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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Update.. On Monday..

I just was so busy yesterday.. as well as exhausted.. I never got here yesterday.. summer is often very busy for me.. as I do some housesitting over the summer.. plus my gardening.. the last couple of weeks have been really busy as I am taking care of some cats for a friend who is (was) in the hospital with knee surgery.. Jazz helps her doing her housecleaning.. me.. I just do the cats.. smile.. H. is home now.. we went to get her on Sunday and got her shopping and home.. as well as driving another friend shopping.. so my day didnt end until 9 pm last night.. and I just past out instead of doing anything else..  hit the sack before 11 pm last night..

Today I will be working on my last day of free ads on Ebay.. still have some items to put up.. that should keep me busy today.. I have some books and patterns to get up.. there.. then if I have time, want to put some more items up on Listia.. still clearing out items I dont want.. an endless job.. grin.. 

Iam hoping tonight I can watch TV and crochet.. last two nights didnt have time.. too much running around.. Well... back to Ebay.. if you want to see what I have up there.. click on this.. and it will direct you to my account. 
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