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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Very Good Tuesday!

Well... my day started off by discovering one of the items I put on Ebay is having a bidding war going on.. smile... no complaint there.. lol.. No idea that a Salem Witch Trial Tshirt would be that exciting.. LOL!!

Then, I went to the Dr and actually got them to list to me.. yay.. gonna run some tests on me to see if there is a reason I constantly feel in pain and got muscle cramps. (blood work tomorrow.. ugh!!)

Then after I got home... unexpectantly.. my grandboys came for a visit.. and that delighted me.. lol... nice visit.. then I got to go out for dinner with my friend, Diane.. we went to AC Moore, The Christmas Tree Store (more towels), and then to the Olive Garden for dinner.

Got home and watched my show (Revolution).. and crocheted slippers (almost have two more pairs done again).. then got online to pack my two orders from Ebay and discovered I sold 6 towels.. smile.. now that really made my day.. orders are packed and ready to go.. but it is late now. so the pics I was gonna  put up are gonna have to wait until tomorrow.. smile.. Hope you had a good evening. I sure did.
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