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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sly Little Fox Hat and Diaper Cover..

I cant wait to start making these for sale.. I just won this on Listia.. it is it

The designer is Sue Mercer.. and yes, she has several stores where she sells patterns.. I just managed to get this via Listia.. you can also see her patterns on Etsy - From Hand To Heart..

She also sells her patterns on Ravelry.. and Facebook.. and yes, if you see any patterns you would like me to make.. smile.. I can..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The History of Crochet - by Connie Rios-Relyea

Have you ever wondered how the art of crocheting started.. well.. one of my fellow bloggers is doing a history of crochet.. in installment.. Part one is here..

Irish Crochet Lace

Her next one will cover the modern patterns.

If you want to get the whole e-book.. she put it here.. and you can order it online..

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Update.. On Monday..

I just was so busy yesterday.. as well as exhausted.. I never got here yesterday.. summer is often very busy for me.. as I do some housesitting over the summer.. plus my gardening.. the last couple of weeks have been really busy as I am taking care of some cats for a friend who is (was) in the hospital with knee surgery.. Jazz helps her doing her housecleaning.. me.. I just do the cats.. smile.. H. is home now.. we went to get her on Sunday and got her shopping and home.. as well as driving another friend shopping.. so my day didnt end until 9 pm last night.. and I just past out instead of doing anything else..  hit the sack before 11 pm last night..

Today I will be working on my last day of free ads on Ebay.. still have some items to put up.. that should keep me busy today.. I have some books and patterns to get up.. there.. then if I have time, want to put some more items up on Listia.. still clearing out items I dont want.. an endless job.. grin.. 

Iam hoping tonight I can watch TV and crochet.. last two nights didnt have time.. too much running around.. Well... back to Ebay.. if you want to see what I have up there.. click on this.. and it will direct you to my account. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Update -- Crocheting and Tomatoes..

Finished another set of towels.. these are apple designs.. with pale yellow toppers edged in green with apple buttons.. no pictures yet.. need time to get them.. alot of running around today.. again... tonight I will be back to working on coasters for an order.. want to finish those over the weekend.. 

We picked up four Big Daddy tomato plants (those will be our fried green tomato and tomato sandwich tomatoes).. you can see more info on them here.  I dont often buy hybrid plants, but we want some really large tomatoes.. 

I noticed my next pot of lettuce and spinach is coming up.. which is good.. Now I should have enough for salad every day.. I generally have 3 or 4 pots going throughout the summer.. Love my fresh salad.. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sorry I havent been here..

Just been busy with a lot of little things.. Dr appts, getting my pots ready for planting, transplanting seedlings to pots, planting seeds in starter pots, planting spinach and lettuces.. cleaning outside.. helping a friend with her cats (she is in hospital/rehab for knee surgery).. doing crochet orders, and of course the everyday things.. just had to put off things.. like my blog.. decided to update today.. thought this would be a perfect picture on how I feel.. smile.. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finished a Few Things..

Last couple of days have been busy for me.. with going to Physical Therapy for my knee and back, starting to do the exercises, getting ready to plant more (need to get my pots ready), planting seeds - spinach, lettuce, cucumbers.. Transplanting green peppers.. doing a ton load of wash before the storms come in (we got rain and thunderstorms listed for tonight and tomorrow.. and maybe into Thurs!!

I did find time to get my pictures done of the last two towel sets I just finished.. one is Live Laugh Love (for an order) and the other is Patriotic Rooster.. do check these out.. especially the Patriotic one (on Etsy).. and favorite it for me.. or even like it to you Facebook Page.. thanks..

Tomorrow will be really busy.. so I wont be stopping in.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Well.. just learned something new..

I just did my two first boards on Pinterest.. never did those before.. Here they are.. 

Made my first two Pinterest boards.. here is one..

Here is my second one.. that was easy..

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Had my Mother's Day yesterday

My son, his girlfriend, and my two grandsons had me and my honey over yesterday for dinner.. it was nice.. had some great wine, a barbecued chicken, sausage meal.. and he also had a rose and card for me.. it was so nice.. I will have pictures later.. as I am not home right now to get them.. smile.. I really enjoyed it..

Friday, May 17, 2013

Finally Give Up!

I  have been trying for weeks now to work on that camisole.. been pulling it out and redoing it just to make the pattern work..and it doesnt.. I dont know if it is me..or the pattern.. sigh.. I am spending too much time on this one item and it is slowing me down from completing other I am emailing the person who ordered this and cancelling her order and refunding her money.. I dont like cancelling orders, but obviously, I cant stay on this one item forever.

I am now working on these towels.. topping them with black yarn and edging with black/white variegated yarn.  I am not sure what buttons I am using yet. These were ordered from my scanned group of towels I just did.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Sure can be busy..

Today (Tuesday), thankfully, I predid my blog entry. I had alot to do on Tuesday starting off with a visit to my knee Dr.  I had hurt my knee, many years ago working as a Vet Tech in one of our local Vet Hospitals (no.. I wont be mentioning which one).. at that time, I saw the Drs. at US Orthopedic and Sport Medicine and they gave me a steroid shot and prescribed PT.. well.. here I am years later (many actually), with a flare up and had the same thing.. so when I got home I just needed to ice my knee and rest.. which I did.. taking a break from that just to get started on my blog entry for tomorrow..

I did get done with making potato salad for dinner.. looks like that and some pork chops will be on the schedule as I dont want to stand long.

After I save this.. I will be finishing up some more Watermelon Coasters.. and working on my Camisole.. wont be doing too much today.. maybe send a few ads for the Yahoo Groups and finish checking my emails.. that is about it.. Hope to get some pictures done for you all by tomorrow.. Later Folks..

Update: I did finish the Watermelon Coasters for the order. Wanted to show you them now.  If you want to order some.. please click here and go to Etsy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

June Weddings..

Bridal Flower, with Netting Hair Clip in White, Rhinestone center.  10 Heart Lanterns, Sheet Music, Heart Luminary Bags, Engagement Party, Wedding Decor, Proposals, Music Decorations, Rehearsal Dinner  Monogram Bling Unity Candle Complete Set Square Personalized

Just finished a Etsy Treasury for weddings.. tis the season for weddings.. May and June. and thought it would be nice to list the Buffalo Artists from Buffalo Esty Team..

Adorable Spaghetti Strap White Gauzy Long Dress Fans B32 Candi Jones CA Size 7I found some really pretty stuff that are just perfect for weddings..

Check it out here..  for your bridal needs.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Newest Item on Etsy..

I have a busy day ahead of me. I am heading out to get a haircut, mail orders, and hit the bank.. but before I left I wanted to get my blog entry done, because tonight I have a Buffalo Etsy Team meeting.  I dont know how much time I will have later so I wanted to make sure this got done..

I finally had a minute to scan the buttons on the towels I just finished.. and I wanted you to see them.. I really love these buttons (and best part - I won them on Listia!!)

Sunny Hanging Towels $3.00 each + postage

Here is the closeup of the buttons

Here is what they look like hanging

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday.. Link Update and Other Stuff

Link is doing really well.. of course he is still sore, but there isnt any infection going on.. and he is now able to at least get up and down from spots that he couldnt do before.. One thing that has changed is he isnt bossing the other cats around.. which is a remarkable change. No idea if this is permanent or not yet.. I would be happy if it was..

The Watermelon coasters are up for sale on Etsy.. for this month they will be $2.25 each.. and will go up in June.. you can order them in the following colors..

Red and Light green
Pink and light green
Red and dark green
Pink and dark green..

Only ones I have pictures for are the red and light green right now..

Also renewed one ad for more towels I made.. except different buttons.. have to scan the buttons.. so they can get a closeup of them..

Sunny Hanging Towel Yellow, White and Turquoise Towels – These are the same color as before.. just different buttons.. except now I found really pretty wooden heart shaped button with a turquoise background and a floral design on the buttons.. I will scan the new buttons next week so you can see the new buttons..

Will add some summery color to your kitchen.. use on the patio.. or even in a bathroom. 

Just go to the links for pictures.. and while there.. please do like my items.. and/or send your choices to Facebook for your friends to see.. thanks.. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Is it only Friday??

Well.. I did do some stuff on Thurs.. my cat is home now.. and we also hit the store for pet food.. Am very happy he is home.. even though his back legs are really bruised (and he is uncomfortable).. but he is getting spoiled by Daddy.. grin..

Today ended up being a LONG morning for me.. had to get xrays of my knee and spine.. and that took a LONG time.. but of course, I took my crocheting with me.. and that kept me busy..

Am working on the Coasters for an order now.. pics attached so far.. the pattern called for a pink.. and after making one with a pink.. I just didnt like it.. so I pulled it out.  I still am not sure about the green edging.. I wonder if I should have picked a darker green.. what do you think?  Anyways, I finished them while waiting for my xrays, and also started a lemon one for another order.. Pics on those later..

I got another order for all the fruits.. and also got an order for hanging towels.. I put them up for sale without the toppers so people can just order them and tell me what they want.

The link to see the towels are here.. I put the pictures up on Photobucket.. there is info about each towel next to the towels.. the number of towels available to be made is next to the title. and these are first come, first serve. I also give suggestions on buttons that can be used for some of these towels.. do check.. smile.. 

Well.. that is all for now.. tonight I am working on the camisole. while watching TV.. I wont be doing too much computer work tonight.. just packing a couple of items that I "sold" on Listia.. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3-2-1 Microwave Cake (from Frugal Foodie Moma)

 I love getting blog messages from other blogs in my inbox.. and often save them for ideas to use here as well as to add to my many list of ideas for my home.. and this is one that I am keeping.. for sure.. 

This would be perfect to add a little fruit and some Cool Whip for a light summer snack.. (I just wont make a full cup in this).. With the spring fruit coming in.. it also would be inexpensive.. I can see strawberries, blueberries, and peaches on top of this in my mind.. mmmmm.. 

To get the recipe.. go to Frugal Foodie Mama.. and tell her I sent you.. girn.. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crocheting, gardening and other stuff..

Well.. I did get some work done on the camisole.. coming nice now.. I promise to take an updated picture before the weekend.. figure will do my finished towels at the same time..

Started on an order for the fruit coasters.. the watermelon ones.. I should have pictures of those at the same time.. these wont take long..

Got more seeds planted yesterday.. put in starter pots, more green peppers (the first seeds never did come up), green beans (bush version), yellow and zucchini squash.. hopefully those seeds come up.. some of these seeds are a couple of years old.. so they may not be viable.. either way, I am going to a local farmers market to pick up more plants as seedlings.. tomatoes, squashes, cucumber (english style if I can get them).. and maybe some Japanese eggplants.. try that last year from a friend.. and they were wonderful.. got to email her and find out where she got it..

Guess that is all for now.. been busy with sales stuff on Ebay (patterns still selling like crazy), and putting items up on Buy Sell Community and Listia.. Figure I am going to need all these extra funds to pay off the Vet bill..

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY Craft - Pillowcase Bags

I saw this in Facebook.. and checked it out.. liked the idea and blog so well.. I kept the idea for myself.. thought this would be a great craft to try.. thought to make the handles stronger by crocheting along the straps with cotton or Simply Soft.. Will let you know how it works..Will try soon!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Quick Update..

Just a picture that made me laugh.. needed it after the weekend. 

Link is still in the animal hospital.. but is eating and drinking and finally off of pain meds.. they got him on antibiotics.. and am watching him closely.. I guess they plan on doing some other tests (xrays, taking care of his major wounds) tomorrow.. but I am happy that he at least didnt get too seriously injuried.. that darn cat has used too many of his 9 lives.

Been busy here with Ebay as a bunch of orders came in.. gonna spend today getting some more items in Listia as well as just clearing thru emails and other computer work.. then I want to get outside and get more seeds started.. so far my lettuce, spinach and flowers are coming up.. but nothing with the pepper seeds.. sigh.. oh well.. there is always plants.. want to start some cucumbers, green beans and zucchini plants today..

I had a few Dr. appts so was able to finish off a set of hanging towels.. just got to weave in the ends and add the buttons.. so figure that tonight and take pictures tomorrow..

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Horrorable.. horrible day yesterday..

On Friday night, my car overheated and we were really overdue for a oil change.... so I went to Delta Sonic really early Saturday Morning to get it done and get all my fluids checked.  They said to me that my head gasket was leaking.. which really worried me.. so I went to my Mechanic (missing my friend's brother's funeral) so he could look at it.. so while my car was gone, somehow my cat got out and ended up in the yard two door down.. Link grew up in my house and wasnt afraid of dogs cos my dog wouldnt hurt a cat ever.. so when he got attacked by those two dogs he got totally freaked.. I tried to get him.. but the dogs kept attacking him.. his damn owner just stood on the porching yelling at the dogs (like that would help).. finally I got Link to the gate and my boyfriend (who had just arrived home) took him cos I had an asthma attack from the stress.. finally got him home and checked him over.. most of the bites were to the legs.. but he was in respiratory distressed.. so I called my friend who is a vet and she told me what to do (shock, pain, antibiotics .. But he didnt calm down.. so she told me to take him to the Emergency Vet  to be checked over and get more stronger pain meds Thankfully my car was back by then.. so we took him.. it was $100 just to go in the door (which I knew).. even after we told them what the other vet said (and she was on the phone there too).. they would give any supportive care unless we left him there overnight ($900) and got xrays ($184).. I wasnt happy.. had to argue with them just to give us our cat.. and I ran him over to Central Park (I used to work there) and met up with one of the Techs there who took him in and called Dr. L.. well.. update.. he got his pain meds and they kept him.. On Monday I can go and get an update on him.. so far.. their total bill is less than $100.. just what it cost me to walk in the door.. I am NOT impressed with the kind of care and attention we got there.. and that is why I am writing this.. I dont recommend you bring  your pet there for ANY reason..

Central Park Animal Hospital Facebook Page

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Busy couple of days..

With the warmer weather, we are working on cleaning up and out.. got the back room done last week.. now  been working on washing the curtains, furniture throws, and outside on the deck. as well as planting and shopping..

I got my dirt for my pots as well as my fertilizer.. every year I mix new dirt with last years dirt in my pots for my veggies.. adding coffee grinds, grounded up eggshells, fertilizer.. seems to work as my veggies seem to do very well..

So far my spinach is coming up.. but not my lettuce or my peppers.. dont know if my seeds were too old or what... gonna give it a day more.. then try two new pots.. am missing my lettuce big time.. plan on doing my cucumber and green bean seeds tomorrow.. needed to get some computer stuff done today.. as I am locked home since my car is in the shop.. sigh.. at least we got all the shopping done before it broke down. ugh.. will update stuff on Monday.. smile..

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update on Camisole..

Now that I finally got the gauge right.. smile.. I am finally feel like I am making some headway.. here is a couple of pictures..

you can see the breast part.. and the bottom part forming. Here is a closeup of the pattern in the bottom.

I will update again.. next week.. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Etsy!! YAY!!

Got up and got online.. and what did I see.. but Etsy picked my teddy bear slippers to use in their ad on
Facebook.. I freaked out.. soooo excited.. more later.. had to tell you that!!