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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are you watching the Olympics??

Are you watching the Olympics?  We are here.. I have to say I am surely enjoying them.. my TV is right by the computer so I can watch and type.. grin.. I especially love the Gymnastics.. was really happy to see our team win the Gold (women's).. and also the swimming.. Am so glad to see Micheal Phelps win.. I cant believe he now is the record holder for the Olympic Medals.. really enjoyable..

My boyfriend and I helped his brother today.. after we finished that.. I was out in my garden picking veggies.. smile..  so took the rest of the afternoon to cut up and freeze more veggies.. I will be picking more tomorrow.. Have peppers ready to pick and get ready for the freezer.

Well.. I got my order for cat collars done and the pics done.. once I get my orders packed.. I will put up pictures.. smile.. probably tomorow.. so gonna end.. have to get these orders packed.. and the invoices out tonight.. have a good evening!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Facebook Contest!!

I am doing a contest with other groups on Facebook.. in order to win.. please follow the instructions here.. you must Like her page.. and all the others pages.. and leave comments on each page.. also.. please list you are from my page or groups.. smile.. so I can see who is doing this.. thanks..!/photo.php?fbid=255418687909009&set=a.255411877909690.58096.157032411080971&type=3&theater

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grandboys visiting..

I wont be on much today.. cos my grandboys are visiting.. we are taking them to the park and splash pool for a bit.. smile.. here are some more pics of my garden.. these are the tomatoes.. some are finally ripening today..

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Gardening Pics!! and Recipe!!

Bit of a busy day.. had to get a certificate made for a contest coming up... info on this later!  Also had to get some washing done since it didnt rain today.. and worked on my garden.. had to move some pots (they are all growing like crazy!!).  Picked some peppers today for dinner.  Gonna make some Italian Stirfry I call it.. smile.. recipe later.. Anyways.. I promised some pics so I took some.. these are the pepper pictures.  Will send the others in another post.. probably tomorrow.. 

 Recipe for my Italian Stirfry:  (oops had to correct!!)


1 or 2 medium peppers more colors the better!
1 med to large onion
1 med yellow squash
1 med zucchini
some carrots sliced
broccoli (I usually use one head)
2 - 3 large tomatoes or 4 - 6 plum tomatoes (plum is best.. but you can use regular)
1 or two cloves of garlic
a couple of large mushrooms
black olives sliced (you dont have to use these)
You can also add any veggies you like.. smile.. 
one or two chicken breasts sliced into small pieces

slice all the veggies.. add some olive oil to a large pan and heat until hot, add some Italian Seasoning to taste (I usually add a teaspoon).. cook meat, peppers, onions and carrots.. then add tomatoes, squash, mushrooms, and broccoli.. cook thru.. add 1/4 to 1/2 cup Italian Salad Dressing and the black olives.. heat again to hot. put over spaghetti or angel hair pasta.. any questions? Or statements?? you can add them here.. smile. Have a nice day.. off to make dinner.. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday was a busy day!!

Busy day.. had to mail an order and of course a prize for the winner on this blog (see previous post -  Also had to hit the stores.. cos we have our grandboys visiting overnight Saturday to Sunday (smile)..

My freezer came today.. smile.. already putting veggies in it.. lol.. cos we picked alot today.. more zucchini and yellow squash.. also picked cucumbers.. Peppers almost ready to pick too.. wish my tomatoes would ripen.. ugh!

I got all my new dishclothes scanned and ready to put up for sale.. probably will do that tomorrow.. Going to watch the opening of the Summer Olympics.. and crochet of course! Starts in less than a half hour.. so see you then..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Been busy!!

Am a bit behind in everything.. trying to catch up with stuff around my house and shopping.. We got some new drapes and a freezer to store all the stuff my garden is producing.. smile.. We got it at Lowe's..

Dont have an opinion yet, but the price was right.. and it seemed to have mostly good reviews.. smile..

Today I am still working on doing stuff around the house.. hopefully by the weekend, I will be up to date.  Pictures coming of the garden and my new dishclothes.. starting on orders now too, so will have pictures of those also. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Did you miss me?? Smile!

Sorry I didnt get here yesterday.. but I was really busy with catching up on emails and doing stuff around the house.. and I took a quick visit to visit a friend (and give her some of my summer squash... lol!!)

Yesterday I cut up a ton of summer squash and froze it.. and still have a bunch growing.. smile.. my garden is going to be overflowing this year!!  I will take some pictures later today when I am back outside watering (need to water 3 times per day right now).. and fertiziling..

Right now I am working on doing some major cleaning of my living room.. vacuuming furniture and pulling off and washing the furniture covers. Wanted to get it done.. as we got a few days of rain coming (promises.. promises.. grin!!)..

I like to leave my evenings for watching TV and crochteting.. I am working on finishing off a dishcloth.. then will be working on an order for cat collars.. smile.. I use this pattern..

I have made these before.. here are two that I made previously.

If you are interested.. email me from my website.

See you all later.. and have a good day!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Am glad a new week is starting.. lol.. cos this is my day for relaxing.. I dont do sales on Sunday.. just catch up with emails.. and may invoices if necessary.. smile.. need the time off.. too.. in the next few days.. My boyfriend and I will be going to look for at the freezer, go to The Christmas Tree store for drapes, and AC Moore for yarn.. lol.. thankfully all in the same plaza..

I am still working on dishclothes.. have three new ones on Etsy.. and will hopefully be adding more soon..
Next week I got to start some orders.. smile.. will still send pictures here..

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Day!!


Good day.. smile.. got some sales... got a netbook (thanks Son!!).. and my cat is home.. oh.. it is also a nice day.. smile.. guess that also should be listed.. lol. 


Hi.. here is another freebie for everyone.. leave me a note here.. that you want it.. and the first one who tells me two things get it.. one..  they want the cross stitch pattern.. and two.. what do they like about my blog... smile..

This is just for the pattern.. you can add whatever names you want for this.. and if you scan it.. you can use it over and over again.. I used this for a wedding years ago.. smile.. not cross stitching anymore.. so passing it on..

"Wedded" Cross Stitch Chart

Friday, July 20, 2012

Update On Cat's Meow Crochet Sites

Hi.. just a note to let you know what is up for Cat's Meow Crochet!! Remember.. you can always get up to date news on my blog.. see link below!! Joining to get the emails directly will help you get the update news for everything in my life.. (not alot I promise.. smile).. You also can see the Cat Meow Crochet news on my Facebook page (link below).

Now just a quick note on my Buy Sell Community Store -- I will be closing this.. as I sell out the items in it.. and just will be placing them in my Etsy store.. it saves me time by linking directly to Facebook and my storefront on Facebook.. and alot more people see my items I have for sale.. As a way to clear it out.. I am offering 10% off any items in the store at Buy Sell.. please use the links in there to order them.. instead of sending me a list.. smile.. if you order $20 or more.. I will throw in free shipping.. but it is only for the items in Buy Sell Community.. not on Etsy.. link is below..

Michelle Hanson
Cat Talk - Blog -
Cats Meow Crochet
Etsy -
Buy Sell Community -
Facebook -

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So how has your day been??

Today I am not quite moving as fast as I should.. just so tired.. think I will need a break soon.. I have been helping a friend out on top of my other daily activities, and I think it has been too much.. so for the next few days I will not be doing as much as I have been.

Today I got my sale ads out for Old & New Shoppe.. today's sales were books and magazines.. am selling a large number of Bruce Springsteen books and other items.. as well as some vintage magazines from the 70's. These are two of the items available for sale..  

I also am selling Vet Tech Books from the 90's.. clearing out my house.. smile.. you can check out everything I have up for sale at Old & New Shoppe.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Etsy store clearout!! Get these items on sale!!

Take 50% off everything in the store.. from now until July 29th! Just put in NEWCUSTOMER50 to get the discount!! You must buy these through Etsy to get the discount. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Got Zucchini??

This is just a quickie.. saw this.. and thought it was good to pass on.. else now.. I sure will be using it... smile.. I got to get more pics for you.. so you can see what I got.. smile.. anyways.. here is the link..

Anyways.. I will definitely be freezing alot this year.. getting a freezer probably early next week.. found one at Lowe's in our price range.. gonna have fun freezing it all.. grin.. cos I LOVE zucchini.. when I come back again.. it will be time for another so watch for it..

Monday, July 16, 2012

Not getting much done today..

Should be working on sales.. just not getting anything done.. people keep coming online to talk to me.. lol. was on Facebook.. and just finished two more conversations.. smile..

Anyways.. I have two Facebook pages..

One for my crocheting.. The Cat's Meow Crochet

and one for Old & New Shoppe

If you belong to Facebook.. please like my pages.. smile.. and thank you.. will hopefully be back later with more stuff..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Humid Sunday!!

It finally rained here.. not enough to do anything.. just make it more humid.. humidity is starting to go down.. down to 62% now.. temp of 80.. not alot to alot of people. but we in Buffalo are just not used to this kind of weather.. they officially said we are in a drought.. and yah. sure looks like it.. all the lawns are brown and dried out.. only good part is we dont need to cut the grass.. grin..

Been picking alot of summer squash.. so some of my friends have gotten some.. stopped over a friend's house last night.. and visited and got a bunch of stuff  back from her.. lol.. guess it was a fair exchange.. smile.

I think Sundays will be my day for just catching up with stuff.. no sales going out.. no new items going up.. Just a nice long note on my blog.. just need a break once in a while.. smile.. I do have orders to pack and mail.. and an order to start.. just been focusing on making and using up crochet cotton in dishclothes.. I do have a few more to add tomorrow.. New sales going out too..

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.. have to hit the post office and mail orders, visit my cat in the animal hospital and find out if they are going to do surgery on him.. he keeps blocking.. poor cat.. and then I have an appt for the afternoon. Here is a picture of him.. his name is Link.. but I call him Linkie.. lol.. He is the Orange and White one.. the Black and White one is Zeb..

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Butterfly and flowers hanging towel on sale at Etsy

Still working on my sales.. and getting everything organized.. so to clear out some stuff... I will be having sales off and on all summer.. here is one item available now.. one of a kind.. check it out.. Here are two view of it..

Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated purple, lavender/ tan worsted weight yarns
Button – round purple button

Got a cat.. great litter box idea..

I just got this. and boy.. it is really cool.. I am gonna make some myself.. smile.. esp for the bathroom and our bedroom.. wonderful idea from another blogger..

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Sale

How is your day going? Any bad luck coming your way? Smile.. Well.. I am having a clearance sale of some items that are just taking up space.. smile.. click on the links for pictures of the items..


Decorative Dog Collar – Handcrocheted with a button enclosure. These are not to be attached to a leash or tieout.. not safe for that. Just a nice decorative touch for your pet.. can be ordered in your choice of colors.. ON SALE FOR $2 + $2.25 postage

Dog – 12 inch neck - purple with white/silver glitter and 5 gold bells

EVERYDAY TOWELS: ON SALE.. NORMALLY $2 each, $1 each on sale to clear out.. no special orders

Towel E31 – Rose/Purple
Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated purple, lavender/ tan worsted weight yarns
Button – Flower shaped purple button

7/6 - Towel E32 – Rose/Purple – two available
Towel Fabric – soft cotton
Crochet Topper – rose WW yarn, edged in variegated purple, lavender/ tan worsted weight yarns
Button – round clear gem button

Towel E38 – white with tan
Towel Fabric – Terrycloth
Crochet Topper – tan WW yarn, edged in variegated tan, peach, light and dark green WW yarns
Button – round peach button

SHIPPING - Shipping is $2.00 for 1 and $2.50 for 2

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just wanted you to know about this freebie pattern.. thinking of making some for myself too..

Crochet Shrug Pattern: Flora Kimono   THIS IS THE ONE THAT I LIKE BEST!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Very LONG.. DAY!!

Sometimes days seem to just last too long.. guess this is one of those days.. I had alot of running around to do today.. pack and mail orders, shopping, car wash, get gas, etc.  Got it all done finally! Came home and did some gardening.  Had a bunch of zucchini and yellow squash to pick and some green beans.  Checked over my garden and found I had a bunch of green peppers and tomatoes now.. tiny.. but there.. cant wait!!

For dinner tonight.. I took some carrots, broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini and beans and stirfried them in Italian salad dressing - took one of the lite ones.. to cut back on the oil.. they came very flavorable.. had that along with some hot dogs (I know.. I know.. not the best kind of meat.. but I do like them once in a while)..

Well.. I will have some more stuff tomorrow.. items I have up for sale.. etc.  Ebay has a free week, so I will be putting alot of items up there.. smile.. talk tomorrow. Bye!!

Fried Zucchini Slices

Never did get on the computer today for here.. just a quick visit for my shops and to check for emails on Facebook.. busy day for me..

Hit the library and got The Black Swan.  I have wanted to see that movie for a while.. then stopped at my best friend's house for a quick visit.  When I got home, I quickly did some stuff around my house.. and then out the door again I went to drop a TV off at another friend's house, did some shopping, and home to make some baked breaded chicken breasts and some fried breaded zucchini (fresh from my garden).  I got 3 large zucchinis picked today.. and boy was it good.

This is how I make my breaded zucchini:

Take eggs (generally one or two), mix with a couple of tablespoons of water, some all purpose salt free seasoning.. and beat together.

Then your breading - unseasoned bread crumbs, a couple of tablespoons of italian seasoning, a tablespoon of all purpose salt free seasoning, and a teaspoon of garlic seasoning. I dont use salt in my food, for medical reasons, but you can replace with regular seasonings.
Cut your zucchini into thin slices (I generally cut them as thick as a double thick potato chip).  Dip in egg mixture both sides, then dip in bread crumbs.. cover all the slices.. line a plate with double thickness of paper towels for hot cooked slices to absorb the oil.

Take oil and heat to frying temperature (I generally use canola for this).  Put slices in hot oil and cook until brown (I generally turn 4 to 5 times).. put on paper towels to absorb the oil..

Tastes great with ranch salad dressing, ketchup, and blue cheese salad dressing. 

More tomorrow.. new dishclothes I made and I put up on Etsy.  I hope you liked my recipe..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Helping the Troops overseas.. an easy way!!

I want to tell you about another group who is helping out our troops overseas.. they have an easy way to help.. please check them out.. and do visit them. This is what they told me about themselves.. 

"Frugal Patriot  is an Affiliate off of Coupons For Military Familys Overseas, Operation Expiration. Also here is a little bit more information about the Frugal Patriot Website:

I also wanted to let you know that if you print out coupons online I have a free coupon website called Frugal Patriot. I offer coupons from; Coupon Network; and Red Plum. The reason that I tell everyone about this site is to not only help them save money but it is also to help send coupon and care packages to troops and their families that are overseas. With every coupon that is printed I earn 3 cents to 5 cents. Once I reach a certain amount of money the companies send me a check back and I use those funds to ship out packages. Since Mrs. Donna and I are NON-PROFIT we rely heavily on postage donations. Sometimes these are not enough and we have to use our own personal funds to ship these boxes out. With this website it helps me earn money to ship the boxes instead of having to use my own personal funds. If you don’t mind please tell all your coupons friends and family about this site. The more people that print coupons the more coupon boxes and care packages I can send out to these families. The web address is  with your help we can help more families. The number of families that we help out is growing more and more each day."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Want a freebie!!

You can get this pattern booklet for free.. with just a note listed here.. smile.. check it out!! You can always use the ideas for crochet granny squares too.

EZ Loom Patterns

Sales at Old & New!! Kids VHS Tapes


These are $.50 EACH
Walt Disney's The Jungle Book –
Disney's 101 Dalmatians
With Glenn Close
Disney’s Life-Size
With Linsay Lohan and Tyra Banks
Disney's Annie
Jonah and the Big Fish
The Miracles of Love Music Video

These are $.75 each:
Long John Silver (1954)
The Visitors From Outer Space – The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald
Disney's Winnie The Pooh - Pooh Party
A Joyful Christmas (VHS)
Home Alone

These are $1 each:
Veggie Tales: The Toy That Saved Christmas
It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Billboard Dad (Olsen Twins)

These are in New or Like New Condition: $2.50 each
Rudolph and The Island Of Misfit Toys (NEW still in plastic)
Big Red
Walt Disney's Man of The House
The Borrowers (John Goodman)
Doctor Dolittle (original one)
Finally a bit cooler.. and a bit of rain.. working on sales stuff for Old & New.. to advertise the fundraiser.. smile.. I hope to get a nice check to them.. and maybe if it does well.. I will match the check with my own personal funds.  We will see how that works out.. I did add some links around.. and put a note in my email.. so maybe..

In one of the yahoo groups.. they had a Christmas In July link exchange.. at Cinnamon Rose Cottage.. alot of  Christmas links for holiday ideas.. check it out..

Saturday, July 7, 2012

DONATION FUNDRAISER - All sales from Old & New Shoppe will qualify for a donation to Xmas Stockings For The Troops. I will donate 10% of my sales to this group for all sales for the months of July and August.

They are starting their annual Xmas drive for the troops on the front lines in Afghanistan.  

For the past 3 years we have supplied troops with gifts, and goodies..Are goal is to supply at least 100 men and women,who are risking their live to keep us safe..Would anyone care to pitch in and help with either gifts or goodies?  Please contact Donna at OR look at their website at

Update on Gardening.. and still yet another pattern I found..

Just found a really cute pattern.. I have alot of leftover small amt of yarn (cottons) and some beads.. think these would  be nice scrunchies.. got the idea from this pattern.. . Called a Cutie Fruity Toddler Bracelet or Hair Tie.

Yesterday was just too hot and humid for me.. worked in my garden fertilizing (yes, I use Miracle Grow.. only time I am organic is in the beginning... smile).. moved some pots around (got some catlitter boxes to put under some of the squash pots).. ate a quick dinner, took a nice cool shower.. and then just sat and crocheted in my room for the evening.. got a bunch of dishclothes done (need to take some pics tonight).. it just was too hot for my asthma..

Since it rained last night (finally).. it wasnt as bad today.. so I got a real good look at my plants this am.. my zucchini and yellow squash are coming up alot.. found flowers on my cucumbers and my pepper plants (both green and red).. and found some tomatoes on my cherry tomato plants.. YAY!!

Picked a salad for lunch.. romaine lettuce, some green beans, and a small zucchini I accidently broke off.. topped with cheese and some black olives.. smile.. nice lunch for me..

Friday, July 6, 2012

Just found this.. only good until tomorrow.. go and check it out!!

The pattern for Sunny the Bunny comes down tomorrow. Download this adorable amigurumi before it is too late! ~ Toni

My New Scrubbies

Hi.. Another hot day here.. just finished my surveys and watering my garden.. got a bunch of yellow and green squash that should be ready to pick on Monday.. smile.. am looking forward to grilling them.. only thing I picked today was some salad.. which I just finished eating.. grin..

I put two scrubbies in Etsy for sale.. smile.. here they are..

Check back tomorrow.. for a special sale.. smile.. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Points and other stuff..

Haven't been here in a couple of days.. just haven't been feeling too good lately.. stopping in today.. so far, I only have watered my garden, and folded some clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for a couple of days.. lol.. I spent today working on My Points.. have you ever heard of My Points?? it is really great.. you click on emails.. do surveys.. shop online.. and get points for it.. then you can use the points for things like gift cards and cash at Paypal.. I have been doing this for years.. and probably get 5 or 6 gift cards per year, if not more.. if you are interested.. check them out!!

If  you click thru here.. I get points if you decide to join.. smile.. Will be back later.. gonna put up some scrubbies I just finished..

Monday, July 2, 2012

Good afternoon.. another sunny day in Buffalo.. it is 81 degrees right now.. cant complain about the weather today.. hot.. but not too hot.. my garden is growing strong.. smile.. I cant figure out why it is doing so well this year, compared to last year.. it is cos I am using fertilizer in my water every other day? Because the temperature has been much warmer than usual? Less pests? Because it has been drier? Dont know.. but I am NOT complaining.. anyways.. I just wanted to tell you about this really neat site that I get in my inbox... gives me all kinds of facts about gardening, recipes, and just nice reading..

Do check it out.. I will be back later with pictures and stuff.. smile..

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Had a very busy day working in my garden.. and taking pics of my new items going up for sale.. I should  be putting them up in a day or so..

Doing a contest.. leave a remark on my page.. smile.. and be the first one.. and get this for free..

You can have this for free.. if you are the first one to put a remark on my blog.. smile..
Bellefleur crochet pattern, thread pattern, size 10 thread
Directions to crochet 3 kinds of flowers

Here are a couple of pics from my garden.. smile.. it is coming along really well.. cant wait to start picking stuff..
Yesterday I worked on my Etsy store.. updating photos.. still have more to update.. hope to get them done in the next day or so..

Today on the other hand.. Very busy day.. but nice day.. first drove my best friend shopping.. and Starbucks (SMILE)... then home, drop off the stuff I bought, and dropped my best friend and her stuff.. then off I went to have lunch with another friend at Applebees.. SMILE.. nice time.. left there.. got a car wash.. did some shopping at Wegmans.. got home.. made tuna mac salad... we sat on the deck and cooked chicken.. ate.. watered my garden.. then watched movies with my honey for the rest of the night.. and crocheted of course.. I did finish a bunch of scrubbies in the last two days.. and am working on a simple cotton dishcloth.. after I finish this.. moving back to towels (for an order) and to make some for the store front.. cos I got some GREAT buttons I am dying to use.. more stuff tomorrow.. and hopefully some pictures tomorrow too.. might even put a freebie up from Old & New Shoppe tomorrow too... just to celebrate a nice order via Ebay from here.  Come back tomorrow and see what I decided..