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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Michelle's End Of Year Update

Well.. this year has been a busy one.. both with sales and personal stuff.. I spend the last part of the year thinking about my life.. especially with the loss of 3 of my cats.. Fiona, Sapphire, and now Pretty Girl, who died on Christmas Day.. my second youngest cat, Gabby (who also has FIV) developed Glaucoma in one eye first (right after Thanksgiving).. and now is in the vet office with a possible lump in her abdomen.. am so hoping it isnt cancer..

One thing for sure.. I will not be taking any more pets in.. it is nerve racking as well as draining, both money and energy.. I know I sound a little bit down.. it is because I am.. This month was draining.. even cutting back on orders, I found myself still running on both barrels.. with physical therapy, running to and from Dr appts.. vet appts.. etc.. I am tired.. and not sure what to do about it.. Maybe I need a vacation... I used to find crochet relaxing.. now even that is draining me.. I think I need to take a step back and just relax... spend some time just cutting back from sales and the  computer.. I will try to send updates at least once a week.. and let you know what is up..
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