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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Newest project.. Chocolate Cupcake Slippers

I have been trying to get these finished.. along with a ton of orders.. putting stuff up on Ebay, Listia, Etsy. etc.. lol.. There isnt enough hours in a day.. smile. anyways.. I thought you woud like to see them..

This is a picture from the side.. top and at an angle.. I can make these in most sizes..

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Year Worth of Hanging Towels

I am sorry I havent been here in a while.. in between working on orders and being sick.. I just put this on the back burner.. decided to show you what I was working on.. I had an order for a years worth of Hanging Towels.. 4 for the seasons and the rest in holidays.. Luckily I was able to fill the order minus the St. Patty Day Towels.. which I can make later for her.. Sorry the pictures are a bit dark.. has a problem with uploading on my new computer.. and had to retake them too late in the day.

For the 4 season she picked, starting with winter, spring, summer and fall in the lower row.

Then for the holidays:

Valentine's Day and Easter first

Memorial Day/July 4th and Halloween

Then, last but least, Thanksgiving and Christmas

That was a fun project for me.. smile.. busy working on a new order.. and making Fall and Halloween towels to put up.. pictures coming soon.. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Special Things in Crochet -Team Treasury - Etsy Crochet Lounge

I am a bit behind in everything.. hope to get all my ducks in a row this weekend.. smile.. I did get my treasury done for the Etsy Crochet Lounge Team on Etsy.. so sending it to you here.. go and check it out! Some cute stuff there..

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall and Halloween Hanging Towels, Part 2

This one will just be the Halloween ones.. smile.. I have been making them like crazy.. I probably will have more in a couple of days.