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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Update.

Oh.. of course I am busy.. grin.. I keep myself that way.. anyways.. worked on hanging towels while at the Dr. Office with my next door neighbor (got one one and one almost done.. no pics yet).. and last night worked on the camisole.. got alittle done. as I had to keep pulling it out until I got the right chest size.. hopefully it works.. plan on doing more of this tonight..

Last night I read alittle. I am now on Dark Embrace by Brenda Joyce.  I have boxes and boxes of books to read.. people are alway giving me books so I got a ton of them... plus whatever I pick up other places too.. grin.. I dont think I need to use the library for years.. of course I often go and get books that are in a series if I like the series.. I am debating on this one.. esp since it is book three of one series and book one of the other.. I have time.. I already got my next book out to read.. as I should finish this one this weekend.

Today, my plan is to put still yet more on Ebay as I have a bunch of freebies to still fill.. sold a bunch of patterns, some books, and a couple of VHS this month.. so those are gone.. grin.. Well.  better get my butt into gear.. see you maybe tomorrow.
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