking stuffers..

Paperback Bookmarks:  So I came up with this.. sorta "stole" this idea from a friend.. thought it came cute.. now to decide on a price.. what prices would you charge for these?? I have alot of buttons I can use for these.. I picked the teddy bears as I figure these would be for kids.. they fit both regular size and the larger paperbacks..

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hodge Podge Mittens.. my newest project

crochet 003
I have just started these as an order.. not too far.. but wanted to show you the pattern.. this isnt the one I am making.. but a picture from the site.. my pictures will come later..

I got the Gingerbread men ornaments done except for the faces.. will do those tomorrow.. and have pictures on Sat.. Just been too busy with putting stuff up on Ebay lately..

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Violet Moon Embroidery

This shop belongs to my Buffalo Etsy Team group.. and I got to see her towels upclose.. they are really well done.. I wanted to get some of them myself.. but alas.. the vet bills and my printer breaking down stopped that..

I told her we should be a team.. grin.. she can do the embroidery and me, I can top the towels with crochet.. smile.. so if anyone wants that done.. I will give you a discount.. just tell her you want me to do this.. and I will do it for $1.. but you need to tell her this before she mails it..

Monday, October 26, 2015

DIYBFLO Store.. My Items are on sale there!!

Trying my hand at this consignment thing again.. the last one didnt work out very well.. this one is closer and she is also in my Buffalo Etsy Team Group.. so I actually feel a bit safer with her..

Her shop is called DIYBFLO.. and the address is 2309 Elmwood Ave. Kenmore, NY. just right over the line of Kenmore Ave..

She has many items for sale. both items for crafters as well as items from Crafters.. I put all my Halloween towels there. so stop in and check them out.. I am hoping to get there to take pictures over this weekend.. if so, I will put them up.. right now.. I got alot going on..

Facebook page:


KrissKross Dishcloth Order

I got a large order of these dishclothes.. been working on them steadily in between other small orders.. and am finally almost finished!! These should go out by Tuesday the latest..

She wanted darker colors.. so got these... I made them with Simply Soft as that is my go to yarn for most kitchen items..

Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Fall and Thanksgiving Hanging Towels

I finished a bunch of towels and finally got the pictures done.. most of my time has been focused on crocheting.. since I am starting to get my fall/winter rush.. hence why I am not taking any more custom orders between now and Christmas..

Thanksgiving -- Give Thanks Fox
Perfect for an animal lover, rustic style kitchen, this Thanksgiving hanging towel has a cute fox on the front with a pumpkin, and is topped with Gold yarn, and edged in variegated fall colors with a rust color button.
Give Thanks (with Acorns) Thanksgiving
Add some Thanksgiving towels to your kitchen.. this towel is topped with off white yarn and edged with a rust brown matching the color in the towel.  The button is a birdie, also rust in color.
Autumn Beauty
Add some Fall color to your kitchen with this hanging towel.. It is topped with off white and edged with dark orange, with an orange button.