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Monday, November 26, 2012


With all the things going on here.. and now I found out I have Shingles too.. I just dont have the energy for this.. I can barely keep up with my orders and mailings.. I will try to come at least once a week.. good news is I have sold some of my towels and a pair of my kids slippers.. right now trying to finish a pair of slippers that is suppose to be a gift.. sigh..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday..

Just gonna put up my newest towels.. I got alot on my plate right now.. smile.. check out here tomorrow for info on my Black Friday Sale.

You can see more items at:

Monday, November 19, 2012

MONDAY SHOUTOUT!! - Black Friday Blitz on Etsy Pattern Patter!!

I belong to a group on Etsy that just sells patterns... mostly sewing.. some crochet and knit.. I use them for ideas.. smile.. anyways.. they are having a Black Friday Blitz and I thought I would send you the info.. please do check them out!!

Here is what they emailed me..

I am the captain of the Pattern Patter Team on Etsy. I, as well as many other of my team members follow or have visited your fabulous blog. I am writing to tell you of our team's Black Friday Blitz. This will be our third Blitz which is becoming a much anticipated monthly event. We select one day, and often just a few hours in a day, when our team members post patterns continuously and simultaneously - literally flooding the Etsy marketplace with newly listed patterns in their listing feed. 

On November 23rd our team will Blitz throughout the entire day with many of the participating teams offering sales of up to 50% off. Our team has established a discussion thread ( where everyone will post their newly listed patterns. Please pop in and view the most recently listed patterns and feel free to visit our members shops and discover thousands of previously listed treasures. While the Blitz is a one day event, many of our team members will be extending their sales through the weekend, the end of the month and beyond.

If you feel this is worthy of posting on your blog for your pattern collectors or vintage dressmaker followers please let me know and I will mention your blog on our Facebook page ( and list your blog as a favorite on our own team blog (

I know how much work it is to keep up a blog. I so appreciate your efforts to present sewing with vintage patterns as a preferable option to shopping off the peg. My hope is that it catches on like wildfire.

Kind Regards,

Mary Behrens

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oh, busy day..

One of those days I just didnt stop running.. sometimes I really get tired of all that.. lol.. anyways.. I spend the little time I had working on Ebay sales stuff (and my Buy Sell Community store, which I am really behind in).. and got some items out for sale..

In the crocheting front.. I am working on a pair of slippers for an order.. I have made these plenty of time.. one of my customers just love them.. and order them twice a year.. smile.. here are a picture of one of the old pairs I made her..

I also put up some towels yesterday.. and 2 of the sets sold today.. smile. that always makes my day.. Dont know if I will be here tomorrow.. but I do have a write up to make for Monday about an Etsy sale in one of my groups.. I told them I would advertise it for them..

Friday, November 16, 2012

Started putting items up for sale on Etsy.. got a couple sets of towels done and up.. thought you would like to see them.

Getting ready for the Winter holidays?? Here are some hanging towels to decorate your home.

Tonight I will be watching Grimm and crochet some slippers for an order.. smile.. see you tomorrow..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Am on the mend.. and a special sale at Etsy..

Can say that I am slowly on the mend.. in between being on the nebulizer and taking all those prednisolone.. I have been a bit in a fog and dizzy.. hopefully over the weekend I can totally recover.. am working on a mix of Christmas towels and orders for slippers.. hope to have some pics soon.. you can imagine how behind I am in everything.. trying to keep my head above water.. will be back on some kind of schedule over the weekend.. I hope.. smile..

Just wanted you to know about a special sale I am having at Etsy.. I am having a special sale just for members of The Cats Meow Crochet yahoo group.. Sale starts at midnight tonight and ends at 11 pm on Sat est. To get more info.. please join at:

Thank you for checking me out.. and will be back in the game soon..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Update

Yes, it is Bronchitis.. now on a ton of meds.. ugh.. I hate the way they make me feel.. Anyways.. I told you I would put up the pics from the show.. and here they are.. hope you like them.. Working on Christmas towels  now.. and soon will be starting orders for slippers and gifts for the holidays.. guess I wont get as much done sale wise this year.. need to slow down cos I got to get better.. I dont need pneumonia next.

 Here you can see some of my slippers, dishclothes and towels.

 Here are some more of the towels.. you can see how tightly I had to put everything.. 
but it worked..  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Still not well..

I thought I was on the mend.. but I guess I was wrong.. I suspect it is now bronchitis.. and yes, I am calling the Dr. tomorrow.. cant take a chance with me having asthma.. since my last note, most of my time has been either sleeping.. or trying to keep up with things here.. I did get my Fall and Thanksgiving towels up for sale on Etsy.. will put them here..

This one sold as I put it up.. cant complain.. smile.. I have some pictures of the show of my table.. will try to get it up tomorrow..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Been sick..

Have been sick since Sunday.. finally am feeling human now.. will be back to sending pics, putting up new stuff, etc. starting tomorrow.. hope you missed me..