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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hanging Towels Update..

I have more Valentine Towels,  but forgot to get more batteries to talk pictures.. guess it will be a few more days before they come.. anyways I do have more hanging towels done.. these are everyday ones.. with a spring look to them.. Will put up some today and some for tomorrow.. they are up on sale at Etsy.. and some on Facebook too..
These I call Country Welcome.. one has a pottery cow button.. one has a Large red heart.. to match the heart in the towel.. 
I also finished off a potholder.. trimming it in Simply Soft with a shell edging.. and took the hanger, cut it and added a heart button so it can be opened now to hang on a stove or off a drawer.. this will keep it handy.. I havent added it to Etsy yet.. price will be $2 by itself.. or $1.50 with the hanging towel.. Will send the link later.. 

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