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Monday, April 29, 2013

Boy am I selling..

on Ebay.. my patterns are going like crazy.. world wide.. Just sold a bunch to Australia and one to Russia.. that is a first. I think my main focus will be on Ebay sales for my items.. as much as I like selling on the Yahoo Groups, they are not just selling anymore.. not worth my while to focus on that.. sorry as I am to say it..

Anyways.. I didnt do any crochet last night.. caught this nasty cold and my brain is like mush.. not a good time to focus on crocheting an advanced pattern.. so I read and finished my book.  I just put it up for sale on Ebay too.. I liked it enough to probably get more of these books.. eventually.. probably at the library if they have them.

So tonight I will start another book.. Independence Day by Dean Devin and Roland Emmerich.

Gardening update.. got my pots ready for my lettuce and spinach.. hope to plan them later today.. I am dying for some fresh lettuce!! That is all for today!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Update.

Oh.. of course I am busy.. grin.. I keep myself that way.. anyways.. worked on hanging towels while at the Dr. Office with my next door neighbor (got one one and one almost done.. no pics yet).. and last night worked on the camisole.. got alittle done. as I had to keep pulling it out until I got the right chest size.. hopefully it works.. plan on doing more of this tonight..

Last night I read alittle. I am now on Dark Embrace by Brenda Joyce.  I have boxes and boxes of books to read.. people are alway giving me books so I got a ton of them... plus whatever I pick up other places too.. grin.. I dont think I need to use the library for years.. of course I often go and get books that are in a series if I like the series.. I am debating on this one.. esp since it is book three of one series and book one of the other.. I have time.. I already got my next book out to read.. as I should finish this one this weekend.

Today, my plan is to put still yet more on Ebay as I have a bunch of freebies to still fill.. sold a bunch of patterns, some books, and a couple of VHS this month.. so those are gone.. grin.. Well.  better get my butt into gear.. see you maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Latest Finished Book..

I try to read almost every night.. at least for a half hour or so.. relaxes me so I can fall asleep.. I just finished this book.. would rate it out of 10 points a 7 or 8... good read, but not the best.. It did keep me interested until the end. I also am on Goodreads now.. smile. Here is a link to their review of the book.

Slip & Fall by Nick Santora ----- this book is written by the same man who co-wrote and co-produced "Prison Break".

Here is a copy of a review of the book I found on the net.

Slip & Fall follows Bensonhurst, Brooklyn-born and -raised attorney Robert Principe. He is a good Italian boy who loves his family, has a gorgeous wife, came back to the neighborhood to open his law practice and, of course, has family members who are affiliated with the mob.
With his practice failing, his wife pregnant, and bill collectors hounding him, he goes against everything that he stands for and hatches an absolutely bound to fail insurance scheme with his thug cousin who is just a very little fish in the very big pond that is the Brooklyn mob. Predictably, things get out of hand very fast and Robert finds himself scrambling to save not only his license to practice law, but his life.
For a first-time novel writer, Santora takes what he knows from the pacing of television and translates it ever so well. Slip & Fall moves along fast, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The main character is likeable and his problems are more than believable, but for a man who claims to be as honest as they come, he surely jumps to the wrong side of the law too quickly to be realistic.
The biggest problem though, is Santora’s use of the “dun dun dun” moment. If you are unfamiliar, that is the scene in a television show, just before a commercial, when one character gives another an ominous look accompanied by sinister music. It is the telltale sign that something bad is going to happen. In his attempt to build suspense, Santora overuses this tactic, ending entirely too many chapters with his main character saying something like, “Because what I did was horrible,” or “As bad choices went, I was just warming up.” I got it after the first time. Something terrible was going to happen. Hopefully before his next effort the author will learn that in novels you do not have to usher your audience along quite so forcibly.
Overall, Slip & Fall is a fun and exciting read and an admirable effort from a fledgling writer. With so much on his plate, I hope that Nick Santora will continue keeping my favorite television show fresh and start work on his next interesting thriller. 

This book is now available on Ebay for sale by me.. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Starting the Camisole..

Well.. started the camisole top.. the first thing I had to do was make 4 granny squares.. here you can see me making one. I finished the four of them.. and sewed them into a ring.. will update you on my progress as I do it, probably on Sunday or Monday.

Here is a completed square.. I am using Simply Soft Light and the color is black.. only problems I have so far is hiding the end yarn. black makes it hard to see the individual stitches.. esp at night..

If you want to see the completed design.. or find out where I got the pattern.. click on this link..

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sneaker Slipper Order Is Done!!

I finally finished and took the pictures of the sneaker slipper order.. I have been so busy for the last couple of days that I didnt think I would get done with the pictures before I had to send out the order.. thankfully I did it tonight.  Here is the pictures.. the first is the picture of the pair.

The pictures below are side and top view pictures.

These were made with regular Red Heart yarn.. which I find is nice a sturdy for slippers.

To see other ones I made.. check out this link.

If you are interested in ordering a pair. click on this link to go to Etsy.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update on my crocheting..

Well.. I finished the sneaker slippers.. I will have pictures tomorrow of those. Been busy with my house the last couple of days.  Now that it is warmer, we needed to clear out our back room from the winter and get rid of what we didnt want.  That is what we did yesterday.  Today was shopping and working on deck. getting rid of what didnt make it thru the winter and starting to organize my pots for my spring planting.. am so looking forward.  Since it was so nice today, I decided it was  good day for chicken cooked on our grill.. along with homemade macaroni/tuna salad.

Up here for about a half hour before I get on to my crocheting again.  I started my next order.  It is a 70's style camisole.. which I got the pattern on Etsy.. you can see the link here.  As you can see here, this one is white.. I am making it in sport weight Simply Soft Black.. really like working with that yarn.  I dont have an exact price for what I am selling this for so far.  It will depend on the pattern and the amount of yarn.

Well. that  is all for now.. heading over to Ebay to put a couple more items up.  See you tomorrow or Thursday with the pictures.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Weekend... so far. (LONG)

Oh.. for me, the weekends are even more busier than the weekdays... this weekend was no exception. first of all.. Ebay decided to give me still yet another bunch of free ads (that is the only time I put things on Ebay!).. and I had alot of spaces to fill (over 100).  So I knew that was going to keep me busy..

I also had to finish another order of those sneaker slippers.. I had made good time on them.. and was expecting to finish them on Sat.  To my dismay, I discovered I made an error practically to the beginning of the second slipper (miscounted a row) and had to frog it to the sole practically.. NOT HAPPY!!

Saturday started with a shopping expedition.. what was a simple food shopping trip ended up a major shopping trip.. to a clothing store, a party store, and yes, a food store.. we were out so long that we ended up eating at Applebees, where I had a wonderful sandwich of roast beef, bacon, mushrooms, onions with fries.. talk about FULL!!

Came home and just brought my poor honey a roasted chicken from Wegmans as he isnt feeling good and he had that with some leftover sides. I then hit the computer and put some ads up on Ebay and then went back to crocheting until  I felt tired..

Today.. in between washing clothes, sheets and blankets (yep.. major washing day and it is sunny, so I am hanging them outside).. I am putting still yet more items up for sale.. I just put up a bunch of books, VHS tapes and of course knitting and crochet patterns.. most of my items are priced to clear, and I try to keep the  postage costs as low as possible.. do check me out!!

Well.. time to get back to putting items up.. I still have room for 50 more items!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Found Still Yet Another Pattern - Market Bag..

I just found this pattern on Facebook.. and I thought.. what a pretty market bag.. bet I can use Simply Soft for this.. instead of cotton and half the price.. gonna try this next.. I keep findingall these great patterns.. grin..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Item - Coasters and pattern included

Here is another pattern that I thought was cute.. I may even make them for both sale and myself.. I really hate in the summer to have puddles of water under my cups.. I probably can make this set for $3 - $4 dollars.. again... if someone wants this.. I will make one for one person, for this cost.. this way I can try an item and get pictures.. 

I also am putting the link for the pattern here.. for people who crochet so they can make them.. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lamb Hat.. oh.. I want to make this..

I just found this really cute pattern on one of my followed Blogs.. Repeat Crafter Me. and I am going to be making these for sale.. I saw similar ones on
Etsy.. for $15.00 and up.. and I dont think that is a reasonable price.. soooo.. for the first one who orders this.. I will make it for you for $8.. just about half that cost.. (and this way I can get my demo model)..

Of  course.. you can make this on your own if you crochet.. smile.. here is the link to her page..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Buffalo Etsy Group, Slipper update and other stuff..

Buffalo Etsy Team - Buffalo, NY

I was going to come on yesterday but I had a meeting with the Buffalo Esty Group. I then found about about their Facebook page.. do check it out and like it.. you will be helping a whole lot of Buffalo, NY crafters!!

I also was too engrossed in both the news (the horrible bombing in Boston) and working on my crocheting.. and. Well.. I got the first slipper almost done.. just got the tongue part and the tie.. and it will be finished.. I hope to have a picture tomorrow.. didnt have time today as I had to go for my 6th month hearing aid checkup.. now I won't be driving everyone crazy with feedback whistling..

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy days.. (+ free link to pattern)

Still yet another rainy day.. been raining off and on for at least 3 days now.. just glad it isnt snow.. lol.. am hoping for a warm up and some sun next week to work on my garden.. fingers crossed.. 

Still yet another day of putting stuff up on Ebay.. then on Listia.. then crocheting.. gonna start another pair of sneaker slippers for another order.. I want to finish these slippers by Monday.. so I can start the camisole.. am looking forward to the challenge.. 

Oh.. just for the ones who want the pattern.. here is where I got the pattern for the adult sneaker slippers.. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Update..

I have to say.. I spent the weekend and most of the week so far.. just enjoying the spring weather.. Sat we did alot of running around.. out to stores and such.. Sunday.. we hit the flea market and a couple of other stores.. and Monday hit still yet more stores.. lol.. guess it was too much for me.. cos I spent Tues recovering.. since my knee kicked out.. lol..

I am almost done with the slippers.. working off the loose threads.. and got her cat toy done too.. just need to fill it (and not at my house.. my cats would steal it!!).. plan on finishing that off today.. and starting still yet another pair of slippers while I wait for an update of measurements to start the Camisole.. Hope to have some pictures done..

Spent my points on Listia.. and got my towels and green bean seeds recently.. still have crochet magazines coming. smile.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Took a Me day yesterday..

Took a me day yesterday.. and just read my book.. finished it off too. just finished Zoya by Danielle Steel. Pretty good book too.. I really enjoyed it..

And will be going up for sale..

Today I need to focus on catching up with computer work.. and getting some crochet time tonight and tomorrow.. want to finish up those slippers..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My latest Items.. hanging towel and sneaker slippers

Well.. I got the hanging towel up for sale now.. did it one night when I was too tired to follow a pattern..

This is a Desserts, Hugs and Kisses Hanging Towel.. got someone in your life that just loves sweets.. well.. here is a nice one for them.. comes with a matching cupcake button..

This is a pair of sneaker slippers that I am making for an order.. got the first one done. now working on the other. thought you would like to see it.. this is a side and top view.. this particular pair is light peach and light grey..

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Dyngus Day

Just stopping in to say hi.. Nice day.. Brunch at my best friend's, then my boyfriend and I had a nice dinner of stuffed pork chops, scalloped potatoes and green beans.. was too full for dessert..even though we had peach crisp made... Hope everyone had a nice Easter..

New month.. time to put more stuff up on Ebay.. got some new patterns and VHS tapes to put up.. wonder if they will sell. Guess we will wait and see..

Oh.. forgot to update my crocheting.. almost got the first slipper done for my next order.. when my brain got too tired last night (watching The Walking Dead).. I made a crochet topped towel.. pics soon.. 

Dyngus Day is a Polish festival celebrated on the day after Easter.. Buffalo had a large Polish area.. so it is a strong festival still in Buffalo.. if interested.. check out this link...