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Friday, September 6, 2013

Cupcake Hanging Towels and Cupcake Potholders

I am currently working on a cupcake order.. no.. not a food one.. but a order of cupcake towels and potholders.  Did the edging in layers using Simply Soft pink and Purple Herrschners Whisper Soft purple (same one I used in the potholders).  I finished the towels and now am working on the potholders.. got most of the first one done.. pictures are here..

The Pattern for the Potholders can be found HERE!! I just love the bobble stitch.. and love how it gives texture to the cupcake.. gonna back it with the variegated back.. matching the bow (not finished).. hope to show you the completed ones on Sunday.. wont be here on Saturday as my best friend is taking me to lunch at The Red Lobster and we are also going to The Christmas Tree store for towels.. smile..

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