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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Years!!

Boy, time really seems to fly.. I got some freebie ads on Ebay so I took advantage of them and put up 100 items for sale.. most were doubles.. but not all of them.. still working on my inventory.. I got just one more section left for Old & New.. then I have to do Cat's Meow.. working on paperwork from 2012 today.. just finished them.. sometimes I wish for my hours in a day.. lol.. put off my crocheting for a bit.. cos I just wanted to get done with the paperwork and the Ebay ads.. should be back to crocheting over this coming weekend.. Dont want to get overstressed and end up sick again..

I just wanted to show you the pictures that I took during that storm we had a couple weeks ago.. we had 12 inches of snow.. not happy about that.. ugh..

This one is of our back yard..

This one is from the front of the house.. you can see my car on the left..
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