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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday.. Link Update and Other Stuff

Link is doing really well.. of course he is still sore, but there isnt any infection going on.. and he is now able to at least get up and down from spots that he couldnt do before.. One thing that has changed is he isnt bossing the other cats around.. which is a remarkable change. No idea if this is permanent or not yet.. I would be happy if it was..

The Watermelon coasters are up for sale on Etsy.. for this month they will be $2.25 each.. and will go up in June.. you can order them in the following colors..

Red and Light green
Pink and light green
Red and dark green
Pink and dark green..

Only ones I have pictures for are the red and light green right now..

Also renewed one ad for more towels I made.. except different buttons.. have to scan the buttons.. so they can get a closeup of them..

Sunny Hanging Towel Yellow, White and Turquoise Towels – These are the same color as before.. just different buttons.. except now I found really pretty wooden heart shaped button with a turquoise background and a floral design on the buttons.. I will scan the new buttons next week so you can see the new buttons..

Will add some summery color to your kitchen.. use on the patio.. or even in a bathroom. 

Just go to the links for pictures.. and while there.. please do like my items.. and/or send your choices to Facebook for your friends to see.. thanks.. 

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