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Monday, May 6, 2013

Quick Update..

Just a picture that made me laugh.. needed it after the weekend. 

Link is still in the animal hospital.. but is eating and drinking and finally off of pain meds.. they got him on antibiotics.. and am watching him closely.. I guess they plan on doing some other tests (xrays, taking care of his major wounds) tomorrow.. but I am happy that he at least didnt get too seriously injuried.. that darn cat has used too many of his 9 lives.

Been busy here with Ebay as a bunch of orders came in.. gonna spend today getting some more items in Listia as well as just clearing thru emails and other computer work.. then I want to get outside and get more seeds started.. so far my lettuce, spinach and flowers are coming up.. but nothing with the pepper seeds.. sigh.. oh well.. there is always plants.. want to start some cucumbers, green beans and zucchini plants today..

I had a few Dr. appts so was able to finish off a set of hanging towels.. just got to weave in the ends and add the buttons.. so figure that tonight and take pictures tomorrow..
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