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Friday, May 10, 2013

Is it only Friday??

Well.. I did do some stuff on Thurs.. my cat is home now.. and we also hit the store for pet food.. Am very happy he is home.. even though his back legs are really bruised (and he is uncomfortable).. but he is getting spoiled by Daddy.. grin..

Today ended up being a LONG morning for me.. had to get xrays of my knee and spine.. and that took a LONG time.. but of course, I took my crocheting with me.. and that kept me busy..

Am working on the Coasters for an order now.. pics attached so far.. the pattern called for a pink.. and after making one with a pink.. I just didnt like it.. so I pulled it out.  I still am not sure about the green edging.. I wonder if I should have picked a darker green.. what do you think?  Anyways, I finished them while waiting for my xrays, and also started a lemon one for another order.. Pics on those later..

I got another order for all the fruits.. and also got an order for hanging towels.. I put them up for sale without the toppers so people can just order them and tell me what they want.

The link to see the towels are here.. I put the pictures up on Photobucket.. there is info about each towel next to the towels.. the number of towels available to be made is next to the title. and these are first come, first serve. I also give suggestions on buttons that can be used for some of these towels.. do check.. smile.. 

Well.. that is all for now.. tonight I am working on the camisole. while watching TV.. I wont be doing too much computer work tonight.. just packing a couple of items that I "sold" on Listia.. 
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