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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hanging Towels Update..

I have more Valentine Towels,  but forgot to get more batteries to talk pictures.. guess it will be a few more days before they come.. anyways I do have more hanging towels done.. these are everyday ones.. with a spring look to them.. Will put up some today and some for tomorrow.. they are up on sale at Etsy.. and some on Facebook too..
These I call Country Welcome.. one has a pottery cow button.. one has a Large red heart.. to match the heart in the towel.. 
I also finished off a potholder.. trimming it in Simply Soft with a shell edging.. and took the hanger, cut it and added a heart button so it can be opened now to hang on a stove or off a drawer.. this will keep it handy.. I havent added it to Etsy yet.. price will be $2 by itself.. or $1.50 with the hanging towel.. Will send the link later.. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not tired.. but cant do what I planned!

I spent the day doing sales stuff today.. put a bunch of stuff on Ebay.. including some of my crocheted sachets and catnip toys.. Above are some of the ones I previously made. picked up some organic lavender at the Coop.. so they will smell heavenly.. I figure I would advertise these everywhere this year.. Ebay, Etsy, Listia and Facebook..

I planned on putting them up on Facebook tonight and to my surprise.. Facebook is down.. no idea why.. sigh. guess those plans are out for now.. will try them after I do Etsy..

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Well..  actually my Boyfriend did... lol.. I seem to always misplace things.. or at least forget where I put them.. anyways.. I got my pictures done.. and now am busy putting stuff up on Etsy and on Facebook.. guess that will keep me busy for awhile..
I got some Valentine Towels up.. they are up on Etsy.. as well as on my Facebook page.  You can order these directly from me, on Etsy or thru Facebook..
I also got up some Extra Long Plastic Bag Holders.. these are a super long 32 inches.. and should hold a ton of bags for you.. they are made of cotton towels, and topped with Simply Soft, which really doesnt stretch much.. If you want a tie for the bottom.. I will add at no extra cost.. these two are brown and green with brown Simply Soft top and bottom.. you also can order these like the towels above.. 

I will be adding more items today.. so check my sites.. and see my new items.. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just a note..

Didnt have time to go to blog in the last couple of days.. I was busy putting stuff up on Ebay, Listia and up in Facebook.. I have a ton of stuff to put up on Facebook and in Etsy.. but have misplaced my darn camera.. sigh.. I may have to use my Honey's phone to take pictures.. I hate when I misplace stuff..

Currently working on Valentine's Day Hanging towels.. so I need to get these up asap.. will drop a line again in a day or so..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Newest Books.. The Lake House

I just finished James Patterson's The Lake House.. really good book.. I found this book comparable to Robin Cook's writings.. I love action/adventure esp in medical disasters.. it was with a twist.. just added that to my Good Reads list.. finished it in two days.. smile..

Discovered that it is the second book to a series.. lol.. two book series.. so will find the first one and add that one.. Want more info.. click on the link to it in Good Reads.

I am now reading one of the first books that was on my my list on Good Reads.. I got several of the books in this series already.. am reading the second one now.. This is the Masters of Time series.. called Dark Rival.. will talk about that one in my next update..

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Books.. latest update..

I havent updated you all about the books I am reading.. sorta have been only focusing on my crochet.. thought it would be a good day to do that..

I just updated my 2014 list of books on Good Reads last week.. and discovered I read 60 books last year.. Here is the link to my list..

This year I am trying for 70 books.. just finished one I picked up somewhere.. called Prairie Gothic by J M Hayes.. found out after I read it that is it actually book two of a series.. lol.. so I guess I will be reading the whole series.. Not sure what book will be next.. got alot to read.. smile.. will update you when I decide..

Monday, January 12, 2015

Am back..

I needed some time to myself.. as we also lost Gabby on Friday.. it really hit me hard.. and the stress has flared up my Fibro.. which didnt help my mood.. I still hurt but wanted to drop and say hi.. and show you something on saw on the net..

I follow this blog (am always late reading it.. ) called Repeat Crafter Me.. she was talking about this on her blog.. and has some items with this on.. also has a download in black and white with the same saying.. it was a nice cheerful thing that gave me a perk..

Currently I am just crocheting for pleasure.. items that will go up for sale.. but not focusing on them.. I am making some plastic bag holders and topping some towels..  back to putting some stuff up for sale on Ebay and Listia.  Will slowly get back to sales stuff.. Hope to talk tomorrow and put up some items for everyone to see.. thanks for everyone dropping me a line to show you care..

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Michelle's End Of Year Update

Well.. this year has been a busy one.. both with sales and personal stuff.. I spend the last part of the year thinking about my life.. especially with the loss of 3 of my cats.. Fiona, Sapphire, and now Pretty Girl, who died on Christmas Day.. my second youngest cat, Gabby (who also has FIV) developed Glaucoma in one eye first (right after Thanksgiving).. and now is in the vet office with a possible lump in her abdomen.. am so hoping it isnt cancer..

One thing for sure.. I will not be taking any more pets in.. it is nerve racking as well as draining, both money and energy.. I know I sound a little bit down.. it is because I am.. This month was draining.. even cutting back on orders, I found myself still running on both barrels.. with physical therapy, running to and from Dr appts.. vet appts.. etc.. I am tired.. and not sure what to do about it.. Maybe I need a vacation... I used to find crochet relaxing.. now even that is draining me.. I think I need to take a step back and just relax... spend some time just cutting back from sales and the  computer.. I will try to send updates at least once a week.. and let you know what is up..