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Friday, September 13, 2013

New Hanging Towels

Sometimes I just need to do some easy stuff.. the last couple of days that has been true.. Just too tired to follow a pattern, and just need some relaxing crochet.. So I worked on some towels.. will be putting them up on Facebook today and then Etsy on Monday.. I will be doing a few more over the next couple of days before I start my next order.
This one is a Pumpkin Sunflower one.. I won it on Listia, not realizing it was already topped.. to be honest, I wouldnt buy this and use it.. she sewed the top of the towel (which I never do to keep a budge out of it), but since it was so pretty, I pulled out her topper and made my own.. using her yarn, my yarn and a nice wooden one which goes nicely with the design.  I only have one of these.. and am selling it at a discount of $2.50 as I really dont consider it one of my best ones, due to her sewing job.

This is another nice fall one.. topped with a matching yellow topper and edged in orange to match the pumpkins.. I found some green buttons, which stand out nicely on the towel..

The design is nice.. with a cute owl both on the front and back (it is almost reversible).. in bright fall colors to add some color to your fall kitchen.. I have two of these for $3 each.  I also have one more set of towels that I can top in your choice of colors (dont have any more of these buttons though)..
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