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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spoke too soon..

Got really busy for the last couple of days.. running around.. etc.  Ended up going to dinner at my Best Friend's house.. so didnt get much done then.. and alot of company.. which again throws off my schedule.. today I was busy making homemade spaghetti sauce, using the veggies I grew over the summer.. my plum tomatoes and green peppers.. smells heavenly.. putting my spaghetti on in about an hour.. so am spending that time working on the craft room.. have my last new bin of yarn to go thru (now that was a great gift!!).. once that is done, I can box up more yarn and even make more room.. smile.. room already looks roomier.. have to keep it that way.

I am working on the same slippers before that was suppose to be a gift.. got the slipper part done.. just have the animal head to do.. then I have an order to start this weekend..

Hopefully have pictures soon of the holidays etc.. if I can find time to get them done.. grin.. See you all tomorrow for my NEW YEARS message.. we arent going anywhere this year, so I am hoping to get some more stuff done.. bye for now..
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