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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Christmas Eve

Yesterday I went to my son's and DIL house for dinner and to exchange gifts.  It was really a nice day there.  I got to see my two grandboys and Jazz got to spend time with them.. grin.. they are totally crazy about my boyfriend.. LOL!! 

They had chicken breasts baked with flavored bread crumbs, asparagus, and tortellini... and homemade cookies for dessert.. then we exchanged gifts and talked.. smile.. we got a nice bottle of wine and a movie giftcard set.. and they sent us home with cookies.. smile..

Today, I was busy.. getting ready for Christmas and starting to clean and reorganize my craft room.. hoping to make it easier to use as it is really hard to move around in here.. grin.. figure once I clean it out.. it will be good for a year.. that is my end of year goal.. which is why I am not doing sales until after Jan. 7th..

Today for dinner.. we had a quick one. chicken legs, with tuna macaroni salad (I made it) and fresh butternut squash.. My boyfriend mad the chicken, and I did the rest.. he is making a blueberry cake for dessert while I work in my craft room..

Well.. back to work.. grin..
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