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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Horrorable.. horrible day yesterday..

On Friday night, my car overheated and we were really overdue for a oil change.... so I went to Delta Sonic really early Saturday Morning to get it done and get all my fluids checked.  They said to me that my head gasket was leaking.. which really worried me.. so I went to my Mechanic (missing my friend's brother's funeral) so he could look at it.. so while my car was gone, somehow my cat got out and ended up in the yard two door down.. Link grew up in my house and wasnt afraid of dogs cos my dog wouldnt hurt a cat ever.. so when he got attacked by those two dogs he got totally freaked.. I tried to get him.. but the dogs kept attacking him.. his damn owner just stood on the porching yelling at the dogs (like that would help).. finally I got Link to the gate and my boyfriend (who had just arrived home) took him cos I had an asthma attack from the stress.. finally got him home and checked him over.. most of the bites were to the legs.. but he was in respiratory distressed.. so I called my friend who is a vet and she told me what to do (shock, pain, antibiotics .. But he didnt calm down.. so she told me to take him to the Emergency Vet  to be checked over and get more stronger pain meds Thankfully my car was back by then.. so we took him.. it was $100 just to go in the door (which I knew).. even after we told them what the other vet said (and she was on the phone there too).. they would give any supportive care unless we left him there overnight ($900) and got xrays ($184).. I wasnt happy.. had to argue with them just to give us our cat.. and I ran him over to Central Park (I used to work there) and met up with one of the Techs there who took him in and called Dr. L.. well.. update.. he got his pain meds and they kept him.. On Monday I can go and get an update on him.. so far.. their total bill is less than $100.. just what it cost me to walk in the door.. I am NOT impressed with the kind of care and attention we got there.. and that is why I am writing this.. I dont recommend you bring  your pet there for ANY reason..

Central Park Animal Hospital Facebook Page
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