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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Update..

I have to say.. I spent the weekend and most of the week so far.. just enjoying the spring weather.. Sat we did alot of running around.. out to stores and such.. Sunday.. we hit the flea market and a couple of other stores.. and Monday hit still yet more stores.. lol.. guess it was too much for me.. cos I spent Tues recovering.. since my knee kicked out.. lol..

I am almost done with the slippers.. working off the loose threads.. and got her cat toy done too.. just need to fill it (and not at my house.. my cats would steal it!!).. plan on finishing that off today.. and starting still yet another pair of slippers while I wait for an update of measurements to start the Camisole.. Hope to have some pictures done..

Spent my points on Listia.. and got my towels and green bean seeds recently.. still have crochet magazines coming. smile.

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