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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Sure can be busy..

Today (Tuesday), thankfully, I predid my blog entry. I had alot to do on Tuesday starting off with a visit to my knee Dr.  I had hurt my knee, many years ago working as a Vet Tech in one of our local Vet Hospitals (no.. I wont be mentioning which one).. at that time, I saw the Drs. at US Orthopedic and Sport Medicine and they gave me a steroid shot and prescribed PT.. well.. here I am years later (many actually), with a flare up and had the same thing.. so when I got home I just needed to ice my knee and rest.. which I did.. taking a break from that just to get started on my blog entry for tomorrow..

I did get done with making potato salad for dinner.. looks like that and some pork chops will be on the schedule as I dont want to stand long.

After I save this.. I will be finishing up some more Watermelon Coasters.. and working on my Camisole.. wont be doing too much today.. maybe send a few ads for the Yahoo Groups and finish checking my emails.. that is about it.. Hope to get some pictures done for you all by tomorrow.. Later Folks..

Update: I did finish the Watermelon Coasters for the order. Wanted to show you them now.  If you want to order some.. please click here and go to Etsy.
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