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Friday, January 3, 2014

Well.. it is now 2014..

Ended 2013 with alot of uncompleted things.. that flareup of my fibro threw me off more than usual.. Now working on a pair of bunny slippers that I got thru Etsy.. and finishing off the Knit Look Slippers.. and I still have a pair of Sneaker slippers to do.. all suppose to be done in 2013.. lol.. But I will get done..

Now working on clearing out paperwork and clearing out my Buy Sell Community Store (only listing on Ebay now.. for things like patterns, books, DVD and VHS).. that should save me time when I get it all done.. I want to spend more time crocheting.. and less time on the computer..

Been colder than heck here.. It has been years since we got this cold.. and snowy too.. weather makes driving really hard.. both on the car.. and on me.. I end up in pain from it all.. sigh.. so will be staying home as much as possible.. That should help me get all my orders done... and hopefully all my paperwork organized.. Hopefully will update you over the weekend with completed projects!

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