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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spoke too soon..

Got really busy for the last couple of days.. running around.. etc.  Ended up going to dinner at my Best Friend's house.. so didnt get much done then.. and alot of company.. which again throws off my schedule.. today I was busy making homemade spaghetti sauce, using the veggies I grew over the summer.. my plum tomatoes and green peppers.. smells heavenly.. putting my spaghetti on in about an hour.. so am spending that time working on the craft room.. have my last new bin of yarn to go thru (now that was a great gift!!).. once that is done, I can box up more yarn and even make more room.. smile.. room already looks roomier.. have to keep it that way.

I am working on the same slippers before that was suppose to be a gift.. got the slipper part done.. just have the animal head to do.. then I have an order to start this weekend..

Hopefully have pictures soon of the holidays etc.. if I can find time to get them done.. grin.. See you all tomorrow for my NEW YEARS message.. we arent going anywhere this year, so I am hoping to get some more stuff done.. bye for now..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The day after Christmas..

How was your Christmas? Mine was busy.. as usual.. got most of the gifts finished (have two that will end up being Birthday gifts).. got my holiday dinner done... we had full turkey dinner with all the trimmings.. had company and exchanged gifts with almost everyone.. 

Now for today.. Today is my day of rest.. working on reorganizing my craft room.. stopped over at a few places to drop off a couple of gifts... and to the store for pet supplies.. leftovers for dinner.. with cookies for dessert... sounds good to me.. getting ready for the new year.. smile.. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

I wont have time to stop in.. so I am just going to drop a line here.. so I am going to save this for tomorrow.. I will be busy with company, and that is the day we decorate our tree (LOL our cats make it hard).. and I also want to get some baking done for Christmas.  So I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day.. Will be back on the 26th..

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Christmas Eve

Yesterday I went to my son's and DIL house for dinner and to exchange gifts.  It was really a nice day there.  I got to see my two grandboys and Jazz got to spend time with them.. grin.. they are totally crazy about my boyfriend.. LOL!! 

They had chicken breasts baked with flavored bread crumbs, asparagus, and tortellini... and homemade cookies for dessert.. then we exchanged gifts and talked.. smile.. we got a nice bottle of wine and a movie giftcard set.. and they sent us home with cookies.. smile..

Today, I was busy.. getting ready for Christmas and starting to clean and reorganize my craft room.. hoping to make it easier to use as it is really hard to move around in here.. grin.. figure once I clean it out.. it will be good for a year.. that is my end of year goal.. which is why I am not doing sales until after Jan. 7th..

Today for dinner.. we had a quick one. chicken legs, with tuna macaroni salad (I made it) and fresh butternut squash.. My boyfriend mad the chicken, and I did the rest.. he is making a blueberry cake for dessert while I work in my craft room..

Well.. back to work.. grin..

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Minute Gifts..

Need some ideas for a quick gift.. check out these sites..

Last minute Gifts:

One Hat, Many Different Styles:

Cooking Ideas:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Minute Touches

Well... today we got more decorating done.. our tree will go up on Sunday.. with all our cats wanted to undecorate, we always put that off to the last minute.. Finished up most of the gifts yesterday (wrapping).. got two more tonight.. that should be quick.. then we are going to watch Scrooge tonight and I will crochet a gift for after Christmas (for my best friend's daughter)..

Had last minute orders from Ebay.. in a couple of days those will be off.. then I will just be relaxing and organizing and doing paperwork (after Christmas).. Need that downtime to organize everything and file away the year.  Then I can start fresh..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are you getting ready?

Finished off the gift of towels for one person.. tonight gonna be wrapping gifts.. smile.. then have one more set of towels for a gift for someone (thankfully after Christmas).. have a couple of orders to do.. then I am taking a break.. lol.. what are you doing to get ready for the holidays??

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just finishing up..

The owl towels.. then off they will go!  Then I got to start my next item, which is a gift for someone.. so I cant put this on here.. LOL!! or they will see it.. will take pictures and put them up after this weekend.. grin.. Spending these last few days before Christmas doing that.. then will take a few days off to organize my craftroom and do my end of year paperwork.. then back to crocheting.. smile.. and  sending updates here..

Monday, December 17, 2012

My finished towel..

Hope they like it.. smile.. here is what it looks like completed.. will finish the second one tonight.. then I have to get started on a towel set for a gift.. then finish off two slippers gifts and one slipper order.. I also have added what I got from one of my friends.. she gave me this nice gift.. see below for it..

I got a really nice gift from a friend.. thought I would show it to you.. she handmade those snowmen ornaments!! and the bags on the bottom.. have to say I love it!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Owl Towels

I got one done.. and the other one mostly done.. topped the towels.. now need to put them together.. pics tomorrow for sure of the completed towels.. these are CUTE!!

No Shout Out tomorrow.. just pictures of my towels... I have a gift to finish and a gift to start..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I am working on now

I got an order for those cute owl towels that everyone seems to love (and of course, cant find anymore.. ).. She was willing to take a set of applique' owls on towels.. so I am using this pattern.

I cant wait to see how they come out.. pics when I finish..

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pretty Christmas Wreath

I saw this pattern on one of my other Blogs that I read -- Two Sisters Two Cities.  I love this blog as it has the best recipes.. but that is a note for another day.. for today, they has a guest blogger who talked about how to make this really pretty wreath.. if I had time I would LOVE to make this.. guess I will save it for another time.. but I wanted to share it with you..

Here is the link directly to her page.. her blog is called Juggling Act Mama (and yes, I am going to get her blog too.. grin)..

DIY Holiday Wreath

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guess I was wrong..

I thought all my stuff was over.. but I guess not.. with all the last minute orders and holiday sale stuff going on.. I  just havent had a moment to breathe.. then I got a gallbladder attack that ended me up into the hospital.. just for a day.. but I guess my body is telling me to SLOW down.. so I am listening to it.. I will at least come one a week.. and try to get a couple days worth saved to send..

Also, during this crazy week.. my cat, Rachel died.. I suspected for a long time it was coming.. couldnt bring her in as she was feral.. and she hasnt been happy since my other cat, Blizzard died.. thought I would share a picture of her from the mid to lat 1990's..

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Sale at Etsy

Just trying to get caught up with sale advertising everywhere.. it is hard as I still am tired from all this... but I got done with alot yesterday, and put alot of items up for sale on Ebay.. as they gave me free ads.

Today my focus was Etsy.. putting up a holiday sale..

CHRISTMAS SALE at Cat's Meow Crochet - 35% off now until Monday 12 noon.. get some nice Holiday gifts at a low price. Use code XMAS35.

I will be back tomorrow with a Sunday Update! and Pictures!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Am on the mend...

Ended up with Bronchitis on top of the Shingles.. needless to say I put a halt to everything and focused on getting better.  Havent done much lately.. crocheting was hard as the Shingle pain was on my right side.. down my right arm.. and yep.. I am right handed.. working on a gift right now of slippers.. the same pair I was working on when I got sick.. finally got done with one slipper.  I will try to get some pictures tomorrow, if I have time.

Trying to get some items up for sale on Ebay and thru the Yahoo groups.. doing a little every day.. Guess that is all I can do.. Hope to stop back in tomorrow.. or at least on Friday.. see you then..

Monday, November 26, 2012


With all the things going on here.. and now I found out I have Shingles too.. I just dont have the energy for this.. I can barely keep up with my orders and mailings.. I will try to come at least once a week.. good news is I have sold some of my towels and a pair of my kids slippers.. right now trying to finish a pair of slippers that is suppose to be a gift.. sigh..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday..

Just gonna put up my newest towels.. I got alot on my plate right now.. smile.. check out here tomorrow for info on my Black Friday Sale.

You can see more items at:

Monday, November 19, 2012

MONDAY SHOUTOUT!! - Black Friday Blitz on Etsy Pattern Patter!!

I belong to a group on Etsy that just sells patterns... mostly sewing.. some crochet and knit.. I use them for ideas.. smile.. anyways.. they are having a Black Friday Blitz and I thought I would send you the info.. please do check them out!!

Here is what they emailed me..

I am the captain of the Pattern Patter Team on Etsy. I, as well as many other of my team members follow or have visited your fabulous blog. I am writing to tell you of our team's Black Friday Blitz. This will be our third Blitz which is becoming a much anticipated monthly event. We select one day, and often just a few hours in a day, when our team members post patterns continuously and simultaneously - literally flooding the Etsy marketplace with newly listed patterns in their listing feed. 

On November 23rd our team will Blitz throughout the entire day with many of the participating teams offering sales of up to 50% off. Our team has established a discussion thread ( where everyone will post their newly listed patterns. Please pop in and view the most recently listed patterns and feel free to visit our members shops and discover thousands of previously listed treasures. While the Blitz is a one day event, many of our team members will be extending their sales through the weekend, the end of the month and beyond.

If you feel this is worthy of posting on your blog for your pattern collectors or vintage dressmaker followers please let me know and I will mention your blog on our Facebook page ( and list your blog as a favorite on our own team blog (

I know how much work it is to keep up a blog. I so appreciate your efforts to present sewing with vintage patterns as a preferable option to shopping off the peg. My hope is that it catches on like wildfire.

Kind Regards,

Mary Behrens

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oh, busy day..

One of those days I just didnt stop running.. sometimes I really get tired of all that.. lol.. anyways.. I spend the little time I had working on Ebay sales stuff (and my Buy Sell Community store, which I am really behind in).. and got some items out for sale..

In the crocheting front.. I am working on a pair of slippers for an order.. I have made these plenty of time.. one of my customers just love them.. and order them twice a year.. smile.. here are a picture of one of the old pairs I made her..

I also put up some towels yesterday.. and 2 of the sets sold today.. smile. that always makes my day.. Dont know if I will be here tomorrow.. but I do have a write up to make for Monday about an Etsy sale in one of my groups.. I told them I would advertise it for them..

Friday, November 16, 2012

Started putting items up for sale on Etsy.. got a couple sets of towels done and up.. thought you would like to see them.

Getting ready for the Winter holidays?? Here are some hanging towels to decorate your home.

Tonight I will be watching Grimm and crochet some slippers for an order.. smile.. see you tomorrow..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Am on the mend.. and a special sale at Etsy..

Can say that I am slowly on the mend.. in between being on the nebulizer and taking all those prednisolone.. I have been a bit in a fog and dizzy.. hopefully over the weekend I can totally recover.. am working on a mix of Christmas towels and orders for slippers.. hope to have some pics soon.. you can imagine how behind I am in everything.. trying to keep my head above water.. will be back on some kind of schedule over the weekend.. I hope.. smile..

Just wanted you to know about a special sale I am having at Etsy.. I am having a special sale just for members of The Cats Meow Crochet yahoo group.. Sale starts at midnight tonight and ends at 11 pm on Sat est. To get more info.. please join at:

Thank you for checking me out.. and will be back in the game soon..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Update

Yes, it is Bronchitis.. now on a ton of meds.. ugh.. I hate the way they make me feel.. Anyways.. I told you I would put up the pics from the show.. and here they are.. hope you like them.. Working on Christmas towels  now.. and soon will be starting orders for slippers and gifts for the holidays.. guess I wont get as much done sale wise this year.. need to slow down cos I got to get better.. I dont need pneumonia next.

 Here you can see some of my slippers, dishclothes and towels.

 Here are some more of the towels.. you can see how tightly I had to put everything.. 
but it worked..  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Still not well..

I thought I was on the mend.. but I guess I was wrong.. I suspect it is now bronchitis.. and yes, I am calling the Dr. tomorrow.. cant take a chance with me having asthma.. since my last note, most of my time has been either sleeping.. or trying to keep up with things here.. I did get my Fall and Thanksgiving towels up for sale on Etsy.. will put them here..

This one sold as I put it up.. cant complain.. smile.. I have some pictures of the show of my table.. will try to get it up tomorrow..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Been sick..

Have been sick since Sunday.. finally am feeling human now.. will be back to sending pics, putting up new stuff, etc. starting tomorrow.. hope you missed me..

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ChristKindleMarkt Christmas Craft Show

My next craft show will be:

Saturday at 10:00am at St Luke Lutheran Church
900 Maryvale Dr, Buffalo, New York 14225-2702

For more information go to:

I am really busy working on Christmas Towels right now.. I will be here on Sunday with a full update on this sale.. and pics hopefully too.. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just a quick update..

My first sale at Bella Kids was ok.. did sell a bunch of Halloween Towels.. just no slippers.. but at least I did sell.. I am busy getting ready for a regular craft show for this Saturday.. I want some Thanksgiving and Christmas towels.. so am busy working on those.. I will do a full update tomorrow and give you all the info.. until then.. take care and hope no one here got too much damage from the storm.  We were lucky in WNY.. Buffalo got barely no damage.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bella Kids Sale..

Thought you would like to see how my table looked.. the sale opens up in a half hour.. so excited.. hope I get some orders.. and sales.. one thing nice.. I dont have to sit there for the 4 days.  It is totally automatic.  Everything has a label and will be scanned as it is sold.  That part is wonderful, as I can use that time for other stuff.

Currently I am working on Thanksgiving Hanging Towels to list on Etsy and also for the next craft show the beginning of November.  I will have information on this next week.   First I have to get thru this sale.. I will give you an update tomorrow..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Set up at the Sale..

Well.. set up at Bella Consign Kids sale today.. they had some nice things to say about my slippers.. really hope they sell well.. dont worry.. sure will let you know.. smile.. anyways, they had some really cute stuff for kids there.. lol.. made me wish they had stuff like that way back when.. grin..

When I got home.. I went to sleep for HOURS.. well past dinner time.. thank God I had a meatloaf on or we wouldnt have eaten.. guess I needed the sleep.. just sitting here and watching TV and crocheting hanging towels for the next sale and to put up on Etsy.. doing some Thanksgiving towels now.. pics soon.. smile.. see you all tomorrow..

Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting ready..

Photo: 15 DAYS & COUNTING UNTIL OUR OPENING DAY TO THE PUBLIC! JOIN US OCT. 26 @ 10AM! 1st 50 shoppers receive Goody Bags filled with coupons, freebies, & more!!!!

No Monday Shout Out.. just too busy.. I am on a  countdown getting ready for this show.. first craft show I have done in a couple of years.. smile.

So far I got my tablecloth packed, my stuff all printed out and now cutting them up and boxed up.. got all the labels printed out and cut up.. and did the slippers tonight.. tomorrow I will get the towels labeled.. and then work on the digital photo frame to show off my other items.. smile.. Cant wait... back later this week with more stuff.. smile.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Items.. check them out!

Been working hard to get some slippers done... and finished two more for the sale.. cant believe it is next week.. Here are the slippers I just finished.. a pair of blue teddy slippers and a pair of girl's purples and pinks variegated froggies.

I also got done with a set of Halloween towels - Poison Brew.. These will be on sale for $3 each until Sunday, after that.. they will be listed at the Bella Kids Sale.

Just a reminder that the sale is Oct 25 - 28 at 7980 Transit in Williamsville.. hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winner of the contest.. and Update

The winner of the contest is Faithanne.. of Faithanne's Gifts and More.  As soon as I get her address I will send it..

I need another way to do the contests.. as alot of people were having problems.. will have to think on that.. anyone got any ideas? You can always drop me a line at if you got any.. smile..

Well.. went to the Hearing clinic yesterday, and they told me my hearing has gotten worse and asked me how I felt about getting a cochlear implant.. which blew my mind.. caught me totally unexpected.. needless to say I was a bit upset.  My BF and I talked it over and he suggested both a second opinion and checking out the support groups before making a decision.. still it did and does upset me..
Still working on my newest slippers - girls froggie in variegated purples and pinks.. should finish those tonight.. then think I will start a girls duckie ones in the same yarn.. I got to try to get pics tomorrow.. been running so much that when I got home today.. I ate dinner and then went to sleep.. for the next week or so.. I wont be here as much.. will probably give everyone an update on Friday.. smile.. see you then..

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Shout Out!! -

My Shout-Out for today actually came to me as a link on Facebook.. smile.. She has a Facebook page that reminded me that National I Love Yarn Day is coming.. and perfect for me to discuss on my Blog.. grin..

I really like her page.. I have gotten some good ideas there.. along with some patterns that I might end up buying and making for sale.. grin.. Anyways.. they were discussing a link in to National I Love Yarn Day.. so decided to tell you all about it so you can go and link up too.. go ahead.. I am sure you will love her page as much as me.. and while you are at it.. if you see any good patterns there that would be something for me to make.. let me know.. smile.. Have a nice day!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pattern Raffle Update

If you are unable to leave a message, just put it in Anonymous.. Just sign with your name and email addy.. smile.  I have heard you are having problems putting remarks there.. will close the contest on Tues.  You need to make the remark in the one below this one.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well.. it is that time again.. offering another freebie to whoever wants this.. will raffle it off to anyone who lists here.. just answer this question..

What would you use this pattern for??

Multipetal flower – advanced crochet pattern

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finished another pair of slippers

Well.. I finished another pair of slippers and almost finished another pair.. should finish those tonight.  These ones are lavender on the bottoms... with a darker lavender on the band and the duckie head.

These are for a Toddler with a 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 inch foot..

My next one is gonna be a royal blue teddy.. should have pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Halloween Hanging Towels

Well.. it is another Wednesday.. and time for a wordless post.. this time I am going to show you my Halloween Towels that I have and had up for sale.. Hope you like them.

If you would like to see which ones are still available.. please go to my Etsy Store at:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Very Good Tuesday!

Well... my day started off by discovering one of the items I put on Ebay is having a bidding war going on.. smile... no complaint there.. lol.. No idea that a Salem Witch Trial Tshirt would be that exciting.. LOL!!

Then, I went to the Dr and actually got them to list to me.. yay.. gonna run some tests on me to see if there is a reason I constantly feel in pain and got muscle cramps. (blood work tomorrow.. ugh!!)

Then after I got home... unexpectantly.. my grandboys came for a visit.. and that delighted me.. lol... nice visit.. then I got to go out for dinner with my friend, Diane.. we went to AC Moore, The Christmas Tree Store (more towels), and then to the Olive Garden for dinner.

Got home and watched my show (Revolution).. and crocheted slippers (almost have two more pairs done again).. then got online to pack my two orders from Ebay and discovered I sold 6 towels.. smile.. now that really made my day.. orders are packed and ready to go.. but it is late now. so the pics I was gonna  put up are gonna have to wait until tomorrow.. smile.. Hope you had a good evening. I sure did.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Shout-Out!! Bonita Patterns

Crocodile Stitch Booties (Baby Sizes) - Crochet Pattern PDF - Permission to Sell Finished ItemsI just got another pattern to make slippers and booties for kids.. and wanted to tell you all about it.. called Crocodile Stitch Booties.. and they are really cute.. She also has adult size ones that definitely will be on my To-Do List.. smile..

You can check out her Etsy Store at:

And She has a Facebook page too..

Once I get my pattern, I will give a write up about how easy it was to do.. as well as any tips about the pattern.. More on Tuesday, this time I will be putting up some new Hanging Towels I just finished.. (you can always check on Etsy beforehand.. )

Friday, October 5, 2012

Got more Halloween towels done..

Just need some time to take pictures. It is on my schedule for tomorrow.. today consisted of doing paperwork, bills, packing a bunch of orders from Ebay, going to the post office and the car repair guy for an appt for tomorrow.  Came home.. made a very quick dinner, then we sat down and watched Shark Tank and Grimm.  Now catching up with stuff here before I hit the sack.  Tomorrow I will have pictures of my towels available..

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just a quick visit..

It was a really busy and upsetting day for me.. I woke up to a text that told me my friend had to put her 14 year old dog to sleep because he had a stroke. (I was just there the day before).  so I guess this post will be for Dillie.. a really nice old lab.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Berroco Yarns Write Up..

I have checked out these yarns and they are really nice.. great for a special gift or making an item for yourself.. I havent yet bought any.. cos like anything.. I mostly crochet to sell.. smile.

I get the Knit Bits.. which is there newsletter.. every issue comes with info on one of their yarns and a free pattern.. most of the time it is a knitting pattern, but every once in awhile.. it is a crochet pattern.  If you both init and crochet.. this is a way to get some really nice patterns..

Waver  Their latest pattern is a knit and crochet pattern for a scarf.. check it out.. smile.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Contest is closed... and my new crocheted items.

Well.. I guess no one wanted the knitted pattern for a headband... guess I will put something else up later this week.. I have been really busy with stuff going on here.. as well as crocheting for the sale.. thought you would like to see the brown football slippers I just finished..

I also finished a couple of sets of Halloween towels.. only got one set of pics so far. The first picture was taken with a flash.. the second without.. wanted you to see it in two different rooms.. still need to take a picture against white... this will be going up on Etsy very soon.