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Monday, January 12, 2015

Am back..

I needed some time to myself.. as we also lost Gabby on Friday.. it really hit me hard.. and the stress has flared up my Fibro.. which didnt help my mood.. I still hurt but wanted to drop and say hi.. and show you something on saw on the net..

I follow this blog (am always late reading it.. ) called Repeat Crafter Me.. she was talking about this on her blog.. and has some items with this on.. also has a download in black and white with the same saying.. it was a nice cheerful thing that gave me a perk..

Currently I am just crocheting for pleasure.. items that will go up for sale.. but not focusing on them.. I am making some plastic bag holders and topping some towels..  back to putting some stuff up for sale on Ebay and Listia.  Will slowly get back to sales stuff.. Hope to talk tomorrow and put up some items for everyone to see.. thanks for everyone dropping me a line to show you care..
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