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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crocheting, gardening and other stuff..

Well.. I did get some work done on the camisole.. coming nice now.. I promise to take an updated picture before the weekend.. figure will do my finished towels at the same time..

Started on an order for the fruit coasters.. the watermelon ones.. I should have pictures of those at the same time.. these wont take long..

Got more seeds planted yesterday.. put in starter pots, more green peppers (the first seeds never did come up), green beans (bush version), yellow and zucchini squash.. hopefully those seeds come up.. some of these seeds are a couple of years old.. so they may not be viable.. either way, I am going to a local farmers market to pick up more plants as seedlings.. tomatoes, squashes, cucumber (english style if I can get them).. and maybe some Japanese eggplants.. try that last year from a friend.. and they were wonderful.. got to email her and find out where she got it..

Guess that is all for now.. been busy with sales stuff on Ebay (patterns still selling like crazy), and putting items up on Buy Sell Community and Listia.. Figure I am going to need all these extra funds to pay off the Vet bill..
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