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Friday, July 31, 2015

This Weekend's Sale..

I am going to have a small sale for this weekend.. if you buy this set of hanging towels.. you get a matching dishcloth free.. Just for this set.. and you must buy thru Etsy..

You of course can also can custom order this design dishcloth in your favorite colors too..

PS.. you can also get this dishcloth instead too.. just finished it.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Had to bring Spookie into the vet..

Spookie has kidney failure... but since he is partly feral.. it makes it hard to give him his fluids and meds.. with this heat.. he really got bad.. so we brought him in.. he is staying there to get treatment for a few days.. and then we will decide on what we should do.. his levels all have gone up noticeably..

Am down about this.. as to me he isnt feral.. just when we need to give him treatments..

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Too Darn Hot!!

Just got back in from fertilizing and watering my garden, and hanging a load of clothes outside.. it is unbelievably hot.. they say it is 90 degrees.. but that is at the airport.. which means it is probably at least another 5 -6 degrees hotter here.. I am not having a good time of it.. lol.. am sure alot of people are saying that.. thankfully we have air conditioners both up and down..

One thing this heat is doing.. is it is really making my crops grow like crazy.. my peppers, tomatoes are doing the best.. also got some eggplants growing and cucumbers.. picked a few zucchini today.. unfortunately also had to pull out 3 dying plants too.. sigh..

The heat is definitely affecting my cats.. one of my sick cats (he has kidney disease) really isnt doing well.. we had to go back to force feeding him.. he already is on two meds and fluids.. I am really hoping he bounces back..

I did get some crocheting done last night... finished off a birthday gift.. and working on an order of hanging towels.. I was suppose to go and mail orders today.. but they are going to have to wait another day.. cos I just cant convince myself to go back outside.. and especially get in the car..

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kat's Meow Kollectibles...

She has some new items that I liked so thought I would help her spread the word.. check them out!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I had strong hopes..

I had strong hopes.. to get a good blog entry done.. lol.. but I had too much sales stuff to do.. had a good book to talk about.. had new pictures of some items I made.. and even had some gardening updates to tell you.. well that I can do.. grin..

I actually picked my first 2 zucchini for the year.. I wont get many.. but I will get some.. smile.. some will be used in stir fry either Monday or Tuesday.. not sure which day..

I hope to get a good blog entry done tomorrow.. not sure cos I have a dental filling tomorrow.. ugh.. and now also may have to go and treat a sick cat.. sigh.. sorta always feels like my TO DO LIST gets longer and longer.. like I said.. never bored..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kat's Meow Kollectibles

One of my friend's is having a sale in most of her stores as she needs funds for medical tests.. so if you can take a minute to check out her store.. please do..



Her sale on Facebook ends on July 31st.. so check it out!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gardening - Peppers

This year I got green peppers and yellow peppers.. I had also saved some seeds from last year.. a mix of either red, orange or green.. lol.. and have some of them too.. These were pictures of the yellow and green ones in late June..
And these were pictures of them in Mid July.. more coming soon.. you can see my first green pepper.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donation for Fundraiser

I have made a couple of kitchen towel and dishcloth sets for a fundraiser for a friend of mine's friend.. she needs surgery on her heart.. and I felt I should help even if a little.. This is what I made..

Each set has a "matching" dishcloth.. tried to get as close as possible.. the pink set has a KrissKross dishcloth.  The yellow set has a Shell dishcloth..

Monday, July 20, 2015

Gardening - Tomatoes

 This was one of my best tomato plants in late June.. this one is a heirloom version.. called Brandywine.. looking forward to tasting them..

The two pictures below is my first Brandywine Tomato growing.. and how the plant looks now..

This picture is of my beefsteak tomato plants.. these will be mostly used for fried green tomatoes.. I will have more up to date pictures next week..

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Newborn Infant Cardigan

I just finished this as a baby gift.. and just wanted to show you.. I made this with some vintage Dazzleaire yarn in a pretty lavender.. and edged it in a variegated sport yarn (pink with tiny hints of bright blue, yellow, pink, etc).. and has a lavender button.. I found the basic pattern and made alot of changes.. one.. made a shell bottom.. and shell edging.. thought that was pretty for a baby.. I might make a few of these in 3 months size for sale.. no idea yet.. busy with a few Listia orders right now.. for sachets and xmas ornaments.. pictures coming soon..

Saturday, July 18, 2015

This weeks sale!!




Clearance link

Store link

Friday, July 17, 2015

Gardening - Zucchini

 They started off so well.. as you can see in the first two photos.. those were from late June.. but by now.. they are covered with little white spots.. I am almost sure it is due to the dead tree next door with the mold growing on the branches.. but nothing I can do about it.. since it isnt in my yarn.. maybe trim the the branches that at least our in our yard for next year.. we got zucchini growing.. but who knows how long before the mold kills them off.. Just keeping them fertilized.. and hoping for the best.. left the newest ones large so you can see the mold.. sigh..

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gardening.. Eggplant and Cucumbers

EGGPLANT:  Only have the recent photos.. just these two.. finally getting some flowers on them. I will update both of these at the end of the month.. 

CUCUMBERS: It was a slow start for these.. dont know if it was the weather or what.. here is how they looked in late June (left).. and here is how they are now (right).. dont know if you can see all the little yellow flowers... but they are finally there.. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Special Sale!

I think that I would like to do a special sale once or twice a month..  Just on my blog.. I would take one item and put it up for sale for 50% off.. or free shipping.. and of course it would be first come, first serve.. and the item would only sell via Etsy..

You can pick one of my clearance items and only one person can win this..).. you just order the item.. and if you are the first.. you will get a refund of half your money.. or your shipping.. which ever is the lowest..

To get directly to my clearance rack.. CLICK HERE..

Items will be added the day before the sale.. and this starts on July 18... so either July 18 or 19th.. there will be a blog entry inviting you to the sale..

Clipart from

Saturday, July 11, 2015

KrissKross Dishclothes

I have been working on making a few dishclothes to put up for sale. just to show other colors besides the navy and white ones I have up on Etsy.

Right now, I am working on KrissKross dishclothes.. I make these in Simply Soft yarn as it feels cottony, but since it is acrylic.. it doesn't fade, shrink, and it also drys really fast.. as compared to cotton..

I can make these in your choice of colors.. if you are wondering what colors I can make.. go to Caron and look at the Colors! You need to check regular Simply Soft, Simply Soft Heathers, Simply Soft Paints or their Jumbo colors..
Here is the Link to Caron:


I can make these for $1.75 each.. or 10 for $1.50 each.. When you order 10 of similar colors.. you save $.25 per dishcloth.. which is a nice savings.. for more info.. drop me a line at

catsmeowcrochet67 at gmail dot com

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Want to see what we got ourselves??

 We have been saving and saving for a new living room set.. as our old one died a total death.. hey it was older than the hills.. My boyfriend is a fan of Craig's List and looks for great bargains on there and again found us a heck of a bargain.. someone had a wonderful living room set and a 60 inch TV for sale that he needed to sell fast as he was moving to FL for a job.. hence we were lucky enough to get it.. Best part is both couches have motors and you can control your positions for comfort.. needless to say we are delighted..  These pictures are from his house not our (from his ad).. I will be taking pictures after we finish painting the living room so you can see how it looks in our place..

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Newest Dishclothes - approximately 8 inches square

I made these in the cross stitch design.. Love both the colors and the style.. what do you think.. I only have one of each design made, but can make more.. Cost will be $1.75 per dishcloth..

Ten or more in the same style and color is $1.50 each.. you can mix and match with some in one color with a different color edging.. and then make the others in the other color with the first color edging.. to fill a 10 order.. Just send me a message at catsmeowcrochet67 at gmail dot com.

I am currently making some in off white with this color yellow gold edging.. and also will be making one in off white with this ocean colors edging.. pictures on that soon..

Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Hanging Towels..

Just wanted to show everyone some of my summer hanging towels.. they are available on Etsy.. you can also order them directly from me..

I have two of these barbecue hanging towels.. This terrycloth towel is topped with matching rust topper and edged with bright gold trim.. with a round black button..
Machine wash and dry!

Life is a Beach.. or it will be with this hanging towel.. I have two of these.. This terrycloth hanging towel is edged with a light blue topper with white trim and a REAL shell button enclosure.. Perfect for your beach house or your pool side.. Machine wash and dry delicate due to the shell button.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tired today.. but just wanted to drop a note..

I just figured I would drop a line and say hi.. I should be doing sales stuff.. but to tell you the truth I am just too tired.. think a night to watch TV and crochet would be in order.. if I can stay awake.. lol..

I just wanted to remind everyone that I do dishcloths in Simply Soft yarn.. soft, like cotton in texture, but drys a lot faster and doesn't fade like cotton..

I currently am making a few for sale.. in a variegated ocean blues/green blend.. trimmed in yellow gold.. and finished one in yellow gold with a ocean blues/green blend.. I should have some pictures soon.. I previously made some for a bridal shower.. here is one that is in white with a navy trim..

You can order these in your choice of colors.. for $1.75 each.. if you order 10 or more in the same blend of colors.. they are only $1.50 each..

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

I know I am a bit late in showing these to you.. but it is perfect for this blog entry.. these are the 4th of July hanging towels I still have available.. They can be ordered directly from me or on Etsy.. any ordered today will get a discount of $.50 a towel.. but only today.. Click here to go directly to Etsy!!