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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Added More Towels to Etsy..

Trying very hard to get my stuff up on Etsy.. and get sold.. before the Halloween season is over.. want to help me.. well.. you can like my items on Facebook, like my store and/or items on Etsy, follow my blog here.. and of course forward any of the above to friends.. even send on Twitter.. you can even follow me on Twitter now..

Halloween Words (2 available)
GET READY FOR HALLOWEEN!! Here is a nice Halloween towel for your kitchen or bathroom.. A terrycloth towel with a orange topper edged in black with a bat button.

Smiling Jack O Lantern (2 available)
Here are a couple of cute hanging towels.. Jack O Lantern with a witch hat, surrounded by spider webs.. This terrycloth towel is topped with a white topper edged in orange and a Jack O Lantern button.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Owl Towels

I just finished these two Owl Towels for an order.. she wanted a brown and a green topper.. I was able to match the green and the brown is just a couple of shades difference.. found some nice shiny green buttons that matched the green to go with them both..

I have a couple more I can make in your colors if anyone wants them.. dont know if I can find more..

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just finished more Fall and Halloween Towels.

I have been busy this week both with crocheting and running around like a nut.. wasnt near a computer too much this week.. I am so behind in my computer stuff.. still have patterns to put up on Ebay, towels to put up in Facebook and on Etsy.. and need to do some work on my website.. sigh. I need some 48 hr days!  LOL!!

Anyways.. here are 4 styles of towels I just finished.. descriptions next to each towel.. and the number of towels currently available is next to the name in brackets. All my towels are $3 each plus postage.

Fall Leaf Towel (2) - this towel has different fall leaves on it.. it is topped with white yarn and edged in forest green yarn.  The button is a forest green maple leaf (matching the edging in the topper)..
Maple Leaf Towel (1) - This towel is of a cranberry color maple leaf on a green background.. I matched the topper to one of the greens and edged it to match the cranberry maple leaf.. The button is a cranberry color maple leaf matching the edging.. I have one made but can make another one to match.
Halloween Cat (2) - This towel has a picture of a cat with a witch hat on a orange background.. the topper is orange to go with the towel and edged in black yarn and has a round black button.
This towel is the cutest one I think.. lol. it is of 3 witches mixing their brew.. the towel is topped with white yarn and edged in a dark olive green yarn and has a black bat button to finish it off.. I have one made, but can make a second one for a set..

I am currently working on a few more Halloween ones.. these will be listed on Facebook for a few days, then on Etsy.. the Fall ones will go directly to Etsy now.. thanks..

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Hanging Towels

Sometimes I just need to do some easy stuff.. the last couple of days that has been true.. Just too tired to follow a pattern, and just need some relaxing crochet.. So I worked on some towels.. will be putting them up on Facebook today and then Etsy on Monday.. I will be doing a few more over the next couple of days before I start my next order.
This one is a Pumpkin Sunflower one.. I won it on Listia, not realizing it was already topped.. to be honest, I wouldnt buy this and use it.. she sewed the top of the towel (which I never do to keep a budge out of it), but since it was so pretty, I pulled out her topper and made my own.. using her yarn, my yarn and a nice wooden one which goes nicely with the design.  I only have one of these.. and am selling it at a discount of $2.50 as I really dont consider it one of my best ones, due to her sewing job.

This is another nice fall one.. topped with a matching yellow topper and edged in orange to match the pumpkins.. I found some green buttons, which stand out nicely on the towel..

The design is nice.. with a cute owl both on the front and back (it is almost reversible).. in bright fall colors to add some color to your fall kitchen.. I have two of these for $3 each.  I also have one more set of towels that I can top in your choice of colors (dont have any more of these buttons though)..

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crochet and Life Update

I have been bouncing between that last cupcake potholder (until I got tired) and then switched to a hanging towel.. (that I got on Listia).. should finish the towel tonight.. and probably finish the potholder tonight also.. then taking a break to crochet a set of hanging towels to put on Ebay and Etsy.. then back to my orders.. this time another set of Rainbow Slippers.. this time in dark blue.. smile..

Dont know if I will get here tomorrow.. as I have alot of stuff to do.. picking and freezing veggies, down to take care of the cable (almost impossible to get them on the phone.. ugh!!), mailing orders, some more wash (gonna be hot.. so that is good), cleaning and doing some organizing.. Either way I will have pictures of the hanging towels for sale by Friday.

Monday, September 9, 2013

First Cupcake Potholder Finished!!

I had a really busy weekend this weekend.. alot of cleaning, gardening, freezing veggies, etc.. so really didnt have much time to get here this weekend. I finished the first Cupcake potholder.. and now am working on the second one.. just about half done..

I have to say this is really cute.. Love the textured part of the top of the cupcake.. smile.. I think this will be one of the patterns I will be making items regularly for sale..

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cupcake Hanging Towels and Cupcake Potholders

I am currently working on a cupcake order.. no.. not a food one.. but a order of cupcake towels and potholders.  Did the edging in layers using Simply Soft pink and Purple Herrschners Whisper Soft purple (same one I used in the potholders).  I finished the towels and now am working on the potholders.. got most of the first one done.. pictures are here..

The Pattern for the Potholders can be found HERE!! I just love the bobble stitch.. and love how it gives texture to the cupcake.. gonna back it with the variegated back.. matching the bow (not finished).. hope to show you the completed ones on Sunday.. wont be here on Saturday as my best friend is taking me to lunch at The Red Lobster and we are also going to The Christmas Tree store for towels.. smile..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

These Towels are Available to Top..

I have scanned all my fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving towels to show you what is available to be topped.. These are $3 each.. and the number of towels I have available are in ( ).. you need to let me know what is your main color, what color edging, and what color buttons..

If You want me to pick.. that is fine too.. Please send your order to: and leave me a note here too, if you want.. thanks.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hanging Towels Sets I just finished..

These were for two orders.. am quite pleased with them.. I have added closeups of the hanging tabs so you can see them.. and the buttons. nice matches.. I am currently working on a set of cupcake towels along with matching cupcake potholders.. the towels are almost done.. and I am just about half done with the first cupcake potholder.. pics in a day or so.

 and I recently found another towel of this set.. so can make another set..

This set was the first order..

Monday, September 2, 2013

Michelle's Update - Garden Produce and Homemade Salsa recipe

Well.. I haven't been here for a while.. had alot to do the last couple of days..

First.. I picked a bunch of veggies from my garden.. The picture above was just one days worth of veggies.. Then I decided to make salsa from the tomatoes and peppers.. I dont can, so needed to find a freezer salsa recipe.. and to my surprise there were tons of them.. I ended up using this one from Taste Of Home

I picked that one because I had most of the stuff needed and I could easily change it around.. I removed the hot peppers, vinegar, sugar, and salt and added a jar of taco sauce I had (mild).. cut the red pepper in half (dont like really hot stuff).. and had my first taste last night.. came great..

Froze up the beans, gave away some of the eggplant and we breaded and fried the rest of it..

This weekend was my we had a cookout and had over some of the neighbors, and my daughter in law and grandboys.. it was very nice.. made homemade pasta salad from some of the veggies, tuna mac salad, and grilled chicken legs, thighs, ribs and hot dogs.. and brownies for dessert (I LOVE chocolate).. was just a very nice day..

Yesteday needed to catch up with things on the computer.. as I got free ads on Ebay.. also working on 3 different sets of hanging towels and a set of cupcake potholders.. more about that tomorrow)..