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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yesterday I worked on my Etsy store.. updating photos.. still have more to update.. hope to get them done in the next day or so..

Today on the other hand.. Very busy day.. but nice day.. first drove my best friend shopping.. and Starbucks (SMILE)... then home, drop off the stuff I bought, and dropped my best friend and her stuff.. then off I went to have lunch with another friend at Applebees.. SMILE.. nice time.. left there.. got a car wash.. did some shopping at Wegmans.. got home.. made tuna mac salad... we sat on the deck and cooked chicken.. ate.. watered my garden.. then watched movies with my honey for the rest of the night.. and crocheted of course.. I did finish a bunch of scrubbies in the last two days.. and am working on a simple cotton dishcloth.. after I finish this.. moving back to towels (for an order) and to make some for the store front.. cos I got some GREAT buttons I am dying to use.. more stuff tomorrow.. and hopefully some pictures tomorrow too.. might even put a freebie up from Old & New Shoppe tomorrow too... just to celebrate a nice order via Ebay from here.  Come back tomorrow and see what I decided..
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