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Monday, November 19, 2012

MONDAY SHOUTOUT!! - Black Friday Blitz on Etsy Pattern Patter!!

I belong to a group on Etsy that just sells patterns... mostly sewing.. some crochet and knit.. I use them for ideas.. smile.. anyways.. they are having a Black Friday Blitz and I thought I would send you the info.. please do check them out!!

Here is what they emailed me..

I am the captain of the Pattern Patter Team on Etsy. I, as well as many other of my team members follow or have visited your fabulous blog. I am writing to tell you of our team's Black Friday Blitz. This will be our third Blitz which is becoming a much anticipated monthly event. We select one day, and often just a few hours in a day, when our team members post patterns continuously and simultaneously - literally flooding the Etsy marketplace with newly listed patterns in their listing feed. 

On November 23rd our team will Blitz throughout the entire day with many of the participating teams offering sales of up to 50% off. Our team has established a discussion thread ( where everyone will post their newly listed patterns. Please pop in and view the most recently listed patterns and feel free to visit our members shops and discover thousands of previously listed treasures. While the Blitz is a one day event, many of our team members will be extending their sales through the weekend, the end of the month and beyond.

If you feel this is worthy of posting on your blog for your pattern collectors or vintage dressmaker followers please let me know and I will mention your blog on our Facebook page ( and list your blog as a favorite on our own team blog (

I know how much work it is to keep up a blog. I so appreciate your efforts to present sewing with vintage patterns as a preferable option to shopping off the peg. My hope is that it catches on like wildfire.

Kind Regards,

Mary Behrens
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