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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winner of the contest.. and Update

The winner of the contest is Faithanne.. of Faithanne's Gifts and More.  As soon as I get her address I will send it..

I need another way to do the contests.. as alot of people were having problems.. will have to think on that.. anyone got any ideas? You can always drop me a line at if you got any.. smile..

Well.. went to the Hearing clinic yesterday, and they told me my hearing has gotten worse and asked me how I felt about getting a cochlear implant.. which blew my mind.. caught me totally unexpected.. needless to say I was a bit upset.  My BF and I talked it over and he suggested both a second opinion and checking out the support groups before making a decision.. still it did and does upset me..
Still working on my newest slippers - girls froggie in variegated purples and pinks.. should finish those tonight.. then think I will start a girls duckie ones in the same yarn.. I got to try to get pics tomorrow.. been running so much that when I got home today.. I ate dinner and then went to sleep.. for the next week or so.. I wont be here as much.. will probably give everyone an update on Friday.. smile.. see you then..
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