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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slipper Update

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) PosterJust about done with another pair of Knit Look Slippers.. then I have one more pair to finish off. and then I will be done with this order.. sometimes I wish I had more hours in the day.. lol.. I got done with most of them watching Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, which was pretty good.. I watched it on Netflix.. but you can watch it online here.. 

While doing that last pair.. I also need to do a rush order for sneaker slippers.. that was suppose to be already done.. still off schedule from Christmas.

At least I got most of my inventory done.. almost all of the stuff that is on Ebay and Listia is done.. and most of the crochet items that are unsold yet.. I already got done with the Valentine's Day towels.. put them up.. and sold them already.. (Yay me).. Next is St. Patty's Day..

I know I will get there.. and have my stuff done.. just takes time.. and time is not what I have alot of.. smile..

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I am now listing my blog on Bloglovin.. you also can follow me there..

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Saturday Special

Had a nice day yesterday.. met up with my friend, Grace at Applebees for lunch. I will be making a Star Bunting for her and met up with her to get the yarn she picked out.. she got Baby Econo yarn in a variegated blue green blend.. called Swim Multi.. figure if I double it and use a larger needle, it will be baby size.. smile.. the pattern is for doll size (18 inches long).. since she wants newborn, I should have it around 20 inches long..

Then after I left her.. I hit the hair dresser.. and got a very needed haircut.. stopped at Dollar Tree and Dollar General for Valentine Towels.. and found some nice ones at Dollar General.. hope to get them up and done by the end of this month..

Currently I am working on finished the Knit Look slippers.. got the slipper part done, now working on the edging.. pictures in a day or so..

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finished a pair of bunny slippers

I got this order for these slippers before Christmas.. and they were nice enough to wait until after.. this pair I used the wiggly eyes for.. since it was for an older child.. I used some blue worsted I had in my box.. think it was Red Heart.. felt sturdy enough for slippers..

I am now back working on the knit look slippers for my friend, Kelly's kids.. smile.. am on the last pair now..

Had to slow down on things. one cos I am tired.. lol.. and two.. I have to get the end of year paperwork done.. got most of my inventory done.. just got the VHS tapes up for sale on Ebay to do.. and my Crochet items that I havent sold yet.. that should be fast.. as I dont have much unsold this year.. still alot of paperwork to do..

Friday, January 3, 2014

Well.. it is now 2014..

Ended 2013 with alot of uncompleted things.. that flareup of my fibro threw me off more than usual.. Now working on a pair of bunny slippers that I got thru Etsy.. and finishing off the Knit Look Slippers.. and I still have a pair of Sneaker slippers to do.. all suppose to be done in 2013.. lol.. But I will get done..

Now working on clearing out paperwork and clearing out my Buy Sell Community Store (only listing on Ebay now.. for things like patterns, books, DVD and VHS).. that should save me time when I get it all done.. I want to spend more time crocheting.. and less time on the computer..

Been colder than heck here.. It has been years since we got this cold.. and snowy too.. weather makes driving really hard.. both on the car.. and on me.. I end up in pain from it all.. sigh.. so will be staying home as much as possible.. That should help me get all my orders done... and hopefully all my paperwork organized.. Hopefully will update you over the weekend with completed projects!