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Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Month..

Well.. we are starting a new month.. Time to catch up with stuff.. I am finishing up some orders.. and also finishing up some Valentine Towels to put up for sale.. I also got to get my inventory done.. so I can figure out what I have left to put up as sale items..

Next to do is some St. Patrick towels.. not the best ones.. but at least I got some this year.. hope to find some better ones.. also finish up some plastic bag holders and Easter towels.. then off to start baby stuff for the spring..

I will be putting items up for sale in a WNY store that is opening up in April of 2015.. I will be sending more info on that over the next month.. I hope to get several baby dresses up for sale.. along with some cute baby hats and booties.. and some hanging plastic bag holders.. so will be busy with those..

I also will be advertising the same items in my Etsy store.. for special order too..
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