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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crochet and Life Update

I have been bouncing between that last cupcake potholder (until I got tired) and then switched to a hanging towel.. (that I got on Listia).. should finish the towel tonight.. and probably finish the potholder tonight also.. then taking a break to crochet a set of hanging towels to put on Ebay and Etsy.. then back to my orders.. this time another set of Rainbow Slippers.. this time in dark blue.. smile..

Dont know if I will get here tomorrow.. as I have alot of stuff to do.. picking and freezing veggies, down to take care of the cable (almost impossible to get them on the phone.. ugh!!), mailing orders, some more wash (gonna be hot.. so that is good), cleaning and doing some organizing.. Either way I will have pictures of the hanging towels for sale by Friday.
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