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Friday, June 29, 2012

Weather, Raffle Results and Other Stuff..

Really hot here in Buffalo.. alot warmer than usual for this time of year.. almost hit 90.;. ugh... my garden is growing up a storm.. but at the same time.. it is hard to keep it watered.. been putting all my pots in dollar store catlitter boxes to keep them from wilting.. Now.. I wish I could figure out how to keep me from wilting.. lol..

Update on my raffle on my Facebook page.. I heard back from Tammy.. and she decided on the Cat Button Towel.

Been busy working on new items.. smile.. a scrubbie.. and some towels..

click on the link. to order.. smile.. 
more pics tomorrow or just go to Etsy.. or Facebook to check them out!!
You can also find the pattern here at Lily.. 

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