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Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Points and other stuff..

Haven't been here in a couple of days.. just haven't been feeling too good lately.. stopping in today.. so far, I only have watered my garden, and folded some clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for a couple of days.. lol.. I spent today working on My Points.. have you ever heard of My Points?? it is really great.. you click on emails.. do surveys.. shop online.. and get points for it.. then you can use the points for things like gift cards and cash at Paypal.. I have been doing this for years.. and probably get 5 or 6 gift cards per year, if not more.. if you are interested.. check them out!!

If  you click thru here.. I get points if you decide to join.. smile.. Will be back later.. gonna put up some scrubbies I just finished..
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